Drupal MCQs

Drupal MCQs

The following Drupal MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Drupal. We encourage you to answer these multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: What does running cron do?

A.   executes tasks on behalf of installed modules

B.   uninstalls Drupal

C.   returns Drupal to default settings

2: What is the URL of default home page in Drupal 7?

A.   base_url/node

B.   base_url/page

C.   base_url/homepage

D.   base_url/home

3: Which module is part of Drupal 7 core?

A.   Views

B.   (none of these)

C.   Date

D.   Image

E.   Webform

4: Which of the following is a way to programmatically get a view content in the template file?

A.   drupal_get_view_content()

B.   import view file via include()

C.   views_get_view()

D.   via admin interface

E.   drupal_insert_view()

5: Which of the following will not improve Drupal performance?

A.   Install Boost

B.   Enable Views caches

C.   Add the line ini_set('memory_limit','512M') to settings.php

D.   Install Varnish

6: How does 'Promoted to front page' affect your content?

A.   Makes the node your home page.

B.   Does not publish the node on your front page. Bad use for RSS feed.

C.   Sends all users to home page.

D.   Publishes the node on your front page. Good use for RSS feed.

7: If your login block was disabled, to what URL could you navigate to login?

A.   www.mysite.com/login

B.   www.mysite.com/admin

C.   www.mysite.com/user

D.   www.mysite.com/wp-admin

8: What does the term Drush refer to?

A.   A powerful command line utility for Drupal administration

B.   It refers to a contributed module

C.   The first name of the Drupal creator

D.   Drupal jargon for a Drupal cache clear operation

9: Which of the following is a Drupal layer?

A.   Modules

B.   Data (Nodes etc)

C.   All of the given options are correct

D.   Block and Menus

10: Which of the following is a valid encoding for .info file?

A.   UTF-32

B.   UTF-16

C.   UTF-8

D.   UTF-7

11: Ckeditor, Fckeditor, WYSIWYG are examples of

A.   module editors

B.   permissions and user control editors

C.   text editor modules

12: How do you enable a module?

A.   Navigate to Blocks > check the box next to the module > Save

B.   Navigate to Configuration > check the box next to the module > Save

C.   Navigate to Structure > check the box next to the module > Save

D.   Navigate to Modules > check the box next to the module > Save

13: Page template files are written in

A.   javascript

B.   php

C.   sql

D.   html

14: Can we create our own variables that would be available in page.tpl.php ?



15: Drupal core includes which JavaScript library?

A.   Script.aculo.us

B.   MooTools

C.   jQuery

D.   Prototype

16: True or False? Theme Layer Blocks can be used in any region.

A.   False

B.   True

17: Drupal belongs to a category of

A.   Content Management Systems

B.   Content Creation Applications

C.   Web Portals

D.   Content Managed Solutions

18: What is the purpose of taxonomy?

A.   Taxonomy is used to label and sort images on your site.

B.   Taxonomy allows you to create custom terms that you can then use to classify content on your website.

C.   Taxonomy is used primarily to determine user roles on your site.

D.   Taxonomy enables you to filter modules enabled on your site.

19: Which hook is used to alter the Drupal menu?

A.   hook_uri_alter

B.   hook_menu_alter

C.   hook_path_alter

D.   hook_url_alter

20: Where do I change my site name?

A.   Configuration

B.   Site Information

C.   Structure

D.   Content

21: In Drupal 6, which of these data structures can Views list?

A.   Taxonomy Terms

B.   All of these.

C.   Comments

D.   Users

E.   Nodes

22: Which of the following drupal module allows users to rename URLs?

A.   Path

B.   Statistics

C.   Log

D.   Action

23: Which are the core required modules in drupal 6.x ?

A.   Filter

B.   Node

C.   System

D.   Block

E.   All of them

24: Where are contrib modules uploaded?

A.   sites > default > files

B.   modules > upload

C.   modules

D.   sites > all > modules

25: I want to change the URL of my front page. Where should this be done?

A.   Modules

B.   Site Information

C.   Appearance

D.   Structure

26: Where should you add contributed modules for Drupal

A.   In the modules folder

B.   In the /sites/default/files folder on your web server

C.   In the /sites/all/modules folder on your web server

D.   Anywhere on your web server, Drupal just knows where to find them

27: Which of the following is TRUE about Drupal?

A.   Drupal is a multi-user system

B.   Drupal is a free, open-source

C.   Its a web development platform

D.   All of the given options are correct

28: Which of the following drupal module allows a site to capture votes on different topics in the form of multiple-choice questions?

