Constant Contact MCQs

Constant Contact MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Constant Contact MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Constant Contact by answering these 100+ multiple-choice questions.
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A.   On your company website

B.   All of these

C.   On your social media channels

D.   In your email signature

2: How can you ask a quick question?

A.   Through use of the Survey feature

B.   Through use of the Poll feature

C.   Through use of the Tracking feature

D.   Through use of the Stats feature

3: How do you know who said yes or no to your event invitations?

A.   Through use of the Online RSVP feature

B.   Through use of the Online answering feature

C.   Through use of the Reply by E-mail feature

D.   Through use of the Advanced Reply feature

4: How do you create an E-mail marketing campagin?

A.   Choose an e-mail sample & incorporate content

B.   Choose e-mail templates & incorporate colors, images & logos

C.   Choose a saved e-mail sample & incorporate relevant content

D.   Choose a survey templates & incorporate colors & images

5: What options are there when you are ready to send your e-mails?

A.   You can send it now or schedule it for later

B.   You can send it immediately

C.   You can send it now or in 24 hours

D.   You can send it in 24 hours or schedule it for later

6: How do you create your own template layout from scratch?

A.   Just point & save, drag & drop with the Survey Editing feature

B.   Just point & store, drag & drop with the E-mail Editing feature

C.   Just point & click, drag & drop with the Template Editing feature

D.   Just point & click, copy & paste with the File Editing feature

7: Explain how you can integrate with other business applications?

A.   By using the API's

B.   By using the CTI's

C.   By using the CPI's

D.   By using the APE's

8: How do you learn when a contact signs up?

A.   Through tracking the links opened

B.   Through tracking the click-through

C.   Through tracking opt-ins & opt-outs

D.   Through tracking the e-mails opened

9: How can you customize your events?

A.   By using the New Templates available

B.   By using the Standard Templates available

C.   By using the Event Templates available

D.   By using the E-mail Templates available

A.   Make use of the Follow feature & see all the results

B.   Make use of the Recording feature & see all the results

C.   Make use of the Tracking feature & see all the results

D.   Make use of the Stats feature & see most of the results

11: When mailing a campaign for the first time, what must you verify first?

A.   Your e-mail address

B.   Your pin code

C.   Your username

D.   Your registration number

12: An email that had been in the process of being built in Constant Contact, but that has not been sent is referred to as ______________

A.   A draft

B.   A mockup

C.   Initial design

D.   A quick iteration

13: What is the Social Stats feature designed for?

A.   It measures your media success, such as who sends you e-mails

B.   It measures your social media success, such as who tweets your e-mails

C.   It measures your private media, such as who tweets you the most

D.   It measures your social life, such as who replies to your e-mails

A.   The bottom of the email

B.   As a right-hand side bar on the email

C.   Wrapped in the text of the email

D.   The top of the email

15: When Archiving an email campaign ______________

A.   A user may delete a past email

B.   A user will not see a past email in the list of emails

C.   A user will not be able to resend that email in the future

D.   All of these

16: True of False? Website owners can easily install a signup widget on their website with Constant Contact

A.   True

B.   False

17: Constant Contact is good to upload lists to. It may also be used as a ______________

A.   All of these

B.   Electronic greeting card

C.   Connector to update friends and family

D.   Contact database

18: How can you flag areas on your e-mail that could possibly be stopped by ISP's?

A.   By using the Spell Checker

B.   By using the Anti-Error Checker

C.   By using the Anti-Spam Checker

D.   By using the Grammar Checker

19: The CAN-SPAM Act states _______________

A.   Tell recipients where you're located

B.   Don't use false or misleading header information

C.   All of these

D.   Honor opt out requests immediately

20: Why would you add a Facebook like button to a newsletter?

A.   Increase open rate on your emails

B.   Create a point of difference between you and competitors

C.   Improve customer engagement with your brand

D.   Increase sales conversions

21: True or False? Constant Contact offers custom color options.

A.   True


22: Which of the following does Constant Contact advise against including in your email subject line?

A.   All of these

B.   Exclamation points (!)

C.   Dollar signs ($)

D.   Full words in all caps

23: True of False? SaveLocal is a Constant Contact brand for using coupons

A.   False

B.   True

24: What file formats are accepted to upload new contacts?

A.   .txt

B.   .csv

C.   .xls

D.   All of these

25: In what ways may a user host images for an email in Constant Contact?

