Ebay MCQs

Ebay MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Ebay MCQs. We encourage you to test your Ebay knowledge by answering these 80+ multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: What does HTF stand for?

A.   Head To Foot

B.   Have To Fly

C.   Have to Fix

D.   Hard To Find

2: In the last fifteen minutes of an auction one can use a "1-Click Bid" to:

A.   schedule a bid for the last second

B.   increase their chances of being the last bidder

C.   control the visibility of the item to other buyers

D.   bid one increment higher than the current bid

3: Who is responsible for a buyer's damaged item once it arrives?

A.   No one

B.   The buyer

C.   The seller

D.   The postal service

E.   eBay

4: The best way to find buyers and sellers with common interests is:

A.   to share all contact info in one's profile

B.   to join eBay Groups

C.   reach out via personal email

D.   recommend sellers to buyers

5: True or false? Top Sellers receive total value discounts.

A.   True


6: In order to sell on eBay, you must be ___ years old.

A.   18

B.   16

C.   21

D.   24

7: Before you can list your first item on eBay you'll need to:

A.   Select the payment methods you'll accept

B.   Provide ebay with a valid credit card, debit card, or bank account

C.   All of the answers are correct

D.   Make sure your Feedback Profile is public

E.   Let ebay know how you would like to pay your seller fees

8: True or false? You can use HTML to design your eBay store homepage.

A.   True


9: True or False? The shopping cart allows buyers to pay for all their items at once

A.   False

B.   True

10: ______ is eBay's primary payment tool.

A.   Venmo

B.   PayPal

C.   Moneygram

D.   Bank of America Online

11: True or False? You have the option to ship from home when selling items on eBay.

A.   True. You can print your own shipping labels right from eBay with a current Paypal account.

B.   False. You must take everything you ship to the post office to be checked for content.

12: One can access their favorite sellers by going to:

A.   Community>Groups

B.   Account Settings>Addresses

C.   Customer Support>eBay University

D.   My eBay>Saved Sellers

13: True or false? You can sometimes retract a bid.


B.   True

14: True or False? eBay fees are the same for all sellers.

A.   True. eBay never discounts fees to anyone.

B.   False. You can earn many discounts on fees when you reach higher seller status and maintain good standing with eBay.

15: Which of the following is prohibited or restricted from being sold on eBay?

A.   All answers of these

B.   Used underwear

C.   Human parts and remains (with an exception for skeletons and skulls for scientific study, provided they are not Native American in origin)

D.   Nazi paraphernalia

E.   Enriched uranium, plutonium, and other fissile material

16: eBay expanded from its original timed auction format to include a "_______" option for instant shopping.

A.   Buy It Now

B.   Buy Box

C.   Paypal

D.   Buy Now Pay Later

17: True or False? eBay sales can affect your taxes.

A.   False

B.   True

18: Can you block specific users from bidding on your product?

A.   Sometimes

B.   No

C.   Yes

19: Which of the following can you NOT sell on eBay?

A.   Gas masks

B.   Live pets

C.   Human body parts

D.   Expired food products

20: How do you become a "Powerseller" on ebay?

A.   An average score on detailed seller ratings (DSR) of 4.60 or higher in all four areas

B.   A minimum performance standard based on low detailed seller ratings of 1 and 2 stars (low star ratings)

C.   Compliance with the Selling Practices policy (introduced in October 2009 for eBay Top-rated sellers only)

D.   All of these

E.   Must have a minimum of 100 transactions and $3,000 in sales in the last 12 months

21: What does 'NWT' stand for?

A.   New Wave Technology

B.   New With Tags

C.   North West Transaction

D.   Not Without Testing

22: The Insertion Fee _________.

A.   is a monthly maintenance fee

B.   increases a listings priority in search results

C.   is what eBay charges to list an item

D.   is an introductory membership fee

23: An eBay shopper gets "sniped" when:

A.   Their account is hacked

B.   They reach PowerSeller status

C.   They are outbid at the very last moment for an auction item

D.   Their account is suspended

24: Where can you find your purchase history?

A.   Customer Support

B.   eBayME

C.   All of these

D.   My eBay

25: The separate area of the eBay website designed to support the buying and selling of motor vehicles is:

A.   ebay Vehicles

B.   ebay Motors

C.   ebay Wheels

D.   ebay Cars

26: Which of the following is NOT a DSR (Detailed Seller Rating) category?

A.   Item as described

B.   Shipping Time

C.   Extra Things

D.   Communication

27: True or False? You must offer your buyer a warranty.

