Circuit Design MCQs

Circuit Design MCQs

Answer these 100+ Circuit Design MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Circuit Design.
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1: The numerical values of what circuit elements are typically represented using colored stripes?

A.   capacitors

B.   diodes

C.   resistors

D.   inductors

2: What does a Colpitts Oscillator use to produce an oscillating frequency?

A.   inductors and resistors

B.   inductors and capacitors

C.   resistors and capacitors

D.   resistors and transistors

3: Why does an "L pad" impedance-matching network bear that name?

A.   Because the network employs one or more inductors, elements that are traditionally abbreviated with the symbol "L."

B.   Because it is similar to a launch pad in terms of the large amount of power throughput enabled by a favorable impedance match.

C.   Because the two resistors in the network are traditionally oriented in the shape of the capital letter "L" on schematic drawings.

D.   Because it was named in honor of Hendrik Lorentz, an early electromagnetic theorist.

4: Which of the following is a linear circuit element?

A.   inductor

B.   diode

C.   transistor

D.   vacuum tube

5: What is the approximate impedance of a universal serial bus (USB) computer connection?

A.   0.6 Ohm

B.   377 Ohm

C.   50 Ohm

D.   1 million Ohm

6: The typical schematic representation of a transistor carries what one-letter abbreviation?

A.   L

B.   Q

C.   R

D.   T

7: How does the breakdown voltage of a dielectric depend upon its thickness?

A.   a thick layer of dielectric has a higher breakdown voltage than a thinner layer of the same dielectric

B.   a thin layer of dielectric has a higher breakdown voltage than a thicker layer of the same dielectric

C.   the thickness of a dielectric does not affect its breakdown voltage

8: Which of these variable resistors is non-ohmic?

A.   potentiometer

B.   rheostat

C.   varistor

9: Which of these is NOT an electromechanical component?

A.   photodiode

B.   relay

C.   piezoelectric crystal

10: If in a circuit the input voltage (Vin) is applied across the series impedances Z1 and Z2 and the output is taken across Z2, what is the output voltage (Vout) given by?

A.   Z2 . Vin

B.   Z1 . Vin

C.   [Z2 / (Z1 + Z2)] . Vin

D.   [Z1 / (Z1 + Z2)] . Vin

11: True or False: Reactance is the opposition of a circuit element to a change of electric current or voltage.

A.   True

B.   False

12: Which logic operation yield a high output for two high inputs?


B.   OR

C.   AND

D.   NOR

13: An audio tuning circuit is an application of a:

A.   low-pass filter

B.   band pass filter

C.   high-pass filter

14: Which of the following is a nonlinear circuit element?

A.   inductor

B.   capacitor

C.   resistor

D.   transistor

15: Which of the following circuit elements is NOT likely to be found in a 120 VAC to 12 VDC adapter?

A.   transformer

B.   balun

C.   capacitor

D.   diode

16: True or False? Lightbulb power ratings are only correct for the rated voltage.

A.   False

B.   True

17: A string of decorative holiday lights is lit except for two burnt-out bulbs. Are the bulbs of the string wired in parallel or series with each other?

A.   The lights must be wired in series with each other.

B.   The lights must be wired in parallel with each other.

18: Which of these can function as an electromagnet?

A.   solenoid

B.   memristor

C.   RTD


19: If A = 1 and B = 1 then A XOR B =

A.   0

B.   1

20: Which of these is NOT a method used for electric circuit analysis?

A.   Planar Method

B.   Nodal Analysis

C.   Mesh Analysis

D.   Superposition

21: Of what safety device is this a description: A magnetic or thermal stage that engages an opening of the circuit above a critical value of current?

A.   a circuit breaker

B.   a two- to three- prong plug adaptor

C.   a relay

D.   a ground-fault interruptor

22: According to Kirchoff's voltage law, the sum of the EMFs in any closed loop is equal to:

A.   the resistance of that loop

B.   two

C.   the sum of the potential drops in that loop

D.   one

23: True or False: An op-amp configured as an inverting integrator can function as a low pass filter.

A.   False

B.   True

24: Which of the following devices can replace a fuse in a circuit and perform the same safety function?

A.   a dimmer switch

B.   a three-prong plug

C.   a circuit breaker

D.   a ground-fault interruptor

25: How many diodes are required to build the bridge in a full-wave rectifier that does not employ a transformer?

