Camtasia MCQs

Camtasia MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Camtasia MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Camtasia by answering these 100+ multiple-choice questions.
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1: True or False? Callouts can include text.

A.   False

B.   True

2: True or False? On the timeline, annotations/callouts must appear on the same track as the clip they go with or they will not appear.

A.   False

B.   True

3: What is the easiest way to ensure that the quality of your video's picture is not compromised when scaling with zoom?

A.   Use Camtasia's auto-scaling feature.

B.   Disable SmartFocus.

C.   Input a higher pixel count in the clip's visual properties menu.

D.   Record at full-screen but edit at the exact size you'll share.

4: What determines the layering of annotations/callouts and clips on the canvas?

A.   Item on the timeline are layered on the canvas according to when they were imported

B.   Items at the on the top layer of the timeline will appear at the front of the video playback on the canvas

C.   Items on the timeline are layered on the canvas by number

D.   Items at the on the bottom layer of the timeline will appear at the front of the video playback on the canvas

5: True or False? If you want to customize zooms and pans in your video, you must first apply Smartfocus and then manipulate the zooms and pans manually.

A.   False

B.   True

6: Which of the following are options for improving the quality of your audio?

A.   Clicking reduction and clipping reduction

B.   IE extraction and adaptive audio data

C.   Auto-mix and sound-add

D.   ClariFy and CodiFy

7: If you want to record only one portion of your computer screen, where can you specify what part of the screen you want to record?

A.   On the timeline's "Dimensions" menu

B.   In the "Parameters" menu to the left of the canvas

C.   On the smaller screen-record window

D.   In the media/clip bin once the video is finished

8: You can scrub, i.e. preview your video quickly forward or backward, by doing what?

A.   By grabbing the playhead and moving it up or down the timeline

B.   By holding down the mouse button on either side of the canvas

C.   By pressing CTRL/CMD + right arrow or left arrow

D.   By pressing the F key (for forward), or the B key (for back)

9: If you want to change the position of a shape or textbox that appears in your video you can manipulate its position by clicking and dragging the shape or textbox in which part of the editor?

A.   The media/clip bin

B.   The canvas

C.   The timeline

D.   (none of these)

10: You can select all of the clips on a particular track of the timeline by doing what?

A.   Pressing the star icon on the far-right track head

B.   Right-clicking on the track and select "Select all on track"

C.   Double-clicking on the canvas when a media clip from the track appears

D.   Pressing the light bulb icon on the far-left track-head

11: In the Camtasia interface, where is the media bin located relative to the timeline?

A.   On the right in the space above the timeline

B.   On the left in the space above the timeline

C.   To the left of the timeline

D.   To the right of the timeline

12: How might you delete one section in the middle of a media clip?

A.   By using the playhead to highlight that section, then pressing Delete

B.   By dragging the clip onto the canvas then selecting the section you want to delete

C.   By cutting the section in the media bin

D.   By right-clicking the media clip, selecting "Delineate section," then pressing Delete

13: True or False? Animations can only be added to annotations/callouts without text.

A.   True

B.   False

14: SmartFocus serves which of the following functions?

A.   Generates interactive content such as quizzes and table of contents

B.   Adds subtle emphasis to "hotspots" on the screen

C.   Zooms and pans during screen capture videos

D.   Automatically adjusts and enhances colors and images

15: How would you rotate a picture on the canvas?

A.   By manipulating the X axis in the clips "Position" menu

B.   By manipulating the Y axis in the clips "Position" menu

C.   By right-clicking the picture on the timeline and choosing "Rotate image"

D.   By dragging the small circle that appears to the right of the center of the canvas

16: "Locking" a track will ensure that it cannot be changed or effected accidentally. Where is the padlock button that "locks" a track located?

A.   on the far left side of the timeline

B.   beneath the track

C.   on the far right side of the timeline

D.   above the track

17: What would be the best way to hide sensitive information--such as a screenname or email address--in a screen recording?

A.   Use a "blur" annotation/callout

B.   Click the "secure" option before enabling SmartFocus

C.   Change the text by imposing a text callout over the information

D.   Alter the layering on the timeline so that the screen capture clip is not visible

18: What is the name of TechSmith's content-hosting service?





19: True or False? If you want your final video to be a certain size you must make all of your recordings at that exact size.

A.   False

B.   True

20: Which of the following is not a preset screen-recording dimension?

A.   1280 x 720

B.   640 x 480

C.   954 x 820

D.   1024 x 768

21: How do you place a transition between two video clips?

A.   By highlighting both clips, right clicking and selecting "Transitions"

B.   By selecting "Transitions" on the playhead menu

C.   By dragging the transition to the timeline and placing it between the two clips

D.   By right clicking the first clip, choosing "Properties" and then selecting "Transitions"

22: How is the timeline organized?

A.   Into vertical "Layers" of effects and callouts

B.   Into "Clusters" of media that can be manipulated vertically or horizontally

C.   Into horizontally layered "Tracks" of media

D.   Into vertically layered "Phases" of the video

23: The option to save/export one frame of your video as a picture is found in which menu?

A.   The Tools menu

B.   The View menu

C.   The File menu

D.   The Play menu

24: What will you find to the immediate left and right of the play button just below the canvas?