A.   False

B.   True

28: What is eBays "On Fire! HotList"?

A.   A list of the sellers who have made the most transactions

B.   A list of high and fast growing demand products

C.   A list of buyers with the most consecutive positive ratings

D.   A list of top sellers

29: The "Buy It Now" feature is available in ________ formats.

A.   only fixed price

B.   both auction-style and fixed price

C.   only auction-style

30: What is Shill bidding?

A.   The act of placing a bid which is below the bidder's actual value for the item.

B.   The act of bidding on your own auction against other bidders in order to raise the price at which your item will eventually sell. It is a violation of both eBay rules and federal law

C.   The act of bidding on other auctions so they will be out of stock in order for customers to buy from your auction. It is a violation of both eBay rules and federal law

D.   The standard in auction bidding. The amount that you place into the field will be the amount of the bid that you are making.

31: What does SBO stand for?

A.   Student Body Organization

B.   Select Buying Options

C.   Serious Bidders Only

D.   Save Bid Once

32: What is Blackthorne?

A.   A program to help sellers reach an ideal customer base

B.   An email service to connect sellers of similar products

C.   An application for receiving feedback from buyers

D.   A program to help high-volume sellers automate the selling process

33: What is a bid increment?

A.   The amount of bids per bidder

B.   The minimum increase per bid

C.   The difference between the two most recent bids

D.   The amount of the starting bid

34: What does a rising sun icon mean?

A.   It is a morning product

B.   The seller is a new user

C.   It is an outdoors item

D.   The item was listed within the last 24 hours

35: A Second Chance Offer is when:

A.   a recommendation is made by eBay about similar products

B.   another item is made available for the runner-up to purchase

C.   a seller contacts the runner-up if the winning bidder has not paid

D.   a bidder can offer one last bid after the bidding period has ended

36: A book's ISBN number is an example of a _________.

A.   barcode

B.   URL

C.   None of these

D.   unique identifier

37: True or false? Words like "wow" and "amazing" are generally good terms for a listing.

A.   False


38: To use eBay compatible Excel sheets, one must be a member for at least:

A.   1 month

B.   1 year

C.   90 days

D.   2 weeks

39: True or False? A bid cannot be retracted in an auction-style listings under any circumstances.

A.   False

B.   True

40: Does eBay offer seller protection to all countries around the world?

A.   No, international orders are protected only on packages with Delivery or Signature Confirmation which is not available in all countries.

B.   Yes, no matter where you send it eBay will cover you if the item does not arrive.

C.   No, not unless you hand deliver the package.

D.   Yes, all countries have excellent tracking to assure your package arrives safely at your buyers doorstep.

41: Generally, a seller should not cancel a bid unless:

A.   the bidder has a low satisfaction rating as a seller

B.   the seller would like to keep the item they are selling

C.   they have issues with the bidder's Bid History

D.   they cannot contact or confirm the identity of the bidder

42: True or False? eBay sellers are not responsible for shipped items if the buyer does not purchase insurance.

A.   False. Sellers are responsible to make sure an item arrives to the buyer in the condition it was purchased in.

B.   True. If a buyer doesn't pay for insurance then they are taking a chance the item might not arrive or might not arrive in one piece.

43: A Stock Photo is _____________.

A.   an illustration rather than a photograph

B.   of the seller's item stock

C.   not of the actual item

D.   not a professional photo

44: The best way to avoid being "sniped", or outbid at the last second, is to:

A.   set a maximum bid

B.   constantly refresh the page to monitor bid activity

C.   monitor an auction until bidding ends

D.   set up email alerts for auction closing

45: If a seller goes through the unpaid item process and does not receive a response from the buyer:

A.   the buyer will lose eBay membership

B.   they may qualify to receive a final value fee credit

C.   the buyer must pay a 5% interest penalty for every week they are late

D.   they can file a civil suit against the buyer

46: Does it cost money to join the PowerSeller program?

A.   Sometimes

B.   No

C.   Yes

47: True or False? eBay owns Paypal.

A.   True

B.   False

48: True or False? You can upload videos to your listings.

A.   False

B.   True

49: Does eBay charge fees on shipping?

A.   Yes, eBay has done this to discourage outrageous shipping charges and encourage free shipping.

B.   No, eBay never charges sellers any fees, the buyer pays all fees.

50: What does it mean when a seller uses the acronym, "MIP"?

A.   More Info Please

B.   Mint in Package

C.   Money in Pocket

D.   More Informed Purchase