Amazon Web Services (AWS) MCQs

Amazon Web Services (AWS) MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Amazon Web Services (AWS) MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Amazon Web Services (AWS)by answering these multiple-choice questions.
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1: What type of distribution is available for CloudFront?

A.   Streaming

B.   Download

C.   Torrent

D.   Download and streaming

2: What is the name of the Amazon Web Service that provides easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud?

A.   DynamoDB

B.   Relational Database Service

C.   Relational Database Cloud

D.   MySQL Cloud

3: If AWS sends you a message stating that one of your instances will be terminated because of hardware failure, you need to:

A.   Change shutdown behavior

B.   Take no action

C.   Stop and start this instance

D.   Terminate it manually as soon as possible

4: What would be the best way to set permissions on an S3 bucket if you would like to deliver the content over the internet but only to your employees?

A.   None of the above

B.   Create an S3 account for every employee

C.   Download the content on your internal intranet

D.   Use S3 signed URL's through the API

5: What type of parameter is “email”?

A.   Number.

B.   String.

C.   Variable.

D.   Object.

6: With help of _______ you can restrict network access to EC2 instances.

A.   Placement Groups

B.   Security Groups

C.   Elastic IP

D.   Elastic Load Balancer

7: AWS's managed NoSQL database service is called:

A.   Redshift

B.   DynamoDB

C.   CloudHSM

D.   RDS

8: It's possible to bill for applications that are built in, or run on top of, Amazon Web Services, using:

A.   CloudHSM

B.   Amazon DevPay

C.   OpsWork

D.   Amazon Fulfillment

9: The process of shipping inventory to Amazon and out to your customers can be automated using this service:

A.   Amazon Glacier

B.   CloudShip

C.   CloudHSM

D.   Amazon Fulfillment

10: Amazon MWS stands for:

A.   Amazon Marketplace Web Service

B.   Amazon Marketplace Web Server

C.   Amazon Marketing Web Service

D.   Amazon Market Web Server

11: What format does CloudFormation use for templates?

A.   XML

B.   CSV

C.   SQL


12: If instance is under termination protection, what would happen after a scale down policy action?

A.   Instance will be kicked from ELB and autoscaling group

B.   Instance will not be terminated, but will be excluded from autoscaling group

C.   Instance will remain as is

D.   Instance will be terminated

13: What data format must an HTTP request to DynamoDB be made in?

A.   JavaScript

B.   Java


D.   PHP

14: For objects larger than 5GB in S3, multipart upload is required.

A.   True

B.   False

15: RDS Multi-AZ deployment is available for:

A.   SQL Server

B.   MySQL

C.   Oracle

D.   All of the above

16: What is an example of a security group used by Amazon RDS?

A.   PHP security group.

B.   CT3 security group.

C.   EC2 security group.

D.   MP3 security group.

17: What method is used to send emails with SES?

A.   Both SMTP and API

B.   Only using API

C.   Only using SMTP

D.   Only using Web Console

18: What is AWS IAM?

A.   AWS Independent Access Manager.

B.   AWS's security console.

C.   AWS Identity and Access Management.

D.   AWS Identify Alternative Mechanism.

19: What type of Route53 alias could be set?

A.   Another Route53 record set

B.   Elastic Load Balancer

C.   All of these

D.   S3 site endpoint

20: What is an RDS?

A.   Recreational Database Service

B.   Relational Database Service

C.   Residential Database Service

D.   Recumbent Database Service

21: This service can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time, from anywhere on the web:

A.   Storage Gateway

B.   Amazon Fulfillment

C.   Simple Storage Service (S3)

D.   CloudHSM

22: Elasticity can be defined as the degree to which an infrastructure is able to adapt to work loads by scaling (provisioning) resources up and down automatically.

A.   False

B.   True

23: AWS Free Tier is wide enough to get acquainted with almost all services.

A.   True

B.   False

24: It is possible to create custom OS images in EC2.

A.   False

B.   True

25: What does AWS use for content delivery?

A.   Amazon Service Front

B.   Amazon CloudFront.

C.   Amazon ContentFront.

D.   Amazon DeliveryPoint.

26: AWS provides a scalable, distributed in-memory cache service called:

A.   Redshift

B.   DynamoDB

C.   ElastiCache

D.   CloudHSM

27: What is the software prerequisites for using AWS at the command line?

