Embedded Systems MCQs

Embedded Systems MCQs

Answer these 100+ Embedded Systems MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Embedded Systems.
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1: Which RAM location is used as the first location of the stack on power-up in 8051?

A.   RAM location 06H

B.   RAM location 02H

C.   RAM location 08 H

D.   RAM location 00H

2: What would be the status of CY and AC flags after the addition of 76 H and 8CH in the following instructions?

MOV A,#76H

A.   CY=1 AND AC=1

B.   CY=1 AND AC=O

C.   CY=0 AND AC=0

D.   CY=O AND AC = 1?

3: What would be the baud rate for the following, if XTAL=16MHz and SMOD =0?

MOV THI, #-10

A.   9600

B.   4800

C.   4166

D.   1200

4: When is the TFI flag raised in Mode 1?


B.   At 1FFFI

C.   At FFH

D.   At 2FFH

5: Which of the following micro controllers has a watchdog timer (WDT)?

A.   ARM

B.   8051

C.   PIC

D.   AVR

6: When 67H in BCD is converted to ASCII, it becomes___________________.

A.   30H and 31H

B.   32H and 36H

C.   36H and37H

D.   37H and38H

7: Which of the following is not a special function register (SFR) in 8051?

A.   ACC

B.   PC

C.   PSW


8: Which bits of the PSW register are User-definable in 8051?

A.   PSW.0 & PSW.7

B.   PSW.1 & PSW.5

C.   PSW.2 & PSW.6

D.   PSW.3 & PSW.4

9: On which architecture is the Intel 8051 Micro Controller based?

A.   VON Neumann

B.   Harvard

C.   Pascal

D.   All of the above

10: Which micro controller must be selected for a faster response?

A.   8-bit

B.   13-bit

C.   4-bit

D.   16-bit

11: Microcontrollers are generally designed by using the__________.

A.   TTL technology

B.   MOS technology

C.   NMOS technology

D.   CMOS technology

12: For serial mode 2, SM0 and SM1 bits of the SCON (serial control) register must be ____________.

A.   1 and 0

B.   0 and 1

C.   0 and 0

D.   1 and 1


What does the term "third-party support" mean?

A.   Availability of software to support microcontrollers

B.   Availability of dealers to market the product

C.   Availability of dealers to market the product


Which mode and which timer are selected for the following instructions?

A.   Mode 1 and timer 0

B.   Mode 2 and timer 1

C.   Mode 2 and timer 0

D.   Mode 1 and timer 1


In the Dallas microcontroller DS5000T-8 ,"T" indicates__________.


A.   a timer circuit

B.   a T-type flip flop

C.   a counter ckt

D.   a real-time clock


How much delay would be there in the following program if the crystal frequency is 11.0592 MHz?

A.   436.17

B.   236.17

C.   336.17

D.   136.17


When is  the TFO flag raised for the following program?(Assume XTAL=11.0592 MHz) 


A.   After 65536 clock cycles

B.   After 58350 clock cycles

C.   After 18370 clock cycles

D.   After 25550 clock cycles


In 8051, the mode 2 timer is  ____________.

A.   a 13-bit timer

B.   an 8-bit timer

C.   a 16-bit timer

D.   a 12-bit timer


The Instruction set of the PIC I6CXX micro controller family has __________.

A.   76 instructions

B.   150 instructions

C.   35 instructions

D.   65 instructions


UART is best described as?

A.   An interface

B.   A protocol

C.   A standard

D.   A hardware device


General purpose processor consists of? (check all that apply)

A.   Microprocessor

B.   Microcontroller

C.   Embedded processor

D.   Digital signal power processor -WRONG ANS


The SCE-MI provides a transport infrastructure between the _____ and the host workstation sides of each channel which interconnects transactor models in the emulator to C (untimed or RTL) models on the workstation?

A.   device

B.   emulator

C.   data

D.   ports


To record the trace information generated by the Cortex-M3/M4 processors, Lauterbach supports following modes? (check all that apply)

A.   FIFO mode: Storing the information in the 128 MByte memory of the TRACE32 CombiProbe

B.   STREAM mode: Streaming the information to a hard-disk on the host computer

C.   Real-time Pro ling: The trace information is streamed to the host computer and analyzed during runtime

D.   None of the above -WRONG ANS


Choose the most probable reason for the compile error. If you are developing code for an early model ARM Cortex processor, your code fails to build and when you remove the line below the code compiles successfully? t = t + 0.01

A.   Your compiler needs an implementation of a soft float library to handle floating point arithmetic

B.   The architecture requires fixed-point arithmetic with floats

C.   You are missing an #include <...h> statement

D.   Needed libraries for static linking are missing


The complete data exchange between the simulation and the μC is realized via the standard debugger interface, so the hardware effort for the coupling is minimal in comparison to other HIL simulation approaches where every ____ pin itself has to be connected to the interface of the simulation computer?

A.   I/O

B.   SoC

C.   HIL

D.   None of the above


On reset, What happens in an embedded system?

A.   Initialize the stack pointers and prepare memory and bring up parts of the chip

B.   Depends completely on the controller/embedded system you use

C.   Reruns the startup code

D.   restarts with the boot-loader pointing to the reset handler address 0xFFFFFFF0


Using a TRACE32, the generated code was loaded into the control hardware and functionally tested in-situ?

A.   data

B.   debugger

C.   framework

D.   packages


The Multi Core Debug System (MCDS) on the emulation devices provides a counter and trigger systems which extends the normal ___ debug resources?

A.   μA

B.   μB

C.   μC

D.   μD


The ITM trace packages for read/write accesses contain the following information?

