Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of CISCO MCQs. We encourage you to test your CISCO knowledge by answering these multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: Choose the Ethernet connector:

A.   RJ-61X

B.   RJ-15C

C.   RJ-11

D.   RJ-45

2: In which CLI mode does an administrator have to be in for configuring devices?

A.   Exec mode

B.   User-Exec mode

C.   Global Config mode

D.   Interface Config mode

3: A L3 switch is ___

A.   a switch with no routing logic.

B.   a switch with some routing logic.

C.   None of these

D.   Both of these

4: At which OSI layer does a hub operate at?

A.   Layer 7

B.   Layer 6

C.   Layer 1

D.   Layer 3

5: type of authentication Eigrp support.

A.   md5

B.   md

6: Splitting a network into other smaller and smaller networks is called?

A.   Subnetting

B.   Network tree

C.   Restructuring

7: A switch is a ___ device.

A.   L3

B.   L5

C.   L2

D.   L6

8: A network admin wants to know every hop the packets take when he accesses Which command is the most appropriate to use?

A.   (none of these are correct)

B.   Traceroute

C.   Debug

D.   Path

9: A PC to PC connection uses ___ cable.

A.   straight through

B.   no

C.   USB

D.   crossover

E.   console

10: Which protocol should be used to establish a secure terminal connection to a remote network?

A.   ARP

B.   Telnet

C.   WEP

D.   SSH

11: Which layer defines the physical topology?

A.   Data Link

B.   Application

C.   Physical

D.   Network

12: How many maximum VLAN's can be created?

A.   3560

B.   4094

C.   4054

D.   3494

13: When you log into a switch, which prompt indicates that you are in privileged mode?

A.   #

B.   >

C.   @

D.   $

E.   *

14: ADSL uses ____ .

A.   fiber

B.   land-line telephony architecture

C.   coaxial cables

D.   wimax or satellite

E.   Ethernet with fiber

15: How many bits have IPv4 address?

A.   64

B.   128

C.   16

D.   32

16: Router-on-a-stick requires what kind of port be set up on the switch port attached to the router?

A.   Access

B.   Trunk

C.   Hub

D.   Distributed

17: Which statement describes EIGRP?

A.   EIGRP broadcasts its updates to all routers in the network.

B.   EIGRP has an infinite metric of 16.

C.   EIGRP can be used with Cisco and non-Cisco routers.

D.   EIGRP sends triggered updates whenever there is a change in topology that influences the routing information.

18: Which of the following methods is for compatibility of IPV4 and IPV6?

A.   PAT

B.   Dual Stacking

C.   redistribute

19: The CSMA/CD Ethernet IEEE is:

A.   802.5

B.   802.4

C.   803.2

D.   802.3

20: Which term defines a collection of networks under the administrative control of a single entity that presents a common routing policy to the Internet?

A.   BGP

B.   process ID

C.   contiguous networks

D.   autonomous system

21: Which routing protocol is needed in a network which focuses on bandwidth and uses Cisco and Non-Cisco devices?




D.   RIPv1

E.   RIPv2

22: What is the first CLI mode you get in when startup the Router/Switch?

A.   Enable - Mode

B.   Super - Mode

C.   Rom - Mode

D.   User - mode

E.   Global - Mode

23: Which is the default register in the router?

A.   0x2102

B.   0x3402

C.   0x2142

D.   0x1953

24: A receiving host computes the checksum on a frame and determines that the frame is damaged. The frame is then discarded. At which OSI layer did this happen?

A.   Physical

B.   Transport

C.   Data Link

D.   Network

E.   Session

25: Which of the following is NOT a Cisco proprietary protocol?


B.   BGP

C.   PAgP

D.   CDP

E.   ISL

26: Which of these protocols is NOT "distance-vector" IGP ?



C.   RIPv2

D.   RIPv1

27: The administrative distance of (internal) EIGRP is:

A.   110

B.   120

C.   90

D.   5

28: Which command will create a subinterface on serial 0 (zero)?

