Axure RP-Rapid Prototype Tool MCQs

Axure RP-Rapid Prototype Tool MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Axure RP-Rapid Prototype Tool MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Axure RP-Rapid Prototype Tool by answering these 70+ multiple-choice questions.
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1: Which of these are NOT a type of file used in Axure RP prototypes?

A.   CSS


C.   JavaScript

D.   Flash

2: Which of the following features allows you to set default and custom formats for Axure widgets?

A.   Master Pages

B.   Dynamic Panels

C.   Format Painter

D.   Widget Style Editor

3: Which of these are NOT events specific to the Dynamic panel?

A.   OnHide

B.   OnDragStop

C.   OnMove

D.   OnShow

4: If you want to create a custom text field without the ugly default border that Axure provides, what is the best way to do this?

A.   There is no way to remove the "Text Field" border

B.   Use the "Text Field" widget and toggle it's border off

C.   Use the "Text Panel" widget and create an interaction to accomplish this goal

D.   Download an Axure library and hope that the "Text Field" has this feature

5: What is the simplest and best way to change the background color of an individual page?

A.   Draw a large rectangle on the page and fill it with the desired color

B.   Create a master page with a colored rectangle, and drop it on to the desired page

C.   Use the "Page Formatting" section within the Page Properties Pane, and select the desired color from the "Back Color" control

D.   Cut and paste a colored box from a program like Paint onto the desired page, and then resize it to fit the entire page

6: A stack of states or diagrams that contain other widgets is a:

A.   Diagram widget

B.   Dynamic panel widget

C.   Functional state group

D.   Static flow widget

7: A dynamic scrolling list of items where previous and next items are partially visible is typically known as:

A.   A photo wheel

B.   An image slide

C.   A picture viewer

D.   An image carousel

8: An element that allows users to only choose one option from a predefined list is called a:

A.   Selection tab

B.   Radio button

C.   Check box

D.   Breadcrumb

9: What would you use connector for?

A.   Showing/hiding dynamic panels

B.   Creating flow diagrams

C.   Converting widgets into a Master

D.   Adding cases to events

10: To create complex interactions (such as changing panel states, moving widgets, enabling drag/drop of widgets), what must you use?

A.   Interaction Menu

B.   Image Map Region

C.   Dynamic Panels

D.   Dynamic Panels + Interaction Menu

11: How can you easily align widgets (either vertically or horizontally)?

A.   Drag a widget and let it 'snap' into alignment with the desired widget.

B.   Highlight the desired widgets and use the "Align" buttons in the toolbar

C.   Use rulers

D.   All of these are correct

12: Which of these are NOT main areas of the Axure RP application window?

A.   All are included

B.   Page area

C.   Widgets

D.   Sitemap

13: What is/are common mistake(s) made by many Axure users?

A.   Adding unnecessary text panels (on top of a button or widget shape, for example)

B.   All of these are correct

C.   Using dynamic panels for all interactions

D.   Using arbitrary sizes for widets.

14: True or False? If you create a switch button using a dynamic panel that toggles between an On and Off state using interactions, the button will have those interactions when you add the custom widget to a page.

A.   False

B.   True

15: What is/are other way(s) to incorporate interactions besides creating dynamic panels?

A.   Just select the ‘Set Variable/Widget value(s)’ from the actions list

B.   Right click the button or shape, and edit options like "Roll over Style" or "Mouse Down Style"

C.   Look online for a specific widget/interaction and download what another Axure user has already created

D.   All of these are correct

16: If you know Axure has a certain feature for a widget, but do not know how to access that feature, what should you do first?

A.   Look in the Axure forums

B.   When in doubt, right click! Most widget properties can be accessed by right-clicking the widget

C.   Ask the Axure support staff

17: How would you set an interaction to occur when a page is loaded?

A.   There is no way to do this in Axure.

B.   Use the "OnPageLoad" case under the "Page Interactions" menu

C.   Customize each widget interaction in the "Interactions" menu

18: What is/are a weakness(es) of Axure?

A.   It is not possible to create a block of text with embedded hyperlinks

B.   All of these are correct

C.   Widget locations do not always transfer over as pixel-perfect as created in the Axure work file

D.   Text formatting does not always transfer over to HTML/CSS as created in the Axure work file

19: How does Axure support rapid, remote collaboration between team members, clients, and even test participants?

A.   Axure creates HTML/CSS code for prototypes, allowing you to upload the prototype to any website

B.   Axure allows to to publish your prototypes to AxShare, for any team member to view

C.   All of these are correct

D.   Axure allows each team member to create Masters widgets that all team members can use to create consistency.

20: What are some simple ways to make higher-fidelity wireframes and prototypes with the default Axure widgets?

