Conversion Calculations MCQs

Conversion Calculations MCQs

Answer these 30 Conversion Calculations MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Conversion Calculations.
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1: 174 miles= ______________ kilometers

A.   210

B.   225.25

C.   246.22

D.   280.03

E.   290

2: Daniel borrowed a certain amount of money from a bank at a quarterly rate of 2.5% for 4 years. If the interest paid by him after 4 years is $624 then what is the value of principal amount?

A.   $1440

B.   $1380

C.   $1560

D.   $1235

3: The current age of Elena is four times the age of Nina. After 84 months, the ratio of ages of Elena and Nina will be 5:3. What will be the ratio after 11 years?

A.   13:10

B.   10:7

C.   12:5

D.   11:6

E.   5:2

4: If the speed of a motorcycle is 179 miles/hour, then how much time (approximately) will it take to cover a distance of 9840 meters?

A.   1 minute 27 seconds

B.   1 minutes 49 seconds

C.   2 minutes 3 seconds

D.   2 minutes 40 seconds

E.   3 minutes 10 seconds

5: 6 years later Mathew's age will be 438288 hours. If the present ratio of Ian's and Mathew's age is 9:11, then what is the present age of Ian?

A.   29 years

B.   36 years

C.   45 years

D.   48 years

E.   50 years

6: In how many weeks will a principal of $4600 amount to $5290 at a simple interest rate of 2.5% per annum.

A.   278 weeks

B.   293 weeks

C.   313 weeks

D.   332 weeks

7: Mark invested $5600 in a simple interest scheme for 4 years and 6 months. He lends the money thus obtained to Sam at the rate of 5% (compound interest) for 1 year. The interest is calculated half yearly and the duration of the loan is 1 year. If the amount obtained after one year is $8535.56, then what is the approximate rate of simple interest?

A.   6.2%

B.   8.5%

C.   7.9%

D.   9.6%

8: Sonia borrowed $62500 from a bank for 48 months. If the rate of interest per annum is 16% then what is the approximate value of compound interest paid by Sonia at the end of 48 months?

A.   $50665

B.   $45350

C.   $52172

D.   $54881

9: Nina is 5844 days younger than Paul. In 209 weeks, her age will be half the age of Paul. What is the approximate age of Nina at present?

A.   12 years

B.   15 years

C.   18 years

D.   20 years

E.   23 years

10: Mark needs to build a boundary wall on one side of his garden. The length, breadth, and height of the wall should be 100 feet, 49.21 feet, and 63 meters respectively. How many bricks will be required if the length, breadth, and height of each brick is 1200 cm, 1800 mm and 15 decimeters respectively?

A.   737

B.   790

C.   823

D.   865

E.   889

11: A group has 7 persons. When a person with 58 kg weight is replaced by another person, the average weight of the group is increased by 10.803 pounds. What is the correct weight of the new person?

A.   0.0923 metric tonnes

B.   0.1025 metric tonnes

C.   0.0784 metric tonnes

D.   0.5384 metric tonnes

12: After four years, Nina's age will be three times the age of her niece. At present, Nina is 224 months older than her niece. What was Nina's age before 65 months?

A.   16 years and 8 months

B.   18 years and 7 months

C.   21 years and 6 months

D.   24 years and 5 months

E.   25 years and 4 months

13: There are _______ inches in 15 meters.

A.   185.67

B.   258.14

C.   300.28

D.   590.55

E.   625.91

14: Given that the speed of car A and B is in the ratio 4:7. If the speed of car A is 320 miles/ hour, then the speed of car B will be ________________ meters/ second.

A.   205.33

B.   231.67

C.   250.34

D.   268.18

15: The length of one side of a rectangle is 0.2 miles and the second side is 14 yards. What is the approximate value of the perimeter of the rectangle in centimeters?

A.   4850

B.   33466

C.   66934

D.   198060

E.   280040

16: Nina travels in a car from point A to B. C is the midpoint between A and B. The car's speed while travelling from A to C is 20 m/s and from C to B is 21600 m/hr. If the total journey was covered in 780 minutes, then what is the distance between point A and B in kilometers?

