Blogging Best Practices MCQs

Blogging Best Practices MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Blogging Best Practices MCQs. We encourage you to test your Blogging Best Practices knowledge by answering these 50+ multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: The title of a blog post should

A.   Be attention-grabbing

B.   All of these

C.   Be descriptive of the content of the post

D.   Include the focus keyword

2: How are blog posts shared on Tumblr?

A.   Reshares

B.   Relays

C.   Reblogs

D.   Retweets

3: When blogging for business purposes, it is important to do what?

A.   Include your CEO's name in blog posts

B.   Include a call-to-action that allows you to capture lead information

C.   Include your company description at the end of each blog post

4: What Internet coding language is used to style a layout of a blog

A.   Objective-C

B.   Javascript

C.   CSS

D.   PHP

5: Which of the following is an example of an effective call to action?

A.   Click here to download a whitepaper

B.   We'll be back next week with a new post

C.   We look forward to staying in touch with you

D.   Thanks for reading our blog

6: A favicon (the graphic that appears in the address bar of a browser) should

A.   show a picture of the author

B.   be larger than 30 pixels across

C.   have bright colors

D.   include your blog's logo

7: In order to inspire a reader to perform an act after reading, the post should include a:

A.   An interesting title

B.   Quotation

C.   A comment section

D.   Call to action

8: True or false? Blogger is owned by Google.

A.   False

B.   True

9: What is an SEO best practice for a post's permalink?

A.   Permalinks are not taken into account for SEO purposes

B.   The permalink should only include the date of the post

C.   The permalink should only include the post number

D.   The permalink should include the focus keyword

10: What is a widget?

A.   The banner on the top page of a website

B.   A small application on a page that has a useful function

C.   A snippet of code that collects data about visitors

D.   A user acquisition tool

11: True or False: Alt Text describes an image to search engines.

A.   True

B.   False

12: Which of the following is an effective way to encourage readers to comment on posts?

A.   Include a call to action at the end of the post asking readers to comment

B.   Have a pop up notification telling a reader to comment display when they scroll to the end of the post

C.   Hold a contest to reward the reader who comments the most

D.   Move the comment section to the top of the page

13: True or False? Blog comments contribute to SEO.

A.   False

B.   True

14: True or False? You should NEVER link back to other posts from your blog to avoid taking the focus on your current post.

A.   False

B.   True

15: True or False? Guest posting on other blogs compromise the credibility of your own blog.

A.   True

B.   False

16: True or False: It is NEVER a good idea to write a post with controversial content.

A.   True

B.   False

17: Which of the following elements should utilize the focus keyword of the blog post?

A.   All of these

B.   URL

C.   Page title

D.   Header

18: True or False? Video blogs are best posted WITHOUT a typed blurb above or below the player.

A.   True

B.   False

19: What metric refers to the number of times a reader clicks your CTA?

A.   Click Through Rate

B.   Impressions

C.   Converts

D.   Actions Taken

20: ___ is programming code that can be read, viewed, modified, and distributed, by anyone who desires.

A.   Freemium

B.   CSS

C.   FFA

D.   Open Source

21: What is most telling metric of a blog's success on social media?

A.   Favorites

B.   Likes

C.   Comments

D.   Shares

22: True or False? A professional blog should be hosted using its own domain name.

A.   False

B.   True

23: Which of the following RSS tools is the standard among bloggers to become indexed?

A.   Feedblitz

B.   FeedBurner

C.   Aweber

D.   Subscribe2

24: What is anchor text used for?

A.   To emphasize a certain section of a post

B.   To segregate sections of a post

C.   To anchor a URL to some text on a web page

D.   Bloggers don't use anchor text

25: What is the term for a globally recognized avatar?

A.   Global Avatar

B.   Avatar X

C.   Visatar

D.   Gravatar

A.   LongTail Blogging

B.   Blogchain

C.   Share Buttons

D.   Blogroll

27: What is a CTA?

A.   Cohesive Text Algorithm

B.   Call To Action

C.   Corporate Test Action

D.   Current Text Assessment

28: True or False? Companies that blog have over 50% more website visitors

A.   False

B.   True

29: What is the blogosphere?

A.   A fictional term invented by Douglas Adams

B.   A meetup group of bloggers

C.   A popular globe sold on ThinkGeek

D.   The collective community of bloggers and blogs on the Internet

30: Which of the following topics is appropriate for a B2B blog?

A.   Customer testimonials

B.   Product sneak peaks

C.   All of these

D.   Industry leader profiles

31: Sub-headers can be created using which of the following HTML tags?

A.   <h2>

B.   <subheader>

C.   <p>

D.   <header2>

32: Which of the following is a micro-blogging site?


B.   HubSpot

C.   Twitter

D.   Blogger

33: Blogging best practices include the following:

A.   Optimize your SEO by adding links and pictures

B.   Create quality content

C.   Promote your content across various platforms

D.   All of these

34: True or False? Blogs with photos are more likely to be shared socially.

A.   True


35: Blog posts should contain which of the following?

A.   In-text citations

B.   An image

C.   All of these

D.   Subheaders

36: What is the HTML tag to denote header text?

A.   <h1>

B.   <header>

C.   <title>

D.   <header1>

37: Which blogging platform has especially great integration with Google AdWords?

A.   WordPress

B.   Movable Type

C.   TypePad

D.   Blogger

38: Which of the following is a proper format for a company's blog URL ?




39: How does the page title of a post differ from the meta title?

A.   The page title includes the name of the author

B.   The page title MUST utilize the focus keyword in order to be indexed properly

C.   The page title is visible to readers

D.   The page title should not include the post title

40: Which of the following displays a blog as a sub-domain?





41: Which of the following social networks will generate the highest ranking SEO for a blog post:

A.   Tumblr

B.   Twitter

C.   GooglePlus

D.   Facebook

42: What is an SEO best practice for including images in a post?

A.   Giving the image a title

B.   (none of these)

C.   Defining the alt text

D.   Linking an image to another site

43: Which of the following is a tool commonly used for scheduling out and assigning blog content for writers?

A.   RSS Reader

B.   Email Posting

C.   Task Management Software

D.   Editorial Calendar

44: Typically, what is the primary goal of a business blog?

A.   Creating a sharable branch of your web effort

B.   Gaining landing page visits

C.   Lead Generation

D.   Gaining Social Visibility

45: How long should the title of your blog post be?

A.   Doesn't matter

B.   No longer than 50 characters

C.   No longer than 100 characters

D.   No longer than 70 characters

46: Of the following, which is the best way to analyze the 'visits' metric?

A.   Traffic on individual blog posts

B.   Total blog traffic

C.   Total website traffic

47: What is the most important item to have in a post for SEO?

A.   text

B.   byline

C.   video

D.   link

E.   photo

48: What term refers to quoting thought leaders in attempt that they share your blog with their own networks?

A.   Conversion

B.   Social Symbiosis

C.   Stickiness

D.   Ego Trapping

49: According to Matt Cutts of Google, the optimal keyword density for blog posts is:

A.   Below the point where the language ceases to make sense

B.   1.5-2%

C.   0.5%

D.   2.5-3.5%

50: Specific keywords with small search volume are called:

A.   Low Key Keywords

B.   Long-Tail Keywords

C.   Needle-In-The-Haystack Keywords

D.   Search Specific Keywords