A.   Create custom shapes, such as a callout, by using multiple Axure shapes together

B.   All of these are correct

C.   Use built in Axure gradients

D.   Import images to your designs

21: User interface objects used to design your wireframes are known as:

A.   Markups

B.   Panels

C.   Widgets

D.   Buttons

22: Collections of widgets you can reuse throughout your file are known as:

A.   Penetrators

B.   Masters

C.   Pervasives

D.   Major

23: The best way to apply global changes across numerous pages is to use the Masters panel

A.   True


24: A window that pops out to display a larger image or video, and typically dims the page in the background, is called a:

A.   Lightbox

B.   Magnifier

C.   View screen

D.   Popbox

25: You can download extensive Axure libraries for virtually any platform (web, mobile, tablet), design style, or interaction (calendar pickers, drop-down menus, sliders)

A.   True


26: What is/are simple ways to make Axure work easier and more efficient?

A.   Build interactions later

B.   All of these are correct

C.   Use masters extensively

D.   Use a grid

27: True or False? An event cannot have multiple conditional cases.

A.   True

B.   False

28: When viewing your prototype on a mobile device, which tag affects the size and scale of the prototype?

A.   Phone

B.   Viewport

C.   Generate

D.   Prototype

29: What is a good place to download great Axure libraries?

A.   The Axure website has many libraries

B.   Axutopia

C.   Axureland

D.   All of these are correct

30: What is the name of Axures hosting and sharing platform?

A.   AxCollab

B.   AxHost

C.   Axure does not have a hosting and sharing platform

D.   AxShare

31: Getting in the habit of saving complex widgets and interactions to your own Axure library is very beneficial in the long run.


B.   True

32: Axure has a community of helpful users on the support forum and also a responsive support staff

A.   True


33: Which of the following is not a standard widget in the Axure widget library?

A.   List Box

B.   Calendar Control

C.   Tree Control

D.   Text Area

E.   Horizontal Menu

34: Holding [ctrl] ([option] on a Mac) while clicking and dragging on a widget will:

A.   Resize the widget

B.   Duplicate the widget

C.   Adjust the color saturation on the widget

D.   Add functions to the widget

35: You can easily rotate any widget in Axure

A.   True


36: Which of the following statements about Dynamic Panels is NOT true?

A.   A dynamic panel can have multiple states visible at one time.

B.   Dynamic panels can be set to hidden by default.

C.   Dynamic panels can be used to simulate a drag-and-drop effect

D.   Dynamic panels can be used to show, hide, change, or move objects in your prototype.

37: What are "Raised Events" in Axure?

A.   Actions which cause objects on the page to move closer to the front

B.   Custom events created on masters that allow you to add different interactions to each instance of the master

C.   Real world events created by members of the Axure user community

D.   Actions which cause widgets to move higher or lower on the page

38: If you want to make a mobile or tablet prototype, is Axure still the right tool to use?

A.   No, prototypes are generally only good for viewing on the web

B.   Yes, prototypes can be created to fit a mobile or tablet screen

39: Which widget can be used to create a clickable area on top of a picture?

A.   Dynamic panel

B.   Text area

C.   Image map region

D.   Image

E.   Inline frame

40: Using Axure's built in math functions, if LVAR1 is 2.3521594, [[LVAR1.toFixed(2)]] return the value of:

A.   2.3

B.   None of the above

C.   2.35

D.   2

E.   2.352

41: Which setting makes the widgets appear more squiggly as the slider increases?

A.   Shakiness

B.   Handwriting effect

C.   Sketchiness

D.   Crayon effect

42: True or False? Local variables exist within the scope of an action and do not get passed to other pages.

A.   False

B.   True

43: What does the "check out" feature do?

A.   Allows a user to prevent other users from opening a project that s/he is working on.

B.   Allows users within the Axure community to look at each others' finished prototypes.

C.   Allows a user to prevent other users from opening specific pages of a shared project while s/he is working on them.

D.   Allows a user to prevent other users from editing specific pages of a shared project while s/he is working on them.

44: If you want to use the text written in a "Text Field" response from page1 of your prototype, such as a person's name, and use this response on page 2 of your prototype, how would you do this?

A.   Store the response in a variable, which can be accessed in the case editor

B.   Set the value of a widget on page 2 to equal the "Text Field" from Page 1

C.   There is no way to do this in Axure.

45: What is the keyboard shortcut to send a widget to the back?

A.   CNTL + ]

B.   CTRL + SHIFT + ]

C.   CTRL + [

D.   CTRL + SHIFT + [

46: Using the condition builder, which condition would allow you to evaluate the selected value of a droplist?

A.   text on widget

B.   is checked of

C.   text on focused widget

D.   selected option of

E.   value of variable

47: Which of these provide the OnDrag interaction event?

A.   Buttons

B.   Dynamic Panels

C.   Text Frames

D.   All of these

E.   Images

48: True or False? Axure is a good tool for a product manager.

A.   False

B.   True

49: You have created a drop-down navigation menu that works well. However, if the user's cursor moves slightly out of the drop-down menu slightly, it disappears. What tool can you use to expand the clickable/hoverable region?

A.   Create a more complex interaction

B.   Use variables that control for this

C.   Use the image map region widget

D.   Create a wide, invisible border on the menu

50: Which tool allows you to create conditional expressions?

A.   Condition Wizard

B.   Condition Builder

C.   Conditional Build Environment

D.   Variable Condition