Adobe ColdFusion MCQs

Adobe ColdFusion MCQs

Answer these 100+ Adobe ColdFusion MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Adobe ColdFusion.
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A.   cfupdate

B.   cfrollback

C.   cftransaction

D.   cftry and cfcatch

2: In the Directory Watcher event gateway's configuration file, which of the following property is required?

A.   interval

B.   recurse

C.   directory

D.   extensions

3: If I suspect my ColdFusion is encountering errors while sending email via SMTP, where should I look for clues?

A.   ask the administrator of the email server for help

B.   in the error.log file inside the ColdFusion log directory

C.   in the output of a <cfcatch type="email"> tag

D.   in the mail.log file inside the ColdFusion log directory

4: Arrays in ColdFusion start at which index?

A.   1

B.   0

C.   None of these.

D.   -1

5: I want to invoke a CFC method from within a <cfscript> tag. Which function must I use to do this?

A.   ObjectLoad

B.   ToScript

C.   CreateObject

6: Which is a required attribute of ?

A.   to

B.   subject

C.   from

D.   All of these

7: Which is a required method in Application.cfc?

A.   OnApplicationStart

B.   OnBeginRequest

C.   OnRequestEnd

D.   OnError

8: What is the correct output in the following code: #ListGetAt(sweek, 3)#

A.   Thursday

B.   3

C.   n

D.   Wednesday

9: Which of these is NOT a valid CFML tag?

A.   cfloop

B.   cfquery

C.   cfscript

D.   cfchoice

E.   cfsilent

10: What is the Code Compatibility Analyzer?

A.   a tool that analyzes and optimizes your SQL queries

B.   a tool that helps you debug JSON-related issues.

C.   a tool that reviews older cfm pages for deprecated and unsupported cfml tags.

11: The CGI scope is read only

A.   True

B.   False

12: True or False: Unlike many programming languages, the first index in an array in Coldfusion is 1, instead of 0.

A.   True

B.   False

13: The following code does what? #DateFormat(Now(), "m/d/yyyy")#

A.   Prints the current date in MM/DD/YYYY format

B.   Prints the current date in MM/DD/YY format

C.   Prints the current date in M/D/YYYY format

D.   Converts the current date to a numeric value

14: Which of these is the correct syntax for a CFML comment?

A.   <!--- my comment --->

B.   * my comment *

C.   <cfcomment>my comment</cfcomment>

D.   <!-- my comment -->

E.   / my comment /

15: Which Client variables are reserved?

A.   All of these

B.   Client.CFToken

C.   Client.CFID

D.   Client.LastVisit

16: True or False: You can manage multiple ColdFusion servers from a single view within Adobe ColdFusion Builder?

A.   True

B.   False

17: Where can I find the Code Compatibility Analyzer?

A.   You have to download and install it from Adobe's ColdFusion page.

B.   It comes with the FuseBox framework.

C.   In the Debugging & Logging section of your ColdFusion Administrator interface.

18: What is the default delimiter when looping through a list with <cfloop>?

A.   comma (,)

B.   None of these

C.   space ( )

D.   period (.)

19: True or False? You can run a PL/SQL or TSQL block inside a cfquery.

A.   TRUE.


20: Which of the following is not a ColdFusion application framework?

A.   Zend

B.   CFWheels

C.   ColdBox

D.   FuseBox

E.   Framework 1 (FW/1)

21: In ColdFusion 10, Adobe replaced their JRun application server with:

A.   Mono

B.   Jetty

C.   Tomcat

D.   Zend

22: True or False? You cannot use multiple tags inside of a tags.

A.   True

B.   False

23: True or False? The tag is deprecated on UNIX platforms.

A.   False

B.   True

24: I want to use a CFC function as a web service. I should set the access attribute of that function to:

A.   package

B.   remote

C.   private

D.   public

25: <cfform> variables are stored in what?

A.   an array called POST

B.   a list called FORM

C.   an array called FORM

D.   a structure called FORM

26: What is the modulus operator in CFML?

A.   Mod

B.   %

C.   ##

D.   #%

27: Using CFML, how does one check to see if a variable called #myVarName# exists?