A.   Upload to the user's server and link to the images in the HTML code

B.   Host up to 5 images for free in Constant Contact's Image Library

C.   All of these

D.   Pay $5 more per month and host more images

26: As part of Constant Contact's Social Campaigns, a user can ____________

A.   Track facebook Likes

B.   Track coupons

C.   Include email campaigns on social media pages

D.   All of these

27: Which online survey invitations can you track?

A.   Only three surveys & view them by opens, and more

B.   All surveys & view them by date & number sent, opens, and more

C.   A few surveys & view them by date sent, opens, and more

D.   One survey only & view it by date & number sent

28: Name a way(s) to add contacts to your mailing list?

A.   Import or export mailing lists as .csv or .txt files

B.   Import your e-mail list from Gmail, Outlook & more

C.   All of these

D.   Add contacts on the go via QuickView iPhone application

29: What markup language is used to create custom email templates?




D.   FpML

30: What web-based communication components does Constant Contact Suport?

A.   Online Survey + Social Media

B.   All of these

C.   Event Marketing + Social Media

D.   E-mail marketing + Social Media

31: What different methods can be used to get feedback?

A.   Place the URL link in your website or blog

B.   Include the online survey URL in your newsletter

C.   Send e-mail invitations

D.   All of these

32: When preparing a template for use in Constant Contact ______________

A.   All of these

B.   Be sure to save images at 72 dpi

C.   Be sure to check all links

D.   Be sure to use inline styles

33: Where should a company logo be included?

A.   All of these

B.   On a Printable Sign-up Form

C.   "Join My Mailing List" form

D.   "Forward Email to a Friend" form

34: The Online Event management offer(s) the following:

A.   Online event promotion

B.   All of these

C.   Event invitations

D.   Online RSVP

35: What makes the Constant Contact product so successful?

A.   Affordabe and beautifully designed email templates for almost any small business

B.   All of these

C.   Ongoing new features, demanded by the users

D.   The tested code base that works cross client

36: Constant Contact's pre-built themes are ________________

A.   for Arts & Entertainment

B.   for Business

C.   for Religious organizations

D.   All of these

37: What different survey question types can you choose from?

A.   Single-select multiple choice

B.   Open-ended text

C.   All of these

D.   Rate items on a scale

38: How do you select your e-mail list for recipients?

A.   Send targeted newsletters to different groups

B.   All of these

C.   Group your contacts by common interests

D.   Import your existing e-mail list from Excel

39: What options are available to you when you create your Survey?

A.   Select the right type of question for the right feedback

B.   Add custom greeting & closing pages

C.   All of these

D.   You can edit your survey

40: How you would promote your social media pages?

A.   All of these

B.   Insert links to Facebook

C.   Insert links to YouTube

D.   Insert links to your blog

41: A ___________ is a great way to gauge feedback from your clients regarding your products or services

A.   None of these

B.   Constant Contact link tracking

C.   Constant Contact clickthroughs

D.   Constant Contact Survey or Poll

42: How do you set up a newsletter?

A.   Build a news page

B.   Select an example

C.   Select a template

D.   Announce an invitation

43: How can you measure the performance of your campaign?

A.   By using the E-mail Marketing Tracking & Reporting

B.   By using the Message Marketing Tracking & Listing

C.   By using the Newsletter Marketing Tracking & Reporting

D.   By using the E-mail Marketing Following & Listing

44: What tactic can you use to target your messages?

A.   Segment your friends by interest or other criteria

B.   Segment your blog by interest or other criteria

C.   Segment your survey by interest or other criteria

D.   Segment your list by interest or other criteria

45: True of False? Social Campaigns and Social Share are the same product

A.   True

B.   False

46: True of False? After sending an email, a user may only track stats beginning 24 hours after it's sent

A.   True

B.   False

47: Selecting a theme in Constant Contact restricts _______________

A.   The use of customization of layouts

B.   The use of columns

C.   The use of rows

D.   None of these

48: How do you sign up for a Constant Contact account?

A.   Click "Sign up", fill in the custom fields & click "Start my trial"

B.   Click "Open New", fill in the fields & click "Start a trial"

C.   Click "Open Account" & click "Start trial"

D.   Click "Open Account", fill in the fields & click "Start trial"

49: What will the social media stats tell you?

A.   Who dislikes you & tweets about new products

B.   Who looked at your profile & tweets about other's

C.   Who dislikes you & tweets about other's

D.   Who likes and tweets about you

50: How can you make sure your e-mail campaign is perfect before sending it?

A.   Check it first for errors

B.   Save it first

C.   Preview it first

D.   Check it first with Spam Checker