A.   Router(config-if)# interface s0/2400 point-to-point

B.   Router(config-if)# interface s0/2400

C.   Router# interface s0.2400 point-to-point

D.   Router(config)# interface s0.2400 point-to-point

29: what is the protocol number of ospf

A.   89

B.   88

30: Which command reveals the last method used to powercycle a router?

A.   Show reload

B.   Show boot

C.   Show version

D.   Show running-config

31: On a router running EIGRP, what database would maintain a list of feasible successors?

A.   routing table

B.   adjacency table

C.   neighbor table

D.   topology table

32: Which protocols are class full ?

A.   RIP V1 and EIGRP




E.   JAY & YE

33: Which of the following is a valid host IP in this network:





34: Choose the correct syntax to configure an IPX subinterface on a router:

A.   config t, int e0.100, ipx network 10, encap arpa

B.   config t, int e0.10, ipx network 10 encap arpa sec

C.   config t, int e0, sub 10, ipx 10

35: When does a loopback interface becomes up/up on a layer3 switch?

A.   As soon as you issue no shutdown on that interface

B.   After you configure an ip address

C.   As soon as you create it

36: Select the highest VRRP priority.

A.   103

B.   101

C.   104

D.   105

E.   102

37: What administrative distance would a router assign to a default route in EIGRP that is learned from a source external to the autonomous system?

A.   170

B.   110

C.   90

D.   5

E.   120

38: Which of the following is the valid host range for the subnet on which the IP address resides?





39: Which of the following settings could prevent two potential EIGRP neighbors from becoming neighbors?

A.   IP addresses of and, respectively.

B.   Mismatched Hold Timers.

C.   Duplicate EIGRP router IDs.

40: Routers R1 and R2, currently EIGRP neighbors over their Fa0/0 interfaces (respectively), both use EIGRP authentication. Tuesday at 8 p.m. the neighborship fails. Which of the following would NOT be useful when investigating whether authentication had anything to do with the failure?

A.   Show ip eigrp neighbor failure

B.   Debug eigrp packet

C.   Show clock

D.   Show key chain

41: What Protocol Does PPP use to identify the Network layer protocol?

A.   LCP

B.   NCP


D.   X.25

42: A static route that points to the next hop IP will have what administrative distance and metric in the routing table?

A.   administrative distance of 1 and metric of 1

B.   administrative distance of 0 and metric of 0

C.   administrative distance of 0 and metric of 1

D.   administrative distance of 1 and metric of 0

43: What type of port configuration should you use for PVLAN interfaces that connect to a router?

A.   Gateway

B.   Transparent

C.   Promiscuous

D.   Private

E.   Host

A.   LCP


C.   NCP

D.   X.25

45: What does the IEEE 802.2 standard represent in Ethernet technologies?

A.   Logical Link

B.   MAC sublayer

C.   Physical layer

D.   Control sublayer

46: A vlan interface is up/down on a catalyst layer 3 switch. How can you fix this issue?

A.   Create the corresponding vlan and permit it on an up/up physical interface that doesn't have autostate exclude configured

B.   Create the corresponding vlan and permit it on an up/up physical interface that has autostate exclude configured

C.   Issue no shutdown on the vlan interface

D.   Verify that you learn mac addresses on the corresponding vlan

47: How many bits of a MAC address are used by OUI portion?

A.   32 bits

B.   48 bits

C.   24 bits

D.   16 bits

48: What is the default value of flush timers in IGRP?

A.   630 seconds

B.   90 seconds

C.   270 seconds

D.   None of the above

49: Which statement is true about RID (Router ID) in OSPF?

A.   It is always the highest IP address of active interfaces

B.   It is the highest IP address of all configured loopback interfaces

C.   It is locally significant

D.   It is only used for election of DR

50: Which command will you execute to see whether the cable attached with your router's Serial 0 is DCE or DTE?

A.   show controllers serial 0

B.   show interface serial 0

C.   show ip interface serial 0

D.   show interface brief serial 0