Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X MCQs

Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X MCQs. We encourage you to test your Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X knowledge by answering these 100+ multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: __________ is NOT one of the Cocoa Objective-C object libraries.

A.   Core Data

B.   Touch Kit

C.   Foundation Kit

D.   Application Kit

2: A ________ is a list of information read by applications while they are launching.

A.   method

B.   property list

C.   function

D.   class

3: What is protocol?

A.   Used in Java

B.   Part of classes interface

C.   A list of variables

D.   Not used

4: _______ is Cocoa's integrated development environment (IDE).

A.   Interface Builder

B.   Dock

C.   Aqua

D.   XCode

5: ______ is the root class for most classes in the Objective-C class hierarchy.

A.   NSLog

B.   NSResponder

C.   NSEvent

D.   NSObject

6: Which is the correct statement:

A.   #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

B.   &import <UIKit/UIKit.h

C.   ()import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

D.   $import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

7: Which statement is correct:

A.   NSColor* houseColor = [housePaintObj color].

B.   NSColor* houseColor = [housePaintObj color]]

C.   NSColor* houseColor = [housePaintObj color]\

D.   NSColor* houseColor = [housePaintObj color];

8: Before you can begin,you must download and install the ____.

A.   Microsoft Word


C.   iOS SDK

D.   Windows OS

9: Which language are iOS apps coded in?

A.   C++

B.   Objective-C

C.   C#.Net

D.   J2EE

10: Does the current iOS version support multitasking?

A.   Yes

B.   No

11: Which objects DO exist in the Cocoa framework?

A.   NSLog

B.   MSLog

C.   LSLog

D.   KSLog

12: What is the proper statement?

A.   label.text = @"Hello World",

B.   label.text = @"Hello World";

C.   label.text = &"Hello World";

D.   label.text = @"Hello World":

13: True or False? The two most important Mac OS X developer tools are XCode (formerly Project Builder) and Interface Builder.

A.   True

B.   False

14: All of Cocoa's built in classes start with:

A.   postive attitude

B.   NS

C.   A letter

D.   MS

15: _______ provides Cocoa as its object-oriented appliciation programming interface (API).

A.   Apple

B.   Sun

C.   Oracle

D.   Microsoft

16: Which extension file is NOT in use in Xcode?

A.   Possession.xib

B.   Possesion.aspx

C.   Possesion.m

D.   Possession.h

17: What IDE does iOS use?

A.   Xcode

B.   Visual Studio

C.   Eclipse

D.   Apple

18: The Cocoa API for iOS is called?

A.   Chocolate Cake

B.   Cocoa Touch

C.   Cocoa Gesture

D.   JellyBean

19: There is only one computer you can code IOS on. Which is it?


B.   Mac

C.   Xbox360

D.   Dell

20: True or False? Cocoa uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

A.   False

B.   True

21: The Cocoa Framework is OOP. Why is that helpful?

A.   Its not worth the time to learn

B.   Everytime you want to uses code that someone has written, you have to rewrite every line

C.   OOP allows the coder to reuse and customize existing objects into their new code.

D.   You cannot reuse code once it exists

22: What framework(s) make up Cocoa?

A.   System.Web

B.   AppKit and Foundation

C.   Spring

D.   MVC

23: AutoReleasePool BEST refers to:

A.   Xcode functionality

B.   Oracle

C.   Memory Management

D.   Exception classes

24: What does a debugger do?

A.   It is used to create UIViews in Xcode

B.   Helps finds errors in your code.

C.   It sets up your iOS environment

D.   It is used to troubleshoot OS problems with iPad

25: Which Cocoa class is used to create a string?

A.   MSLog

B.   NSString

C.   MSString

D.   NSLog

26: Which objects do NOT exist in the Cocoa framework?

A.   NSString

B.   NSMutableDictionary

C.   NSRedman

D.   NSLog

27: ________ is used to create application interfaces and make connections between interface objects.

A.   Aqua

B.   XCode

C.   Dock

D.   Interface Builder

28: Which one is NOT a UI control in Xcode?

A.   ASP Textbox

B.   View Controller

C.   Page View Controller

D.   Label

29: Which objects are NOT part of Cocoa framework?

A.   NSMutableDictionary

B.   NSSting

C.   NSApple

D.   NSPoint

30: Application ______ are stored in a file with a .icns extension.

A.   includes

B.   icons

C.   headers

D.   nibs

31: The ________ is a framework that defines a base layer of Objective-C classes.

A.   Application Kit

B.   Foundation Kit

C.   Core Data

D.   Aqua

32: OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming. It is used for:

A.   Its an installer to download XCode from the internet and build on your Mac

B.   Code reuse

C.   In Xcode its called the Simulator which allows you to test your mobile apps in a virtual environment

D.   It will send your completed app project to the App Store.

33: True or False? NSDictionary objects can be changed after initialization.

A.   True

B.   False

34: What does the term "nil" mean in reference to a variable?

A.   "nil" is only used inreference to exception management

B.   No object is in reference to the variable

C.   It doesn't affect the value of a variable at all.

D.   "nil" is incorrect it should be dispose

35: Whenever you customize an existing class, it is called:

A.   Programming

B.   Disposing

C.   Architecting

D.   subclassing

36: A _________ file stores all information about an application's user interface objects.

A.   class

B.   nib

C.   category

D.   header

37: Imutable objects can't be__:

A.   started

B.   moved

C.   disposed

D.   changed

38: True or False? Objective-C classes are objects.

A.   True

B.   False

39: The "NS" in NSObject stands for:

A.   Next Step

B.   Nasa Studios

C.   Nothing Short

D.   Name Steve

40: True or False? A Cocoa program may not be compiled from a command-line prompt.

A.   True

B.   False

41: What are atomic and nonatomic associated with?

A.   Mac Lion

B.   iPhone 3

C.   Exception handling

D.   Multithreading

42: A property:

A.   A list of variables

B.   A point in time

C.   sets getter/setter methods

D.   a characteristic

43: The most commonly used debugger used with Cocoa is ______.

A.   Mac OS X

B.   Visual Studio debugger

C.   GDB

D.   Aqua

44: True or False? Cocoa allows you to move objects in the main nib to other separate nibs to improve load performance.

A.   True

B.   False

45: What does GCD stand for?

A.   Grand Control Display

B.   Grand Central Dispatch

C.   Great Central Dispatcher

D.   General Code Destroyer

46: In Objective-C, methods are represented by a ______ which is a string describing the method to call.

A.   selector

B.   object

C.   cursor

D.   category

47: Objective-C uses the concept of ______ which allows modifications to an existing class in-place.

A.   class copying

B.   categories

C.   inheritance

D.   private classes

48: True or False? Objective-C does not have a constructor or destructor.

A.   False

B.   True

49: Which control wold you want to use as a data source?

A.   label

B.   Button

C.   View Controller

D.   UITableView

50: In the Interface Builder, the _______ contains stock items in Cocoa that you can drag-and-drop into your application.

A.   Document Window

B.   Application Window

C.   Menu Bar

D.   Library Palette