Art MCQs

Art MCQs

These Art multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Art. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Art MCQs.
So scroll down and start answering.

1: A relief sculpture is __________________

A.   A three-dimensional form of art that is meant to be seen from all sides.

B.   A sculpture that has a relationship with its surrounding and religious significance.

C.   A type of sculpture that contains objects embedded in a ground surface.

D.   A form of site specific work, which is designed to affect the way a space is experienced

2: The design of the taj mahal and gardens uses both ________ and ________ symmetry.

A.   Radial and bilateral

B.   Complement

C.   Symmetrical

D.   Conceptual

3: In a work of art, the arrangement of visual elements is known as the ____________.

A.   Content

B.   Subject

C.   Design

D.   Form

4: In art, a __________ can be defined as a moving dot.

A.   Line

B.   Length

C.   Overlapping

D.   Shapes

5: In art, shapes that suggest forms found in nature are called ________ shapes.

A.   Hatching

B.   Motion

C.   Organic

D.   Triangle

6: A bas relief is another term used for a _________________.

A.   Of all of the above reasons.

B.   Low relief

C.   The images are extended less than halfway out of the background.

D.   Sunken relief

7: Pablo picasso's study for guernica can best be described as _________ drawings.

A.   Fresco

B.   Cartoon

C.   Gouache

D.   Collage

8: Rineke dijkstras series mothers focuses on ________.

A.   Mothers who have promoted their children in their art careers

B.   Depicting mothers with their newborn children

C.   Side-by-side comparisons of mothers from different socio-economic classes

D.   Presenting children's views of their mothers

9: The main difference in the various painting media is the ________________ used in each medium.

A.   Egg yolk

B.   Binder

C.   Support

D.   Encaustic

10: Shading is created using ________________

A.   Varying proportions of the same color

B.   Shades of black and white, or by using values of a single hue

C.   Complimentary colors which blend together and create harmony

D.   Tints and tones of a given hue.

11: Silkscreen printing is _________________

A.   A technique in which an image is transferred by forcing ink through fine mesh or silk

B.   A method of communication used in order to persuade the general public to consume or purchase a product or service

C.   A printmaking process in which lines are cut into the surface of a plate, which is then applied with ink and pressed onto a material or paper

D.   A printing medium using a stone press on which areas are made receptive to ink.

12: Surrealists emphasized _____________ instead of ____________.

A.   Rationalism; irrationalism

B.   Rationalism; fantasy

C.   Irrationalism; rationalism

D.   Irrationalism; conscious thought

13: The maori meeting house represented the ____ of a great ancestor.

A.   Soul

B.   Metallurgy

C.   Wings

D.   Body

14: The last supper by tintoretto ________.

A.   Has dramatic lighting contrasts

B.   Features many ordinary people

C.   Conveys a dynamic sense of motion

D.   Makes Christ the focal point

E.   All of the other answers

15: All of rembrandts paintings, drawings, and prints seem to focus on __________.

A.   Introspection and psychological situations

B.   Difficult situations

C.   Mechanical situations

D.   Physical situations

16: Applying tiny dots of color to a canvas to create optical effects is referred to as ________.

A.   Afterimage effect

B.   Pointillism

C.   Perception

D.   Painting

17: Art can forge racial identity and preserve the history and values of a(n) _______group.

A.   Ethnic

B.   Vanished

C.   Spiritual

D.   Created

18: Art nouveau artists and architects drew inspiration from _____________.

A.   History painting

B.   Historic battles

C.   The subconscious mind

D.   Nature

19: Artists use foreshortening and overlapping to create ___________ in a work of art.

A.   Movement

B.   Realism

C.   Depth

D.   Mass

20: Artwork in the modern period can be ________.

A.   Representational

B.   Abstract

C.   Non-objective

D.   All of the previous answers

E.   None of the previous answers

21: Cassidy curtiss graffiti archaeology is organized by ________ to effectively display its subject.

A.   Location

B.   Time

C.   Location and time

D.   None of the above

22: Hatching and cross-hatching use two-dimensional lines to communicate ________ depth.

A.   Three-dimensional

B.   Unexpected

C.   Colorful

D.   Textural

E.   Actual

23: Stylistically this painting would be categorized as ____ art.





24: The _____ developed the sixteen career clusters that group careers by similarities.

A.   Groups of Related Careers

B.   Judge Jailer

C.   Salary Education Level

D.   U.S. Department of Education

25: The architect le corbusiers international style favors a strongly ________ organization of forms.

A.   Organic

B.   Random

C.   Incongruent

D.   Geometric

E.   Natural.

26: The artist of christ in the house of levi had to change the paintings name because ________.

