Computer Technician MCQs

Computer Technician MCQs

These Computer Technician multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Computer Technician. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Computer Technician MCQs.
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1: The SMTP service application on a server typically listens on TCP Port...

A.   27

B.   50

C.   25

D.   10

2: Which of the following is not a method you could connect a printer to a computer?

A.   Through a network

B.   Using a USB Port

C.   Using a Parallel Port

D.   Using a AGP Port

3: How can you lower a motherboard"s system temperature?

A.   Adding more fans and configuring them to provide the most effective airflow through the case

B.   Unclutterred cables inside the computer

C.   All of these

D.   Check for dust and remove it

4: Which device can you NOT boot from?

A.   DVD

B.   You can boot from all these devices

C.   Hard Drive

D.   USB Flash Drive

5: What is one way you can you reset the BIOS to its original default settings

A.   Shutting down the computer

B.   Unplugging the computer

C.   Restarting the computer

D.   Perform a CMOS reset by removing the small battery powering the CMOS memory chip

6: 1 Gigabyte (GB) is how many Megabytes (MB)

A.   1000

B.   200

C.   100

D.   1024

7: Which of the following is an example of an output perhipheral?

A.   Speaker

B.   Printer

C.   Monitor

D.   All of these

8: Where can you enable and disable computer devices in Windows?

A.   System Configuration

B.   Advanced System Settings

C.   Remote Settings

D.   Device Manager

9: What might you use the BIOS for?

A.   Change CPU settings

B.   Set the boot order

C.   All of these

D.   Change Memory Settings

10: What is a DVD-RW?

A.   It is a rewriteable DVD. You can erase and rewrite to the disc

B.   It is a DVD type used only for storing data files; excluding video recording.

C.   It is a DVD type used only used for video recordering

D.   It is a read only DVD. The data can never be wiped.

11: Which of the following is NOT a valid measurement of file size?

A.   Kilobyte (KB)

B.   Microbyte (Mb)

C.   Gigabyte (GB)

D.   Megabyte (MB)

12: What is another word for reboot?

A.   Reformat

B.   Restart

C.   Refresh

D.   Reimage

13: Which of the following is a type of monitor?

A.   LED

B.   LCD

C.   CRT

D.   All of these

14: Which of the following is a valid measurement of file size?

A.   Megabytes

B.   All of these

C.   Kilobytes

D.   Bytes

15: How can you configure a router connected to your computer?

A.   Enter in the appropirate IP address for your router model to access the configuration settings

B.   You cannot configure a router connected to your computer

C.   Hold a button on the router, to display a screen on yoru computer that allows you to configure

D.   Under Comptuer Management, use the Router Management tool

16: How do you open command prompt in Windows XP

A.   Run | CMD

B.   Start | Administration Tools | Command Prompt

C.   My Computer | Command Prompt

D.   Run | CMP

17: Which media can hold the most data?

A.   Blu-Ray DVD


C.   Floppy Disk

D.   DVD

18: If your computer shuts down while the Windows operating system is first loading and you turn it back on afterwards

A.   It will resume where windows loading left off

B.   It will load normally

C.   It will create bad sectors on your hard drive and require you to run windows repair

D.   The next time you turn on your computer you will see a prompt during boot providing a number of options including loading windows in safe mode

19: Power Supplies are measured in

A.   Micro Watts

B.   AMPs

C.   Watts

D.   Mega Watts

20: What would you do in this scenario: A CD-ROM drive is no longer working and a disc is stuck inside that you need

A.   Dismantle the CD-ROM Drive by unscrewing its holders. After you retrieve the CD, you can remantle it.

B.   Press and hold a button on the front of the CD-DRIVE while it is powered

C.   Press and hold button on the front of the CD-DRIVE while it is unpowered

D.   Use a bended paperclip by putting it through a hole on the CD Drive and then pressing hard on it in order to open the CD tray manually

21: GPU applies to...

A.   Video Cards

B.   CPUs

C.   Hard drives

D.   Monitors

22: What is HDMI?

A.   A compact interface for high definition sound

B.   A compact interface for both high definition video and audio

C.   A compact interface for high definition video

D.   A compact interface for standard definition video

23: How do you enter the bios on a Windows PC?

A.   Restarting Windows in Boot Mode

B.   By pressing a certain key during the boot process

C.   Using Windows - Boot Manager

D.   Holding the power button when turning on the computer

24: Which of the following is NOT a computer port you could connect your monitor to?


B.   VGA

C.   SMI

D.   DVI

25: Exactly, one Terabyte (TB) is how many Gigabytes (GB)

A.   1024

B.   1000

C.   512

D.   200

26: Which of the following is NOT an example of an input peripheral?