A.   Windows XP, or Vista

B.   OS X, Windows XP, or Solaris.

C.   Linux, OS X, or Unix

D.   Solaris, Windows 98, MacOS.

28: What is Amazon EMR responsible for?

A.   Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to build large servers.

B.   Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to shrink data files.

C.   Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to read large maps.

D.   Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to process large amounts via a Hadoop framework.

29: If you wanted to delete a subnet or a gateway, what would you use?

A.   AWS Cloud Console.

B.   AWS Virtual Console.

C.   AWS Management Console.

D.   AWS Network Console.

30: What two interfaces does Amazon S3 use?

A.   REST and SOAP interfaces.

B.   SOAP and Java interfaces.

C.   SOAP and RAST interfaces.

D.   SOAP and Ruby interfaces.

31: What part of AWS handles their DNS?

A.   Amazon Route 66.

B.   Amazon Route 44.

C.   Amazon Cloud Services.

D.   Amazon Route 53.

32: AWS provides consolidated billing, allowing one account to pay for multiple services:

A.   True, but only for up to three services

B.   True, but only for high volume ($500+ per month) accounts

C.   False

D.   True, for any number of services

33: What is Amazon Elastic Transcoder?

A.   It is a file-sharing entity of AWS.

B.   It is a specialized file conversion network that uploads your files to AWS.

C.   It is a service that lets you stream videos from AWS.

D.   It is a service that lets you convert video files stored in your Amazon Simple Storage Service.

34: When in a "Stopped" state, an EC2 instance is billed:

A.   At half the rate of a Running instance of the same type

B.   For instance storage only

C.   At the full rate for the instance

35: AWS provides a highly available and scalable Domain Name Service called:

A.   DynamoDB

B.   DNStorm

C.   ElastiCache

D.   Route 53

36: True of false: IAM user permissions can be set to control specific EC2 instances.

A.   True

B.   False

37: RRS should only be used for data that is easy replicated.

A.   True

B.   False

38: What kind of data does Amazon Kinesis process?

A.   Revolving data.

B.   Checksum data.

C.   Static data.

D.   Streaming data.

39: What does AWS Compute provide?

A.   Scalable virtual private servers.

B.   Linux-based web hosting.

C.   Static virtual private servers.

D.   Traditional servers similar to RAID.

40: What is the name of the Amazon Web Service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud?

A.   Elastic Cloud Server

B.   Virtual Cloud Server

C.   Elastic Compute Cloud

D.   Virtual Private Server

41: What happens if primary RDS instance in MultiAZ deployment fails?

A.   AWS switches endpoint to a secondary RDS instance, no additional actions from users are needed

B.   RDS data is lost, adminstrator have to restore it from a snapshot

C.   AWS automatically recovers RDS instance from snapshot

D.   Software changes settings to use secondary RDS instance

42: What is the service, Amazon SES used for?

A.   Sending email

B.   Setting up a home cloud network

C.   Establishing your own global cloud network

D.   Connecting to a global cloud network

43: Amazon SQS max message size is ______.

A.   None of the above

B.   256KB

C.   267KB

D.   64KB

E.   128KB

44: The capacity management, load balancing, scaling, and health monitoring of an AWS application can all be handled automatically by:

A.   Elastic Beanstalk

B.   CloudHSM

C.   BrainStem

D.   Amazon Fulfillment

45: Which of the following is an AWS Elastic Beanstalk component?

A.   Element.

B.   Gesture.

C.   Extension.

D.   Environment.

46: What are pipelines under Amazon Elastic Transcoder?

A.   Queues that manage your data transactions.

B.   Queues that manage your transcoding jobs.

C.   Queues that manage your file transfers.

D.   Queues that manage your compression jobs.

47: Which of these can you use to deploy and manage your applications?

A.   AWS Manager

B.   AWS Management Suite

C.   AWS Elastic Beanstalk

D.   AWS Agent

48: What alarm states are available in CloudWatch?



C.   OK and ALARM

D.   GOOD and BAD

49: AWS provides a facility for data-driven workflows, allowing application data to be transferred automatically between services as work is completed:

A.   Data Pipeline

B.   Amazon Glacier

C.   OpsWorks

D.   CloudHSM

50: When an EC2 instance is in a stopped state, the user pays:

A.   Only for EBS storage instance uses

B.   Only for CPU and Memory resources

C.   Half price for EC2 instance and EBS full storage price

D.   Stopped instances requires no additional fees