A.   one

B.   two

C.   four

D.   three

26: What kind of relationship is described for impedences Z1 through Zn in a circuit, by the following equation? Z(eq) = Z1 + Z2 + … + Zn

A.   series

B.   parallel

27: What are the names of the three terminals on a BJT transistor?

A.   bias, collector, ground

B.   positive, negative, zero

C.   increasing, decreasing, inverting

D.   base, collector, emitter

28: In an 8-bit encoding, how many different values can be represented?

A.   8

B.   17

C.   256

D.   16

29: A resistor is an element that obstructs the flow of current in a circuit in accordance with

A.   Ohm's Law

B.   Faraday's Law

C.   Gauss's Law

D.   Lenz's Law

30: Three-phase alternating-current power is typically distributed on how many independent conductors?

A.   six

B.   two

C.   three

D.   one

31: Which model is generally used for transmission lines?

A.   lumped element model

B.   distributed element model

32: Which of these is a passive electronic component?

A.   capacitor

B.   op-amp

C.   transistor

D.   diode

33: Which of these is an active electronic component?

A.   resistor

B.   LED

C.   capacitor

D.   inductor

34: Which of these is NOT a part of a regular DC power supply?

A.   differentiator

B.   filter

C.   transformer

D.   regulator

35: True or False? Differential signalling can be employed in both analog circuits and digital circuits.

A.   False

B.   True

36: To what does the "sample rate" of a signal refer?

A.   the number of voltage levels used to sample the signal amplitude

B.   how often in time the signal is sampled

C.   the phase of the noise used for dithering

37: A type of logic gate with outputs high, low, and high impedance is called:

A.   triplexer

B.   tri-state buffer

C.   three phase switch

D.   impedance logic

38: Which of these is generally used to measure electrical resistance?

A.   Wheatstone Bridge

B.   Diode Bridge

C.   Galvanometer

D.   Maxwell Bridge

39: True or False? A Fourier-transform spectrometer is suscueptible to Gibbs ringing.

A.   True

B.   False

40: Which of these is used as a construction base for prototyping of a circuit?

A.   surface mount board

B.   PCB

C.   breadboard

41: A "Schmitt trigger" is a simple circuit that employs what distinctive element?

A.   an off-center-fed dipole

B.   an operational amplifier

C.   a current balance

D.   a mechanical spring

42: What do you call a theoretical circuit used in analysis, that retains all of the electrical characteristics of a given circuit?

A.   source circuit

B.   equivalent circuit

C.   analytical model

D.   linear circuit

43: On an alternating-current appliance with a three-prong plug, on which lead should the power switch be connected?

A.   the ground lead

B.   the hot lead

C.   the neutral lead

44: In which of the following configurations do the capacitor(s) have the smallest individual voltages?

A.   two 100-nF capacitors connected in parallel to 10 V

B.   one 100-nF capacitor connected to 10 V

C.   two 100-nF capacitors connected in series to 10 V

45: Consider an npn and a pnp transistor connected in series between the positive and negative terminals of a voltage supply. A signal is input to the base of each and output to ground from their collector-emitter connection. What is the common name for this configuration?

A.   a push-pull follower

B.   a diode bridge

C.   a reverse-biased divider

D.   a double-double amplifier

46: What standard circuit network often manifests as a "trim" potentiometer?

A.   a NAND gate

B.   a low-pass filter

C.   an analog-to-digital converter

D.   a voltage divider

47: Consider a switch on a high-voltage circuit that is unsafe to operate manually. How might the switch be safely actuated?

A.   by removing any ground connections on the high-voltage circuit

B.   by using a secondary, low-voltage relay circuit

C.   by increasing the inductance in the high-voltage circuit

D.   by inserting a fuse on the high-voltage circuit

48: A kilowatt-hour is a typical unit for what quantity?

A.   time

B.   energy

C.   capacitance

D.   power

49: What kind of feedback does a thermostat employ?

A.   negative

B.   positive

50: Which of the following is a primary disadvantage of a vacuum-tube amplifier compared with a solid-state amplifier?

A.   overload clipping

B.   low charge-carrier density

C.   poor high-voltage linearity

D.   high heater current