A.   data address

B.   data value

C.   program counter

D.   None of the above


FPGA based emulators map the SoC design to the configurable logic blocks of an FPGA. FPGAs are a flexible solution as long as the complete design can be mapped to one FPGA?

A.   device

B.   program

C.   microchip

D.   counter


Select True statements for Microprocessor?

A.   To make complete micro computer one must add memory usually ROM and RAM, memory decoder

B.   and oscillator and a number if serial and parallel ports

C.   ITs CPU contains an ALU, a program counter a stack pointer some working register, a clock timing

D.   circuit and interrupt circuit on a single chip WRONG ANS


Embedding a real μC into simulation environments can be implemented in following different ways, choose correct statements? (check all that apply)

A.   Possibility is to use only a connection via a dedicated communication interface

B.   Solutions connects every μC pin via specialized hardware to the simulation computer

C.   Solutions connects every μC3 pin via specialized hardware to the simulation computer

D.   None of the above -WRONG ANS


Select a True statements for Microcontroller ? (check all that apply)

A.   Microcontrollers include and integrated CPU, memory and peripherals capable of input and output

B.   It contains a processor memory and programmable input/output peripherals

C.   A microcontroller is a functional computer system on a chip

D.   None of the above -WRONG ANS


Which of the following TRACE32 CoreSight Features?

A.   Support for asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) and symmetric multiprocessing (SMP)

B.   Debugging via JTAG interface and 2-pin Serial Wire Debug

C.   Support for all types of trace macrocells (ETM, PTM, HTM, ITM, STM, and more)

D.   Support for the CoreSight Cross Trigger Matrix

E.   All of the above


The baseline PIC microcontroller family represents the most direct descendant of the General Instruments ancestors, and displays the core features of the original PIC design. The first Microchip baseline microcontrollers were coded?

A.   1650

B.   1655

C.   16C5X

D.   16C5


UART allows Microcontroller to communicate with? (check all that apply)

A.   Printers

B.   LCDs

C.   Input sensors

D.   None of the above -WRONG ANG


The processor _____ must have a trace port with sufcient bandwidth so that the trace information can be recorded by an external tool without any information loss?

A.   SoC

B.   RTL

C.   AVG



Different addressing modes in 8051 microcontroller are?

A.   Immediate Addressing

B.   Register Addressing

C.   Directed Addressing

D.   None of the above -WRONG ANS


Which of the following is Classifications of Embedded Systems?

A.   Small Scale Embedded Systems

B.   Medium Scale Embedded Systems

C.   Sophisticated Embedded Systems

D.   Power Scale Embedded Systems -WRONG ANS


Many embedded devices use analog- to-digital-converters (ADCs) for data acquisition. These ADCs may be sampled on a regular timed basis, and the data samples stored by application software in an?

A.   Array

B.   ITM


D.   AMP


Which of the following statement is incorrect about Digital Signal Processor?

A.   DSP as a GPP is a single chip VLSI unit

B.   It includes the computational capabilities if microprocessor and multiply and accumulate units(MAC)

C.   DSP has large number of applications such as image processing, audio, video and telecommunication processing systems

D.   It is used when signal processing functions stop to processed fast and systems close


Design interface definitions with the following levels of abstraction are used?

A.   Message Level

B.   Service Level

C.   Driver Level and Register Trans- fer Level (RTL)

D.   None of the above -WRONG ANS


Which of the following are Classification of Embedded Systems?

A.   Stand-alone Embedded Systems

B.   Real-time Embedded Systems

C.   Networked Web Appliances

D.   Mobile & Web Devices -WRONG ANS


What are the Statistical Moments? (check all that apply)

A.   Mean

B.   Variance

C.   Skewness

D.   Kurto

E.   Skeness -WRONG ANS

45: What is the difference between a microprocessor and microcontroller? (choose all that apply)

A.   Microcontrollers have I/O, memory etc. built into it and specifically designed for control

B.   Microcontrollers are managers of the resources (I/O, memory) which lie outside of its architecture

C.   Microprocessors have I/O, memory etc. built into it and specifically designed for control

D.   Microprocessor is a manager of the resources (I/O, memory) which lie out-side of its architecture

46: When porting the AOS, CAL has the following calls when rewritten?

A.   CAL_ChangeStack: This is the function, where the context switch happens. This is explained in Context Switching section.

B.   CAL_InitializeHardware(): Initializes the hardware, which means initializing the IO, interrupts and timers.

C.   CAL_EnterCriticalRegion(): Enter the critical region by disabling the interrupts.

D.   CAL_ExitCriticalRegion(): Exit the critical region by restoring the CPU flags.

E.   All of the above

47: Which statement is incorrect about Medium Scale Embedded Systems?

A.   16-bit or 32-bit microcontrollers or Digital signal processors (DSP) or Reduced Instructions Set (RISC) computers

B.   Both hardware and software complexities

C.   No external peripheral complexity

D.   All of the above

48: Embedded software has the following components?

A.   Program / script

B.   OS

C.   Firmware

D.   All of the above

49: The 16 Series instruction set has which of the following arithmetic instructions?

A.   addwf

B.   addlw

C.   subwf

D.   sublw and incf

E.   All of the above

50: What is the difference between binary semaphore and mutex?

A.   Mutexes are typically used to serialise access of simultaneous users of a shared resource up to a maximum number

B.   Mutexes are typically used to serialise access to a section of re-entrant code that cannot be executed concurrently by more than one process

C.   A semaphore object only allows one process into a controlled section,forcing other processes

D.   A semaphore restricts the number of simultaneous users of a shared resource up to a maximum number