A.   Church officials objected to Christ being shown with clowns, dwarves, and dogs at this key moment in the gospels

B.   He didn't like it (by self)

C.   Both of these (by self)

D.   None of these (by self)

27: The artist orlan is known for her ________.

A.   Arge oil paintings.

B.   Abstract public sculptures.

C.   Unconventional performances.

D.   Awkward interviews

28: The artists purpose for this piece of glass art was __________________

A.   To show the process and skill, along with the meaning of the artwork.

B.   To make himself famous (by self)

C.   Both of these (by self)

D.   None of these (by self)

29: The artwork above is by _______(1)________ and is an example of _______(2)________.

A.   (1) Henri Matisse; (2) autobiographical art

B.   (1) Edouard Manet; (2) biographical art

C.   (1) Frida Kahlo; (2) Psychoanalysis

D.   (1) Claude Manet; (2) Structuralism

30: For his print four horsemen of the apocalypse, albrecht drer hired expert craftsmen to ________.

A.   Interpret the Book of Revelation

B.   Create the block and cut the lines into it

C.   Market the prints

D.   Manufacture the ink

E.   Make the paper for the print

31: Congress can alter the supreme courts __________ but not its __________.

A.   Plaintiff, administrative law

B.   U.S. Courts, of Appeals

C.   Appellate jurisdiction, original jurisdiction

D.   Criminal law, an amicus curiae

32: ____ made a graffiti painting depicting a worker removing prehistoric cave paintings.

A.   Fairey

B.   Haring

C.   Basquiat

D.   Banksy

33: Ancient indus sculptures were _____________________

A.   Buddha is always shown in a cross-legged position

B.   Contained inscriptions along the top edge that we cannot understand today

C.   Disappeared as though into thin air, and the cause remains unknown

D.   Art combined Hellenistic, Persian, and Native styles

34: Ballads use a _____-line stanza.

A.   Three

B.   Four

C.   Five

D.   Six

35: Brancusis well-known sculpture of a bird was intended to ____________

A.   Display the physical qualities of a bird..

B.   Emphasize the relative size of birds to humans.

C.   Show the calming attributes of birds.

D.   Emphasize the graceful qualities of a bird.

36: In 700 bce, this symbol in represented ___________ in cuneiform.

A.   Horse

B.   Goddess

C.   River

D.   Bull

37: The 19th century declamatory style of acting ___.

A.   Xaggerated movement, gestures

B.   Grandiose effects

C.   Spectacular drama

D.   Physical comedy and gags

38: The most impressive aspect of ancient egyptian symbols is __________________

A.   The consistency of the symbols.

B.   The amount of symbols used.

C.   The creativity of the symbols.

D.   The similarities they share with the English alphabet.

39: The northwest coastal people believed that the thunderbird represented a ____.

A.   Chief.

B.   Guerilla Girls

C.   Rituals

D.   Helpless

40: The pyramids of egypt are an example of art as a ____ activity.

A.   Social

B.   Africa

C.   Asia

D.   Europe

41: Characteristics of urban jazz styles are ________________?

A.   Emphasis on Groove

B.   Use of technology

C.   Use of electronic and acoustic instruments

D.   Incorporation of rapping

E.   All the above

42: Filippo brunelleschi has been widely regarded as the first renaissance ________.

A.   Heightened

B.   Emotion

C.   Architect

D.   Fresco

43: Adi nes' untitled (fig. 22.16) recreates_____________.

A.   The crucifixion

B.   The last supper

C.   The madonna and child

D.   The baptism

E.   The annunciation

44: The stained glass in chartres cathedral reflects the gothic focus on ________.

A.   Light and geometry

B.   Heavenly

C.   Abbot suger

D.   Virgin mary

45: Actual texture is primarily experienced through the sense of ___________.

A.   Sight

B.   Taste

C.   Touch

D.   Hearing

E.   Smell

46: If a pencils h# is decreased, then ______________

A.   The level of clay used decreases

B.   The level of clay used remain same

C.   The level of clay used increases

D.   None of the above

47: The goal of visual texture is to simulate the look and feel of actual _________and textures.

A.   Brushstrokes

B.   Gouging

C.   Surfaces

D.   Lines

E.   Applications.

48: These three early romanesque church plans are notable for their ____________.

A.   Ability to shelter people on overnight pilgrimagesinterior “garden rooms” that acted

B.   Radiating chapels off an ambulatory and transversebarrel vaults in the nave.

C.   Both A and B

D.   None of these

49: The best choice for the ________ layer of clothing is fabric such as gortex.

A.   Legs and abdomen

B.   A cool abdomen

C.   Second and third

D.   Outside

50: Juan griss bottle of banyuls includes an actual ________ as part of the composition.

A.   Lemon

B.   Bottle cap

C.   Bottle label

D.   Menu

E.   Table top