Adobe After Effects MCQs

Adobe After Effects MCQs

These Adobe After Effects multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Adobe After Effects. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Adobe After Effects MCQs.
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1: What is the keyboard shorcut for the Zoom tool?

A.   F

B.   O

C.   Z

D.   I

2: What is the keyboard shorcut for type tools?

A.   P

B.   W

C.   Cmd + T

D.   T

3: How do you add a video file(s) to an After Effects project?

A.   File > Import > File... and select the file you want to add.

B.   Right click in the Project window, select Import > File... and select the file you want to add.

C.   All of these.

D.   Right click in the Project window, select Import > Multiple Files... and use the Ctrl key to select the files you want to add.

E.   File > Import > Multiple Files... and use the Ctrl key to select the files you want to add.

4: Which window is used to control text properties?

A.   Audio

B.   Effects and Presets

C.   Info

D.   Character Palette

5: Which Keyboard shortcut plays the timeline?

A.   Caps Lock

B.   Space Bar Or Enter/Return

C.   All of the above

D.   Shift

6: What type of object creates a single-color layer for use as a backdrop?

A.   Footage

B.   Solid

C.   Parent

D.   Mask

E.   Null Object

7: What is the shortcut to Precompose?

A.   Ctrl (Cmd) + C

B.   Ctrl (Cmd) + Shift + C

C.   Shift + C

8: What tool on the icon bar is used to zoom in and out?

A.   Magnifying Glass

B.   Pen

C.   Arrow

D.   Hand

9: What is the correct term for additional effects, generally bought from a 3rd party, that are added in to AE?

A.   VST's

B.   DLC

C.   Plug-Ins

D.   Features

E.   Add-ins

10: What does the "Depth of Field" function control within the Camera tool?

A.   Brightening

B.   Contrast

C.   Light

D.   Focus

11: A movie rendered to a quicktime format will be saved with what file extension?

A.   .m4a

B.   .jpg

C.   .mov

D.   .flv

E.   .wav

12: What makes the combination of keys "Ctrl" + "D"

A.   Delete Layer

B.   Doing something

C.   Deselct all

D.   Duplicate Layer

13: What is a composition?

A.   It is a 3D camera.

B.   It is where you create all animation, layering, and effects.

C.   It is where you organize your bins.

14: What is Opacity?

A.   The percentage of an object's transparency.

B.   The amount of contrast added to a shape or layer.

C.   The hue and saturation of a color.

D.   The depth of a shape on the 3d plane.

15: What does "H" and "S" stand for in the color palette?

A.   Hue and Sample

B.   Height and Saturation

C.   Hue and Saturation

D.   Heat and Sustain

16: What results from using Ctrl+A (Command+A)

A.   Preview only audio, in work area

B.   Open or close Audio panel

C.   Select All

D.   Purge All Memory

17: What tool is used to create a mask path?

A.   Text tool

B.   Hand tool

C.   Pen tool

D.   Arrow tool

18: What is the shortcut for copying?

A.   Option + C

B.   Control + V

C.   Control + C

D.   Shift + C

19: What is the shortcut for paste?

A.   Shift + P

B.   Control + P

C.   Control + C

D.   Control + V

20: What is the keyboard shorcut for the hand tool?

A.   T

B.   S

C.   H

D.   I

21: What term describes transparency?

A.   Epsilon

B.   Alpha

C.   Beta

D.   Omega

22: What is a camera layer?

A.   It is an Effects Plug in that allows you to create 3D images.

B.   It is the layer where you place audio tracks.

C.   The layer that contains the 3D camera view and camera information.

D.   none of these answers

23: What happens to a layer when you turn on its 3d layer switch?

A.   A window pops up asking you to put on 3D glasses.

B.   It can be transformed in 3D space along Z-axis as well as X and Y.

C.   None of the above.

D.   It allows you to import 3D images.

24: What is the keyboard shorcut for select all?

A.   F5

B.   Ctrl + A

C.   Ctrl + Alt + A

D.   NumPad 7

25: What is the keyboard shorcut to exit the program?