A.   390 km

B.   406 km

C.   410 km

D.   427 km

E.   432 km

17: Nina is running along the boundary of a rectangular ground at a speed of 8.4 km/h. She completes one round in 11 minutes. If the ratio of length and breadth of the ground is 6:5, then what is the area of the ground?

A.   14.7 hectares

B.   140 hectares

C.   45.5 hectares

D.   0.79 hectares

E.   78 hectares

F.   1.28 hectares

18: How many meters is 23.5 decimeters equal to?

A.   2.35 meters

B.   0.235 meters

C.   235 meters

D.   2350 meters

19: A wire of 2.8 mm diameter is produced using 154 cubic centimeters of copper. Which of the following is the length of the wire in meters?

A.   16 meters

B.   20.2 meters

C.   25 meters

D.   29.6 meters


A car travels from point A to point B. The car stops at two points, X and Z during the journey. The distance from point A to X is 3480 yards, from point X to Z is 786900 decimeters, and from point Z to B is 7.80 miles.

What is the distance from point A to B in kilometers?











21: Mark covers a distance of 22.5 miles in 12 minutes. What is his speed in meters per second?

A.   45.41

B.   50.29

C.   53.66

D.   58.37

22: Lisa is 150 months older than Mathew. If the ratio of their respective ages is 11:8 then what will be Mathew's age after 79 months?

A.   35 years 7 months

B.   36 years 6 months

C.   37 years 4 months

D.   39 years and 11 months

E.   40 years and 3 months

23: The lengths of three sides of a right angled triangle are 0.09 meters, 120000 microns and 3.15 inches. If a cone is formed by rotating the triangle along the side of 3.15 inches length, then what is the volume of the cone in cubic centimeters?

A.   522.67 cm3

B.   580.24 cm3

C.   602.88 cm3

D.   615.76 cm3

E.   625.18 cm3

24: Mary borrowed $1800 from Elena at an interest rate of 12% per annum (compound interest) for 36 months. What will be the approximate value of the amount paid by Elena after 36 months if the interest is calculated quarterly?

A.   $2566

B.   $2640

C.   $2419

D.   $2733

25: If the principal amount is $8000 and the rate of interest is 4% per annum computed half yearly, then in how many months will the compound interest of $659.46 be generated?

A.   12 months

B.   18 months

C.   24 months

D.   36 months

E.   48 months

26: The length(l) and breadth(b) of a cistern is 0.78 kilometers and 699.9 cubits respectively. The level of water in the cistern is up to 106 meters and 35 centimeters. What is the approximate area of the wet surface of the cistern where area of wet surface = 2(bh + lh) + lb?

A.   24610.5 square yards

B.   3478.45 square yards

C.   45700.26 square yards

D.   578344.91 square yards

E.   781376.27 square yards


Complete the following statement:

There are ________________ in 1049/72 days.


388 hours and 18 minutes


330 hours and 25 minutes


349 hours and 40 minutes


383 hours and 10 minutes


305 hours and 8 minutes

28: Andrew takes 3 hour 40 minutes more than Nina in covering a distance of 19.88 miles. If Andrew increases his speed by three times of his original speed then he would take 80 minutes less than Nina. What is Andrew

A.   4.89 km/h

B.   4.27 km/h

C.   3.12 km/h

D.   3.78 km/h

E.   2.45 km/h

29: Mary is thrice as old as Lisa and Ian is 60 months older than Mary. If the sum of ages of Mary, Lisa, and Ian is 63 years and 4 months, then what is Mary's age?

A.   21 years 4 months

B.   22 years

C.   23 years

D.   24 years 8 months

E.   25 years

30: If the price of a particular chemical is $15 per 650 centigrams, then what will be the approximate price of 1560 carats of that chemical?

A.   $385

B.   $720

C.   $642

D.   $457

E.   $816