Electronics MCQs

Electronics MCQs

These Electronics multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Electronics. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Electronics MCQs.
So scroll down and start answering.

1: In a business setting, e-mail replies should be sent __________.

A.   Within 48 hours

B.   The same day it is received

C.   Within company policy guidelines

D.   During the same business week

2: The electron configuration [kr]4d10 represents __________.

A.   Cu2+

B.   Na+

C.   Ag+

D.   Au+

3: The stoichiometric relationship of atp synthesis to ______ is referred to as the p/o ratio.

A.   Respiration

B.   Photosynthesis

C.   Excretion

D.   Fermentation

4: _____ are the prices that potential buyers in an auction are willing to pay for an item.

A.   Reserves

B.   Bids

C.   Proposals

D.   Offers

5: An english auction is sometimes called a(n) _____ because the bids are publicly announced.

A.   Sealed-bid auction

B.   Open auction

C.   Double auction

D.   Reverse auction

6: The new york times and the wall street journal use the _____ revenue model.

A.   Advertising-supported

B.   Advertising-subscription mixed

C.   Multiple-marketing channel

D.   Fee-for-service

7: When evaluating information provided on the web, always consider the ____.

A.   Protocol

B.   Source

C.   Web browser

D.   Search engine.

8: The amount of _____ across a resistor is proportional to its resistance.

A.   Current

B.   Voltage

C.   Voltage drop

D.   Fuse

9: The amperage in a series circuit is ________.

A.   Is always less returning than leaving the battery.

B.   Is the same anywhere in the circuit.

C.   Is high at the beginning of the circuit and decreases as the current flows through the resistance.

D.   Varies in the circuit due to the different resistances.

10: [ar]4s23d104p3 is the electron configuration of a(n) __________ atom.

A.   As

B.   P

C.   Sb

D.   Sn