AutoDesk Maya MCQs

AutoDesk Maya MCQs

These AutoDesk Maya multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of AutoDesk Maya. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these AutoDesk Maya MCQs.
So scroll down and start answering.

1: What is the name of Maya's material editor?

A.   Material Editor

B.   Shader Editor

C.   Hypershade

D.   Material Component Editor

E.   Vipershade

2: How many vertices does a polygon cube have?

A.   8

B.   6

C.   10

D.   4

E.   12

A.   scene folder

B.   all of the above

C.   file export

D.   image folder

E.   file save as

4: what is the frame limit for the maya timeline

A.   time code

B.   unlimited

C.   48frames

D.   timeline length

E.   24frames

5: Dynamic Relationships Editor, is used to control relationships of:

A.   Deformer set editing

B.   Particle objects

C.   Character editing

D.   Light linking

6: what does the hotkey F3 do in maya?

A.   It opens the render settings menu

B.   It changes the maya main menu to rendering group of menus

C.   It shows the help menu of maya

D.   It changes the maya main menu to polygon group of menus.

7: What shortcut do you use to grow your selection (ie. when working with faces or vertices)?

A.   There is no shortcut

B.   Shift + <

C.   Cmd + ^

D.   Shift + >

8: What key would you hold down to snap to the grid?

A.   C

B.   S

C.   V

D.   X

9: What is a n-gon?

A.   A cube with more than four edges

B.   A Polygon with more than two vertices

C.   A Polygon with more than three edges

D.   A Polygon with more than four edges

10: Double click in the Select Tool, will open the:

A.   Channel Box

B.   Tool Setting

C.   Tool Help

D.   Attribute Editor

11: Maps which use the RGB channels to encode surface information on geometry at render time are called:

A.   Normal Maps

B.   Phong E

C.   Blinn

D.   Bump Maps

12: What type of texture map is a VDM?

A.   Voxel direction map

B.   Value depth map

C.   Vector displacement map

D.   Vertex data map

13: As from Maya 2014, how would you open a newer version file into a previous version of maya ?

A.   Check "ignore version" preference

B.   Its not possible to open a newer version file in older version.

14: What is a geometric entity that fills the gap between edges?

A.   Face

B.   UV

C.   Material


15: What is the default Maya render engine?

A.   Maya Vector

B.   Maya Software

C.   Maya Hardware

D.   Mental Ray

E.   Maya Hardware 2.0

16: What material channel does a specular map plug into?

A.   Translucence

B.   Specular Color

C.   Eccentricity

D.   Color

E.   Cosine Power

17: Which material channel enables an object to appear to have detailed geometry without modeling it?

A.   Diffuse

B.   Specular

C.   Bump Mapping

D.   Translucence

18: How many edges can the Create Polygon Tool support?

A.   20

B.   4

C.   Unlimited

D.   100

19: Which shortcut repeats your last action?

A.   R

B.   T

C.   N

D.   G

E.   M

20: If faces are appearing black in the viewport, one sided lighting is on, and there is no black material applied to geometry, what is the solution?

A.   Reverse the edges

B.   Reverse the normals

C.   Delete all work and start over

D.   Smooth the object

21: When ready to render, where in the Rendering menu set is the "batch render" located?

A.   Lighting/Shading

B.   Assets

C.   Render

D.   File

22: Which camera viewport is not an orthographic viewport?

A.   Perspective

B.   Front

C.   Top

D.   Back

E.   Side

23: To extrude edges or faces along a path curve, you can use:

A.   With the help of the wrap deformer

B.   Edit mesh > project curve on mesh > options

C.   Edit mesh > extrude > options

24: The attributes of the default Lambert shader in Maya can be modified

A.   False

B.   True

25: What is the name of the window that allows you to view a list of every item in your scene?

A.   Rendering

B.   History

C.   Show All

D.   Hypershade

E.   Outliner

26: When selecting a Render engine, if Mental Ray is not listed as available where would you go to enable it?

