3D Modeling MCQs

3D Modeling MCQs

These 3D Modeling multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of 3D Modeling. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 50+ 3D Modeling MCQs.
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1: In 3D terminology, what is the collection of vertices, edges, and faces that describe the shape of a 3D object called?

A.   Mesh

B.   Slate

C.   Material

D.   Mix

2: There are at least two ___ in every quad.

A.   points

B.   triangles

C.   squares

D.   degrees

3: Which of these is most likely to cause shading issues?

A.   Quads

B.   N-Gons

C.   Edgeloops

D.   Splines

4: A tri-mesh can't be used for:

A.   Smooth Surfaces

B.   Hard Surfaces

C.   Animation

D.   Sub-D Modeling

5: Which of these objects is formed by intersecting perpendicular lines?

A.   Nurb

B.   Lattice

C.   Torus

D.   Bezier

6: In order to properly project a high poly onto a low poly, any 90 degree angles must be ___.

A.   flipped

B.   scaled

C.   beveled

D.   extruded

7: Which type of polygons are best to use for soft deformation?

A.   Tris

B.   Nurbs

C.   N-gons

D.   Quads

8: NURBS means:

A.   Normalized United Revolving Brush Sketch

B.   Natural Uniform Radial Bezier Spline

C.   Non Uniform Rational Basis Spline

D.   Natural Untrimmed Radial Boolean Spline

9: When subdividing once, a quad polygon is typically split into how many parts?

A.   2

B.   1

C.   3

D.   4

E.   6

10: When modeling for 3D printing, which of the following can't be in the mesh?

A.   Subdivisions

B.   Overlapping edges

C.   Ambient occlusion

D.   Surface normals

11: Which of the following will cause a polygon to be invisible to a render?

A.   Too many vertices

B.   Overlapped edges

C.   Fixed-point vertex

D.   Flipped normals

12: The revolution of what kind of profile would result in the creation of a sphere?

A.   Elipse

B.   Square Wave

C.   Half-circle

D.   Rectangle

E.   Line

13: Which of these is not a software for 3D modeling?

A.   ZBrush

B.   Google Sketchup

C.   Blender

D.   Gimp

E.   Houdini

14: True or False? If there isn't enough definition in the low poly model, it won't be able to correctly project the high poly model onto itself.

A.   False

B.   True

15: Which rendering function creates shadows based on the proximity of geometry in 3d space using global illumination?

A.   Ambient Occlusion

B.   Diffusion

C.   Shading

D.   Dimming

16: Which is not considered an industry standard software for 3d Modeling

A.   Poser

B.   Maya

C.   3D Studio Max

D.   Zbrush

E.   Cinema4D

17: When modeling for animation, which of these is important to consider?

A.   Joint deformation

B.   All of the above

C.   Poly count

D.   Poly flow

18: What is the study of physical shapes and spaces?

A.   Ptolemy

B.   Topology

C.   Physiognomy

D.   Morphology

19: What is the name of a closed ring of edges around part of a mesh?

A.   Ring

B.   Polyflow

C.   Edge loop

D.   Poly loop

20: Which function is used to pivot a line, face, or mesh along an axis?

A.   Circling

B.   Joining

C.   Rotation

D.   Addition

21: What is the name of the imaginary line that is perpendicular to the surface of a polygon?

A.   Foci

B.   Nurb

C.   Normal

D.   Abnormal

22: Modeling vehicles, tables, and buildings falls under what modeling category?

A.   Subdivision

B.   Strong form

C.   Inflexible surface

D.   Hard surface

23: A four-sided polygon is known as what?

A.   Quad

B.   Tri

C.   Square

D.   Ngon

24: Cubes, Pyramids, Cylinders, and cones are most commonly called what?

A.   Base angles

B.   3D primitives

C.   3D shapes

D.   Acute primitives

25: Pulling out a shape from another curve, edge, or polygon is called what?

A.   Pulling

B.   Stretching

C.   Extrusion

D.   Extending

26: When adding materials to an object, which mapping coordinate system allows the most control for adding graphics such as labels?

A.   Spherical

B.   Cubic

C.   UV

D.   Global

27: Which of these files is acceptable for 3D printing?

A.   .stl

B.   .png

C.   .gif

D.   .tif

28: What is texture baking?

A.   Applying a "bake deformer", that expands the mesh.

B.   Rendering an animation.

C.   Projecting details down from the High polygon model, onto a texture that can be applied to the Low-polygon model.

29: NURBS have surfaces that are which of these?

A.   Rough

B.   Scattered

C.   Spotted

D.   Smooth

30: True or False: a Boolean operation can be used to combine two meshes into one, contiguous mesh.

A.   False

B.   True

31: When formatting your model for 3D printing, which of these increases with more mass?

A.   Time of production

B.   All of these

C.   Cost of model

D.   Printing time

32: What does HDRR stand for?

A.   Hard Drive Risk Removal

B.   High Definition Rotation Reel

C.   High Dynamic Range Render

D.   High Density Range Resistance

33: Which function creates an exact replica of a line, face, or mesh?

A.   Dissection

B.   Dumping

C.   Duplication

D.   Division

34: Which of these number of triangles is considered low poly?

A.   2 million

B.   50, 000

C.   1 million

D.   500

35: Which of these is a 3D file?

A.   .fbx

B.   .fb2

C.   .flv

D.   .flac

36: Which of these is a planar template used to guide accurate modeling?

A.   Window

B.   Alpha Channel

C.   Panel Display

D.   Grid

37: Which function replicates and reverses mesh attributes across an axis?

A.   Simulating

B.   Squaring

C.   Copying

D.   Mirroring

38: True or False: when modeling for 3D printing, it is ok to have open edges.

A.   False

B.   True

39: Which of these is a modeling technique?

A.   NURBS modeling

B.   Subdivision modeling

C.   All of these

D.   Edge modeling

40: Which function is used to break down a face into smaller faces of equal area?

A.   Devise

B.   Subdivide

C.   Coincide

D.   Collide

41: Which of these modes only consists of lines, edges, and curves?

A.   Texture

B.   Shading

C.   Sculpt

D.   Wireframe

42: By definition, two of what forms a line segment?

A.   Points

B.   Dashes

C.   Pins

D.   Buttons

43: Which term means to unchoose?

A.   Demystify

B.   Remove

C.   Downgrade

D.   Deselect

44: What is the name for the point at the end of an edge?

A.   Torus

B.   Corner

C.   Vertex

D.   Dowel

45: True or false: it is important to consider poly flow when modeling for games.

A.   True

B.   False

46: A 3D modeler should consider which of the following when creating a render?

A.   All of these

B.   Perspective

C.   Scale

D.   Lighting

47: The D in 3D stands for which of the following?

A.   Design

B.   Dimension

C.   Direction

D.   Dictation

48: Affixing a texture to the surface of an object is called which of the following?

A.   UV Mapping

B.   VT Scaling

C.   UV Scanning

D.   VU Mapping

49: What is another name for a line that can be curved using control points?

A.   Spleen

B.   Splinter

C.   Spike

D.   Spline

50: 3D Modelers are found in which industry?

A.   Product Design

B.   Visual Effects

C.   Architecture

D.   All of these