A.   Q

B.   Cmd (or Ctrl) + Q

C.   P

D.   Shift + O

26: What is the shortcut key for RAM preview?

A.   “0” on the number keypad

B.   “2” on the number keypad

C.   “3” on the number keypad

D.   “1” on the number keypad

27: What do the diamonds on the timeline denote?

A.   Keyframes

B.   User reference points

C.   Render Points

D.   Errors

E.   The beginning and end of footage

28: In AE's default color space , which three colors make up all the color information?

A.   Red, Yellow, Blue

B.   Red, Yellow, White

C.   Black and White

D.   Red, Green, Blue

29: To animate any effects or properties I need to use ...

A.   clips

B.   none of these answers

C.   keyframes

D.   still images

30: What is the keyboard shorcut for duplicate selected layers?

A.   ALT +D

B.   D

C.   SHIFT + D

D.   CTRL + D

31: What is the keyboard shorcut for open project?

A.   Shift + O

B.   Ctrl + O

C.   O

D.   Alt +P

32: What is the keyboard shorcut for undo?

A.   Ctrl (Cmd) + Z

B.   Alt + Z

C.   Ctrl (Cmd) + U

D.   Shift + Z

33: Where,s the Glow effect located?

A.   Effect - Simulation

B.   Effect - Stylize

C.   Effect - Distort

D.   Effect - Matte

34: What is the shortcut to Duplicate?

A.   Shift + D

B.   Alt (Option) + D

C.   D

D.   Ctrl (Cmd) + D

35: Which icon button enables 3D properties on a layer?

A.   The half white and black circle

B.   The Cube

C.   The film reel

D.   The bouncing ball

36: Which of these is an effect used to work on green screen footage?

A.   Keylight

B.   Green-light

C.   Blue-light

D.   Flashlight

37: Which key would you hold to select multiple objects at once?


B.   ALT


D.   ~


38: What is the opposite of Blur?

A.   Sharpen

B.   Deblur

C.   Unblur

D.   Quicken

39: When trying to control an object with a null point, the object must be:

A.   Matched to the Null's frame rate.

B.   Exported with control data

C.   Attached to the null

D.   Attached to the adjustment layer

40: Keyframes are used for what?

A.   Scratching the picture back and forth

B.   Unlocking a frame for manipulation

C.   Locking the frame from accidental changes

D.   Setting parameters to change over time

41: Which is the easiest way to apply an overall color correction to your composition?

A.   Try to switch the bit-depth of the composition to 32bits.

B.   Add an adjustment layer at the top of the composition and apply global corrections.

C.   Color correct every layer and then try to switch to 32bits mode.

D.   Use blending modes for each layer that needs color correction.

42: What property would you enable on footage to speed up one section of it while slowing down another section.

A.   Interpolate

B.   Reverse

C.   Posterize Time

D.   Opacity

E.   Time Remapping

43: What are the diamond markers on the timeline called?

A.   Points

B.   Stop points

C.   Keyframes

D.   Transitions

44: What is the Pen tool used for?

A.   Creating Circles

B.   Sharpening

C.   Drawing a selection

D.   Selecting objects

45: What is the keyboard shorcut for RAM preview?

A.   number three

B.   number seven

C.   number zero

D.   number 8

46: The shortcut to select the Type tool is ___________; (this also toggles between the Horizontal and Vertical Type tools.)

A.   Cmd+T or Ctrl+T

B.   Cmd+A or Ctrl + A

C.   Cmd+I or Ctrl+I

D.   Cmd+D or Ctrl+D

47: The "Output Module Settings" window is present during which process?

A.   Importing

B.   Monitoring

C.   Rendering

D.   Playback

48: If I wanted to make size changes to the composition I'm already on I would ...

A.   Go to composition settings and make the changes there

B.   Select and resize all layers at once

C.   None of these answers

D.   Create a new Composition

49: What function does the mouse scroll wheel control?

A.   Scroll up/down between layers

B.   Zoom In/out

C.   Scroll forward/back on the timeline.

D.   Pan the camera along the selected axis

E.   Increase/decrease selected value

50: X is to Width as Y is to:

A.   Depth

B.   Curve

C.   Height

D.   Length