Eloqua MCQs

Eloqua MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Eloqua MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Eloqua by answering these 100+ multiple-choice questions.
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1: True or False? Eloqua offers centralized lead scoring.

A.   True

B.   False

2: What of these is not a form field type?

A.   Radio button

B.   Picklist

C.   Submit button

D.   Text

3: New contact and account fields are added through which tool?

A.   Lists

B.   Fields & Views

C.   Segments

D.   Contacts

4: If a sales representative wanted to run a seminar series in her territory to identify new prospects, what would be the best next step to determine if this is a good idea?

A.   Pilot a single seminar and make the decision based on initial results

B.   Analyze the profile completeness of contacts and accounts in the territory

C.   Ask the sales rep where the budget is coming from

D.   Analyze the cost per lead and lead quality for previous seminar campaigns

A.   Redirect Link

B.   Direct Link

6: Which of these items is not a Filter criteria?

A.   Compare contact fields

B.   Globally unsubscribed

C.   Opened any email

D.   Included in specific campaign

7: True or False? A complaint rate of 0.02% will not impact your email deliverability rate.

A.   True

B.   False

8: How many criteria can you include in a filter?

A.   15

B.   25

C.   50

D.   No limit

9: Which Form Template do you choose if you want to publish directly to a standalone landing page?

A.   You don't need a template to publish to a Landing Page

B.   Basic Form

C.   Basic Landing Page Layout

10: A new Contact Field can be created in Eloqua by this type of user:

A.   Any of the above

B.   Advanced Marketing User

C.   Marketing User

D.   Administrator

11: Can text overlap an image on a landing page?

A.   No

B.   Yes

C.   Only if the image is a jpg

12: If you use the action step “Move to Campaign,” the contact will leave the existing campaign.


B.   True

13: What two criteria are combined to create a lead score?

A.   Profile and Engagement

B.   Form and Profile

C.   Engagement and Lead Status

D.   Eloqua Contact ID and Landing Page

14: To create a filter to find the most possible individuals with “Director” as part of their title, you would use which of the following criteria?

A.   Job Title Equals “*Director*”

B.   Job Title Equals “Director”

C.   Job Title Equals “Director*”

15: To save an email, it must have:

A.   Subject line

B.   Email group

C.   From address

D.   Content

16: How can you globally unsubscribe someone from Eloqua?

A.   Contacts > Segments

B.   Edit Contact > Preferences

C.   Contacts > Accounts

D.   Edit Contact > Summary

17: Select the statement(s) about Email Folders that are true:

A.   Email Folders allow for roll-up reporting

B.   Email Folders help organize your emails

C.   Email Folders are represented by an icon of a manila folder with a piece of paper sticking out of it

18: When creating a new custom email field merge you can pull information from which of the following data entities?

A.   Contact, Prospect & Company Fields

B.   Contact & Profile Fields only

C.   Contact & Company Fields only

D.   Contact, Prospect, Company & Profile Fields

19: When building an ADC Rule you can build a piece of criteria based on all of the following field types except one.  Which of the following field types is not directly accessible when building an ADC Rule?

A.   Company Field

B.   Prospect Field

C.   Contact Field

D.   Profile Field

20: How many unique sales and marketing cycles has Eloqua participated in?

A.   More than 800,000

B.   More than 25,000

C.   More than 250,000

D.   More than 50,000

21: When building a program in Program Builder and you want the Program to send out an email to an average of 50 people every 15 minutes you would set up:

A.   Decision Rule with a “Send Quicksend Email” action

B.   Program Step with a “Send Batch Email” action

C.   Decision Rule with a “Send Batch Email” action

D.   Program Step with a “Send Quicksend Email” action

A.   Yes

B.   No

C.   Only if the links are not Eloqua assets

23: What are distribution lists used for?

A.   SMS

B.   Email only

C.   Data Services

D.   Email, Print Mail and Fax

24: You cannot save a report by:

A.   Adding it to your History List

B.   Dragging it to your desktop

C.   Subscribing to History

D.   Subscribing to Email

25: You want to send a live Email to five folks without having to put together a distribution list. You use which type of send?

A.   Batch Send

B.   Test Send

C.   Quick Send

26: Eloqua’s reporting function is called:

A.   Insight

B.   Reports

C.   Topliners

D.   Dashboards

27: How long can you keep a contact in a wait step?

A.   90 days

B.   24 months

C.   Unlimited amount of time

D.   30 days

A.   Direct and indirect links

B.   Redirect links

C.   Direct and redirect links

D.   Direct and hard links

29: Which one of the following is NOT a type of Contact Filter Criteria?

A.   Activity

B.   Attendance

C.   Contact Field

D.   Inactivity

30: A segment is not created from:

A.   Individual contacts

B.   Individual accounts

C.   Filter criteria

D.   Shared filter

31: What is not considered an Asset?

A.   Form

B.   Contact information

C.   Landing page

D.   Email

32: If you activate a campaign and then deactivate it, will the segment(s) update?

A.   Only if the segments are set to update hourly until the campaign is deactivated

B.   Only if the campaign hasn’t run yet

C.   Yes

D.   No

33: What must be on the Campaign Canvas to track form submissions?

A.   Segment

B.   Landing page

C.   Wait step

D.   Form

34: Who can receive an email test?

A.   Only the sender

B.   Only Eloqua administrators

C.   Only Eloqua users

D.   Anyone

35: Can you wrap text around an image in an email?

A.   It depends on the font size

B.   No

C.   Yes

36: What file type cannot be imported into Eloqua as a contact list?

A.   .csv

B.   .doc

C.   .xlsx

D.   .xls

37: Which report gives you metrics around email opens, clickthroughs, unsubscribes, bounces, and form conversions for specific emails?

A.   Form Submissions by Email

B.   Email Analysis Overview

C.   Email Unsubscribe Overview

D.   Email Clickthrough Overview

38: Eloqua trademarked the phrase "Digital Body Language."

A.   False

B.   True

39: What processing step would you use to alert a salesperson about a form submission?

A.   Send submitter an email

B.   Add to campaign

C.   Send notification email

D.   Add to shared contact list

40: You want to send an Email to your colleague for proofing. You should use which type of send?

A.   Batch Send

B.   Test Send

C.   Quick Send

41: On the Eloqua Today bar, you navigate to Contacts and Emails by clicking on which drop down?

A.   Automate

B.   Communicate

C.   Setup

D.   Evaluate

42: More than half of Eloqua's clients are in the SMB space.

A.   True

B.   False

43: Deliverability rates are determined solely on how many SPAM complaints have been submitted within one month

A.   False

B.   True

44: What lives on a Hypersite Domain?

A.   Contact Groups

B.   Emails

C.   Landing Pages

D.   Activity Driven Content

45: Eloqua can directly connect with the following programs:

A.   Apache8

B.   Webex

C.   Playstation

D.   Windows 7

46: What is the maximum number of Contact fields in the Contacts Record?

A.   200

B.   250

C.   150

D.   100

47: Where are all form submissions captured?

A.   Form Layout

B.   Form Details

C.   Form Data

48: What form processing step is used to send internal notifications that a contact has submitted the form?

A.   Add to Program

B.   Send Email

C.   Email Notification

49: In order to be a Contact in Eloqua, what must the record contain?

A.   Email Address

B.   Company

C.   First Name

D.   Mailing Address

50: You can open a support ticket in Eloqua by:

A.   Using the Sandbox feature

B.   Going to Topliners

C.   Clicking the question mark in the upper right corner

D.   Attending Eloqua University