A.   Content translation

B.   Option

C.   Locale

D.   Poll

29: A single user can have more than one role.

A.   False

B.   True

30: _____ is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal.

A.   Drush

B.   DrupalSC

C.   Druline

D.   Druit

E.   Drushell

31: Which module is used to categorize data in Drupal 7?

A.   Menus

B.   Blocks

C.   Term

D.   Category

E.   Taxonomy

32: Where can you see a list of comments and publish/unpublish them?

A.   People > List

B.   Content > Comments

C.   Configuration > People > Comment Notify

D.   Forums > Settings

33: Which of the following represents each item of content in a site

A.   Block

B.   Filter

C.   Node

D.   System

34: What essential steps should be taken to create a subtheme of the Garland theme name Mytheme?

A.   The Subtheme module needs to be installed

B.   Create a mytheme folder in sites/all/themes; create a mytheme.info file inside mytheme/;add the lines "name = Mytheme" , "core =6.x" and "base theme = garland" to the mytheme.info file

C.   Edit the Garland files by doing a bulk search and replace all "garland" strings with "mytheme"

D.   Create a mytheme folder in sites/all/themes; copy themes/garland/page.tpl.php inside mytheme/; edit the page.tpl.php as desired

35: I have fans signing up on my site. I want those fans to have access to special content. I will need to create a new user role, where do you create new roles?

A.   Navigate to Add Content > Permissions Tab > Roles > Add Role

B.   Navigate to Content > Permissions Tab > Roles > Add Role

C.   Navigate to People > Permissions Tab > Roles > Add Role

D.   Navigate to Modules > Permissions Tab > Roles > Add Role

36: Drupal core has built-in _____ javascript framework.

A.   Moo Tools

B.   Dojo Toolkit

C.   jQuery

D.   Prototype

37: You've downloaded and installed a new theme. How do you make it the default?

A.   Content > Add Content > Media, scroll to disabled themes. Enable desired theme and click, "set as default."

B.   Appearance > List, scroll to disabled themes. Enable desired theme and click, "set as default."

C.   Configuration > System > Site Information, scroll to disabled themes. Enable desired theme and click, "set as default."

D.   Structure > Views, scroll to disabled themes. Enable desired theme and click, "set as default."

38: Themes under most circumstances should be installed in the directory...

A.   [site-name]/files/themes

B.   sites/all/themes

C.   sites/default/themes

D.   package/install/themes

39: Which of these templates are not supported in Drupal 6 core modules without extra coding?

A.   comment.tpl.php

B.   block.tpl.php

C.   taxonomy-term.tpl.php

D.   node.tpl.php

40: Which of these modules are part of D6 core?

A.   Block

B.   Text

C.   Number

D.   Nodereference

41: Drupal modules are compatible with Joomla and Magento.

A.   Yes

B.   No

C.   Only with Magento

D.   Only with Joomla.

42: Which of the following is a valid Drupal caching option?

A.   Boost

B.   Memcache

C.   Core Drupal Cache

D.   All of the given options are correct

43: How can the default front page be changed?

A.   Enable the frontpage View

B.   Navigate to admin/settings/site-information and set a new Drupal path

C.   (none of these)

D.   Write a redirection in .htaccess

44: Who is user/1?

A.   a database user

B.   account created immediately after installing a new Drupal site

C.   any user with administrative permissions

45: How do you alter any form in Drupal?

A.   hook_form_alter()

B.   edit the form's template file

C.   drupal_get_form()

D.   any Drupal form can be altered via Webform module

E.   drupal_form_override()

46: Suppose there is a view that lists taxonomy terms and the terms are arranged in a hierarchy with depth 1. How can the view be modified to show only the top parent term at depth 0?

A.   You need to install the Views Custom Field module

B.   You need to clone the taxonomy vocabulary and eliminate all child terms

C.   You can only do this by hard-coding the term names you want to display

D.   Add a Parent term relationship and set the Term field to use the Parent term relationship

47: Which of the following modules must be enabled in order to translate languages?

A.   Core

B.   Language

C.   Locale

D.   OpenID

48: What files are required to create a custom Drupal module called mymodule?

A.   mymodule.php

B.   mymodule.inc and README.txt

C.   mymodule.info and mymodule.module

D.   hook_mymodule.module and mymodule.info

49: _____ is not a default core module included with Drupal 6 and higher.

A.   forum

B.   commerce

C.   book

D.   menu

E.   node

50: What does the /user/ path do (by default, without modifications)?

A.   Shows the login form (anonymous) or currently logged in user profile.

B.   Shows the login form.

C.   Shows all the users in the system.