A.   Keyboard

B.   Monitor

C.   Microphone

D.   Scanner

27: What is the difference between a Network Hub and a Network Switch

A.   Network Switches are Larger than Network Hubs

B.   Network Hubs are more expensive.

C.   No difference other than name

D.   Network Hubs are not rack mountable

E.   Network Switches determines which port the packet is destined for and only sends the packet to that port.

28: What does it mean to mount an ISO?

A.   It means to start a utility that examines what is currently running in the background of an operating system

B.   To load a disc image to virtual drive

C.   To run disk cleanup on infrequently used software

D.   To load operating system settings

29: What is one way to free of space on a hard drive

A.   Defragment the hard drive

B.   Use Task Mange to remove uncessary tasks on the drive

C.   Run Disk Cleanup

D.   Deformat the hard drive

30: True or False: If you use an AMD CPU you must use a AMD video card.

A.   True

B.   False

31: True or False: ATX Motherboards can support either AMD or Intel CPUs, but never both.

A.   False

B.   True

32: Which type of connector would you find on a power supply?

A.   All of these

B.   4-pin processor power connector

C.   24-pin main power connector

D.   6-pin PCIe power connector

33: Why would you defragment a hard drive?

A.   To encrypt a hard drive

B.   To improve performance

C.   To free up disk space by removing unecessary data

D.   To remove all data from a hard drive

34: If a computer case has a place for a floppy disk, what size bay might it be?

A.   3.5 inches

B.   5 inches

C.   2.5 inches

D.   7 inches

35: What do you use hard drive jumpers for?

A.   To connect multiple hard drives together for increased performance

B.   To allow easy removal of hard drivers

C.   To designate which hard drive is master and which is slave

D.   To reformat hard drives

36: How would you adjust what programs run on startup for a Windows Operating System?

A.   My Computer | Startup

B.   Run IISRESET | Startup

C.   Run cmd | Startup

D.   Run msconfig | Startup

37: What is the definition for a peripheral?

A.   A device that is built into the motherboard

B.   A device connected to a computer that is required for it to function

C.   A device you can connect to a computer, but is not integral part

D.   A device that connects to the computer case

38: What does the Term "OC" mean in the following motherboard specifications for RAM: DDR3 2400(OC)/2250(OC)/2200(OC)/2133/1866/1600/1333

A.   Overcharged

B.   Occulant Volt

C.   Over Capacity

D.   Overclocked

39: Which of the following is NOT a valid Windows Server Version?

A.   Windows Server 2003

B.   Windows Server 2005

C.   Windows Server 2008

D.   Windows Server 2008 R2

40: Which of the following is NOT a type of hard drive




D.   IDC

41: Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the power to the system is turned off?

A.   RAM

B.   ROM


D.   CPU


42: What is CHKDSK?

A.   A utility that frees up space on a hard drive

B.   A tool that pings a hard drive to check its current status

C.   A tool that verifies the file system integrity on storage devices

D.   A tool that reduces the amount of fragmentation on a hard drive

43: What does it mean to flash the bios?

A.   Overclocking the BIOS to the point of overheating

B.   Powering on the BIOS

C.   (all of these are correct)

D.   Loading a new BIOS

44: Which of the following is NOT a type of ram?

A.   Dynamic Ram (DRAM)

B.   Static Ram (SRAM)

C.   Compound RAM (CRAM)

D.   Phase-change RAM (PRAM)

45: Which PC component would use up the most power? (Assume the PC has high end parts)

A.   Case Fan

B.   Video Card

C.   Hard Drive

D.   DVD Drive

46: Two major parts of a Central Processing Unit on a computer:

A.   Capacitor and rectifier unit

B.   All of these

C.   Transistor and vacuum unit

D.   Arithmetic logic unit and control unit

E.   Input and Output unit

47: What is defragmenting a hard drive do?

A.   It compresses files on the hard drive

B.   It frees up extra space on a hard drive by removing compenents that were not fully removed

C.   It reduces the amount of fragmentation on the drive

D.   It adds additional partitions to the hard drive

48: Which CPU socket does AMD FX-6300 fit?

A.   LGA 775

B.   AM3+

C.   FM3

D.   FM2+

E.   FM2

49: Which hard drive type provides the fastest performance?




D.   SSD

50: What is "ISO"?

A.   It stands for Internal Software Options and is used configure settings on an operating system

B.   It stands for Internal Software Operations and runs behind the scenes when you load an operating system

C.   A necessary kernal file for operating systems

D.   None of these