A.   Arrows for moving forward or backward in the video

B.   A button to refresh the video and a button to stop it

C.   Sliders used to adjust the canvas size

D.   The Effects menu and the Timeline menu

25: On the timeline, if you position your cursor at one end or another of any given clip, what will appear?

A.   An effects menu for the clip

B.   A tool for adjusting the clip's position on the canvas

C.   The visual properties menu of the clip

D.   A double-sided arrow with which you can crop the clip

26: Which hotkey is used to play and pause the video on the timeline?

A.   CTRL + P

B.   F10

C.   Spacebar

D.   Enter

27: The dimensions of your video (in pixels) will most likely be determined by what factor?

A.   Where your video will be seen

B.   How long the video is

C.   The quality of your audio

D.   Whether you are working on a PC or Mac

28: Where is the canvas (video preview) located relative to the timeline?

A.   On the right in the space above the timeline

B.   To the right of the timeline

C.   To the left of the timeline

D.   On the left in the space above the timeline

29: As soon as you end a screen recording, where will your recording appear?

A.   On the canvas only

B.   In the timeline only

C.   In the media/clip bin only

D.   In the timeline and the media/clip bin

30: What is the name of the process of mixing all individual files on the timeline into one playable video file?

A.   Consolidation

B.   Rendering

C.   Mix-down

D.   Delivery

31: When a piece of media is selected on the canvas, small circles appear on the outside of the image. What are these small circles used for?

A.   To keep or discard the media

B.   To link the media to clips that come before or after it

C.   To adjust the visual properties, such as color or brightness

D.   To scale or resize the picture

32: The easiest way to reduce or remove sounds like fans or noisy lights that are constant throughout an audio recording is to do what?

A.   Export the audio file to digital audio workstation (DAW)

B.   Add a small amount of gain to the audio track

C.   Use the noise reduction feature of the audio menu

D.   Right click the clip then select "remove audio points"

33: Camtasia is best known for which of the following?

A.   Tilting and visual effects

B.   Facial animation

C.   Story boarding

D.   Screen capture

34: Which of the following would not appear on the timeline?

A.   Annotations/call outs

B.   (All of these would appear on the timeline)

C.   Video tracks

D.   Audio tracks

35: What are the three main areas of the Camtasia Studio interface?

A.   Effects, File Drawer, and Timeline

B.   Timeline, Screenshot, and Editor

C.   Recorder, Timeline, and Library

D.   Media/Clip Bin, Canvas, and Timeline

36: Which of the following will help the Smartfocus feature keep track of where to apply zoom effects?

A.   Move the mouse slower than usual as you record

B.   Keep the cursor close when entering text

C.   (all of these)

D.   Use the mouse scroll wheel instead of clicking and dragging the scroll bar

37: When you press the red recorder button--found on the main editor--to begin a screen capture session, what occurs?

A.   Camtasia minimizes and a smaller, screen-recording options window appears

B.   A sample of the screen capture appears on the canvas

C.   Camtasia prompts you to choose layering options for the screen capture

D.   The "Cursor effects" menu below the timeline

38: What is the name of the company that is responsible for making all versions of Camtasia?

A.   Quick Left

B.   Midsouth Data

C.   TechSmith

D.   Finch

39: Which of the following will increase the quality of your audio?

A.   (all of these)

B.   Control the environmental noise around you as you record

C.   Enable noise removal/reductoin

D.   Use a USB microphone

40: To start a new video project on Camtasia you must do which of the following?

A.   Choose "Clear media/clip bin" from the File menu

B.   Choose "Scrub project" from the Edit menu

C.   Choose "New project" from the File menu

D.   Choose "Produce special" from the File menu

41: To move a file from the media/clip bin to the timeline requires that you do what?

A.   Copy and paste the file to the canvas

B.   Map the file to a time marker then press Enter

C.   Highlight the file and press SHIFT + I

D.   Drag the file from the media/clip bin to the timeline

42: The SmartFocus feature will only work with what kind of files?

A.   3dmlw files

B.   Camtasia recording or .camrec files

C.   EGT Universal Document files

D.   CUE image files

43: True or False? Camtasia only supports built-in cameras and its recorder cannot make use of external cameras such as those that would be plugged in with a USB.

A.   False

B.   True

44: Separating the video and audio portions of a file requires you to do what?

A.   Select "Video and audio destinations" on the timeline menu

B.   Right click the clip and select "Separate video and audio"

C.   Select "Save file as" and save the clip as both a WAV and WMV

D.   Rip the audio from the clip in the Audio tab menu

A.   False

B.   True

46: What does the waveform that appears within a media clip on the timeline represent?

A.   The degree to which zoom/pan has been affected by Smartfocus

B.   The visual quality of the clip

C.   The size of the clip (in bits)

D.   How loud the audio is

47: True or False? Camtasia has features specifically intended to help add captions to your video.

A.   True

B.   False

48: Which of the following video hosting services can Camtasia send videos directly to?


B.   YouTube

C.   Funshion

D.   CalTrop

49: What do you call an interactive segment of your video that can take your viewer to a website or to another part of the video itself?

A.   A charge

B.   A hotspot

C.   A green zone

D.   An access point

50: Camtasia Studio is fully integreated with which of the following digital audio workstations (DAW)?

A.   SAWStudio

B.   Adobe Audition

C.   (None of these)

D.   Orion Platinum