A.   <cfif IsDefined(#myVarName#)>...</cfif>

B.   <cfif IsDefined("myVarName")>...</cfif>

C.   <cfif IsDefined(myVarName)>...</cfif>

D.   <cfif myVarName>...</cfif>

28: #myFunction()# What will be outputted after the above code is executed?

A.   The string 'Default'.

B.   An empty string.

C.   An error because the required attribute in the cfargument tag defaults to true.

29: ColdFusion is compiled to what prior to execution?



C.   Java bytecode

D.   Active Server Pages

30: Which of the following ISN'T a method you'd expect to find in Application.cfc?

A.   OnSessionEnd

B.   OnApplicationStart

C.   OnApplicationEnd

D.   OnRequest

E.   OnServerStart

31: <cfform> controls cannot be stylized using CSS like conventional HTML form controls.

A.   True. CFML form controls are different from conventional HTML form controls, and thus require to different styling/formatting mechanisms

B.   False. CFML form controls are rendered by the browser as conventional HTML form controls and can be formatted/stylized the same way.

32: In a ColdFusion component, an init() method is mandatory

A.   Yes, without it, you cannot create an object for that CFC

B.   No. Its just a convention

33: Which of the following is NOT a valid scope type in ColdFusion?

A.   server

B.   component

C.   form

D.   client

E.   request

34: Which of these is a valid CFML tag?

A.   cfwrite

B.   cfsilent

C.   cfenter

D.   cfdraw

E.   cfsave

35: What ColdFusion tag should one use to help prevent a possible race condition scenario?

A.   Unnecessary, because ColdFusion handles this automatically.

B.   cfapplication

C.   cfthread

D.   cfmodule

E.   cflock

36: True or false: It is necessary to add a default parameter in a function whose required type is set to no.

A.   True

B.   False

37: How would you access the first element of an array called attendees?

A.   attendees[0]

B.   attendees[1]

38: True or False: code within a CFThread tag body actually executes as a function call.

A.   True

B.   False

39: Can you nest one ColdFusion comment inside of another ColdFusion comment?

A.   No

B.   Yes

40: Which ColdFusion tag invokes a custom tag for use in ColdFusion application pages?

A.   cfinterface

B.   cfmodule

C.   cfassociate

D.   cfimport

41: Determine the output below: #name#

A.   Dave

B.   TestApp

C.   John

D.   TestServer

E.   No output. An error will be thrown.

42: What does the name attribute of the <cfhttp> tag do?

A.   Nothing. There is no name attribute for the <cfhttp> tag.

B.   It specifies which remote server you want ColdFusion to contact.

C.   It tells ColdFusion the name of the file you want to retrieve from the remote server.

D.   It creates a query object from the returned HTTP response body with the name you provide.

43: Exceptions that are handled and catched by a <cfcatch> tag are automatically logged in the Application.log file.



44: The <cffeed> tag can:

A.   Read and create both RSS and Atom feeds.

B.   Create, but not read, RSS and Atom feeds.

C.   Can read and create RSS feeds, but not Atom feeds.

D.   Read, but not create, RSS and Atom feeds.

45: Which of the following always returns TRUE?

A.   IsDefined("URL.urlvariable")

B.   IsDefined("FORM.formfield")

C.   IsDefined("CGI.cgivariable")

D.   IsDefined("REQUEST.requestvariable")

46: True or False? In ColdFusion 10, if you don't specify strict attribute for , you should specify MIME types for the accept attribute.

A.   True


47: What should I do if I've forgotten the CF Administrator password on a ColdFusion 10 server?

A.   Delete the neo-security.xml configuration file, and generate a new one from within the CF Administrator.

B.   Edit the password in your neo-security.xml file.

C.   Use the passwordreset script inside the bin folder to create a new password.

48: What happens to your session when the CF Server is restarted?

A.   Your session remains the same

B.   You lose the session

C.   Your session can be activated back if you have the CFID and CFToken

49: ColdFusion syntax supports a do-while loop

A.   False

B.   True

50: Which of the following is correct format of comment within block?


B.   # this is a comment

C.   // this is a comment

D.   /* This is a comment