A.   Panel Editor

B.   Component Editor

C.   Plug-in Manager

D.   Node Editor

E.   Hypergraph

27: IK stands for:

A.   Introverted Kinetics

B.   Introverted Kronor

C.   Inverse Kronor

D.   Inverse Kinematics

28: When finished modeling, what needs to be done, before applying custom textures?

A.   Sing a song

B.   Sud-divide the object

C.   Lay out the UVs

D.   Nothing

29: A collection of faces, vertices, and edges form...what?

A.   Picture

B.   Face

C.   Mesh

30: Which of these can you use to edit an animation?

A.   Connection Editor

B.   Attribute Spread Sheet

C.   Hypergraph

D.   Graph Editor

31: What are the keyboard shortcuts for Translate, Rotate and Scale?

A.   W, E, R

B.   G, Shift+Alt, Right Mouse Button

C.   G, R, T

D.   T, R, S

32: What Hotkey allows you to jump between viewports

A.   "V"

B.   ctrl/cmd

C.   spacebar

D.   shift

33: What is the name of the tool used to add additional edge loops to selected geometry?

A.   Slide Edge Tool

B.   Insert Edge Loop Tool

C.   Offset Edge Loop Tool

D.   Merge Edge Tool

E.   Bridge

34: Which option allows you to render shadows?

A.   Translucence

B.   Bump Mapping

C.   Raytrace

D.   Incandescence

35: What is the best way to remove unwanted vertices and edges?

A.   Hit the delete key

B.   Nothing can be done

C.   Delete Edge/Vertex

D.   Hide them

36: FK stands for:

A.   Further Kinetics

B.   Forward Kronor

C.   Forward Kinematics

D.   Further Kronor

37: What file formats does maya scenes save as?

A.   .am .mya

B.   .ma .mb

C.   .atu .mb

D.   .ba .ama

38: What does the Extrude tool do?

A.   Connects two selected faces

B.   Pushes out or in selected component

C.   Finishes the project for you

D.   Nothing

39: What is a line that connects two vertices on polygonal mesh?

A.   Line

B.   Face

C.   Mesh

D.   Edge

E.   Curve

40: what is the hotkey, to view object in wireframe mode?

A.   4

B.   6

C.   5

D.   7

41: To extend the functionality, Maya provides a scripting language:

A.   MEL or Python

B.   JavaScript

C.   C#

D.   Boo Script

42: What does MEL stand for?

A.   Maya Extreme Logo

B.   Maya Embedded Language

C.   Maya Error Language

D.   Maya Error Loop

43: What does Maya's classic 4-panel layout consist of?

A.   Perspective View (Camera), View from Render Camera, Top View, Side View

B.   Perspective View (Camera), Top View, Front View, Side View

C.   Perspective View (Camera), Hardware texture, Side View, Render View

D.   Perspective View (Camera), View from Light Shape, Render View, Hypershade

E.   Perspective View (Camera), Curve Editor, Hypershade, Outliner

44: What hot-key focuses your active view on a selected object?

A.   Ctrl + F

B.   Alt + F

C.   TAB

D.   Shift + F

E.   F

45: Shortcut to decrease or increase the size of the Pivot Manipulator ?

A.   In the Maya preferences

B.   Right click in the pivot it self

C.   Double click the move tool

D.   The ‘+’ or ‘-’ key

46: Which one of these is not a scripting language you can use in Maya:

A.   Python

B.   Ruby

C.   Mel

47: How do you convert a procedural texture or shading network into a file texture?

A.   In the render setting

B.   In the edit menu of the hypershade

C.   In the outliner

48: What is the hotkey to view model in smooth mode?

A.   5

B.   4

C.   6

D.   3

49: What is a single point in 3D space, defined by X axis, Y axis, and Z axis?

A.   Face

B.   UV

C.   Vertex

D.   Edge

50: Which is NOT a UV projection Method?

A.   Automatic Mapping

B.   Planar Mapping

C.   Spherical Mapping

D.   Cylindrical Mapping

E.   Volume Mapping