Design of Steel Structures MCQs

Design of Steel Structures MCQs

Answer these Design of Steel Structures MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Design of Steel Structures.
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1: What shape is formed by the parallel inner and outer flange surfaces?

A.   Square-shape

B.   S-shape

C.   Triangle-shape

D.   W-shape

2: What is the slope of the S-shape?

A.   15'

B.   25'

C.   17'

D.   20'

3: At what angle is the inner flange surface of the C-shape sloped?

A.   17'

B.   25'

C.   15'

D.   19'

4: On what does the Bearing Pile (HP-shape) differ from the W-shape?

A.   Deeper webs than the W-shape

B.   More flanges than the W-shape

C.   Larger flanges than the W-shape

D.   Flange thickness and web thickness of the bearing pile are equal

5: What are Girders used for in a steel frame structure?

A.   Vertical members

B.   Connecting members

C.   Secondary horizontal members

D.   Primary horizontal members