English for Business MCQs

English for Business MCQs

These English for Business multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of English for Business. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these English for Business MCQs.
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1: Which of the following should NOT be capitalized?

A.   Proper nouns

B.   Days of the week

C.   Months

D.   Seasons

E.   The first word in a sentence

2: Would you ____ use my cell phone or the one in my office?

A.   rather

B.   prefer

C.   assume

D.   like

3: I am beside the box. Which word is a preposition?

A.   am

B.   beside

C.   I

D.   box

4: Identify the error in this sentence: "Me and Todd went to the grocery store and bought gravy, peas, and bananas."

A.   There should be a comma after "grocery store"

B.   There should be no commas separating the list of items

C.   "Me and Todd" should be "Todd and me"

D.   "Me and Todd" should be "Todd and I"

5: We used a ____sandpaper, of _____.

A.   coarse/course

B.   course/course

C.   course/coarse

D.   coarse/coarse

6: "Follow up with Susan via phone if she doesn’t return your email by 2 pm tomorrow.” According to this sentence, how should you contact Susan to follow up?

A.   Call her on the phone

B.   Send her an email

C.   Schedule a meeting with her for 2 p.m.

7: Which word best completes this sentence: “I have ________ one and a half weeks for this project."

A.   Drew

B.   Planning

C.   Giving

D.   Allotted

8: You need to finish the document latest tomorrow EOB. This means:

A.   Tomorrow by the end of business

B.   Tomorrow after work

C.   Before business opens tomorrow

D.   Tomorrow by lunch

9: The colors of the flag ____ red, white and blue.

A.   was

B.   are

C.   is

10: If your supervisor tells you, "Send me the meeting minutes," what does your supervisor expect?

A.   The time for which the meeting is scheduled

B.   A list of who will attend the meeting

C.   A record of the meeting

D.   A cassette tape of the meeting

11: The student ____ attended the meeting was excused from the class.

A.   whose

B.   whom

C.   that

D.   which

E.   who

12: What is the common meaning for FIFO in business?

A.   File In File Out

B.   Fly In Fly Out

C.   First In First Out

D.   Fade In Fade Out

E.   Free In Free Out

13: Which of the following sentences is never correct?

A.   Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

B.   Everyone is responsible for them own actions.

C.   Everyone is responsible for his or her own actions.

14: After an organization has _______ ________, it has to make sure that it achieves them.

A.   set objectives

B.   deal with crises

C.   perform tasks

D.   allocate resources

15: The company has not made a profit yet and has outstanding debts. It is:

A.   In the blue.

B.   In the red.

C.   In the green.

D.   In the black.

16: Fill in the blank: My company performs well in ____ financial reports.

A.   it's

B.   its

C.   it

17: ____ Jay ___ Jim knew the answer to the question.

A.   Neither/or

B.   Neither/nor

C.   Either/nor

D.   Whether/or

E.   Either/weather

18: Which of these is a noun?

A.   that

B.   thing

C.   think

D.   there

19: Mitch is Hannah's uncle. Hannah is Mitch's _______

A.   nice

B.   neice

C.   niece

D.   nees

20: In accounting, LIFO means ___________.

A.   live in, fast out

B.   last in, first out

C.   last in, fourth out

D.   list in, first out

21: The money _____ transferred yesterday.

A.   was

B.   were

C.   is

D.   will be

22: What is the correct abbreviation for "Avenue?"

A.   Av.

B.   Avn.

C.   Avue.

D.   A.

E.   Ave.

23: We have ____ of time to work on the Ramirez account, but the Foreman Paper is ____ next week.

A.   alot, due

B.   alot, do

C.   a lot, do

D.   a lot, due

24: Which phrase is not appropriate for closing a business letter?

A.   Later

B.   Regards

C.   Yours truly

D.   Sincerely yours

25: Choose the sentence with the correct capitalization.

A.   Please ask jim to come to my Office on tuesday morning.

B.   Please ask Jim to come to my office on tuesday morning.

C.   Please ask Jim to come to my Office on Tuesday Morning.

D.   Please ask Jim to come to my office on Tuesday morning.

26: Which sentence is most properly worded?

A.   I will have that document ready for you by 5pm.

B.   By 5pm that document I will have ready for you.

C.   That document I will have ready for you by 5pm.

D.   I will have ready for you by 5pm that document.

27: Joe ____ in his report later today.

A.   will send

B.   sended

C.   senting

D.   was sent

28: Which closing phrase is inappropriate for a business letter?

A.   Best regards,

B.   Yours truly,

C.   Forever Yours,

D.   Sincerely,

29: Which statement correctly contracts "it is?"

A.   Its a beautiful day outside.

B.   It's a beautiful day outside.

C.   Its' a beautiful day outside.

D.   None of these

30: Fill in the blanks: The ____ was delivered by a ____ in his fifties.

A.   mail; mail

B.   male; mail

C.   male; male

D.   mail; male

31: Which question asks for advice?

A.   Where is the entrance to the building?

B.   What should I do with my plastic bottles?

C.   What would you like to know?

32: Fill in the blanks: "If ____ someone who's worked with our company before, ____ rate of pay will be higher than everyone else."

A.   you're, your

B.   you're, you're

C.   your, you're

D.   you're, yore

E.   your, your

33: Someone making a comment is doing what?

A.   making a subjection

B.   giving a lecture

C.   asking a question

D.   stating a fact

E.   giving an opinion

34: I am new in this office. I don't know _____ yet.

A.   no one

B.   more than one

C.   anyone

D.   nobody

E.   someone

35: The girl did better ____ all of her peers.

A.   than

B.   then

36: Which sentence best communicates a question about other members of the project team?

A.   Who else will be working on this project with me?

B.   Are there more projects with me on this?

C.   Are there any more projects that will be working with me?

D.   What more will be working on this project with me?

37: Which of these is common shorthand for representing ratios?

A.   5R1

B.   5*1

C.   5:1

D.   5(1)

38: What does A/P stand for in an accounting system?

A.   Accounts Performance

B.   Actuarial Performance

C.   Accounts Payable

D.   Accounting Principles

39: You are sending a letter to James Channing of the ABC Company. What is the proper way to address the letter?

A.   Dear Mr. Channing,

B.   Dear James

C.   Hi Mr. Channing

D.   Hi James

E.   Yo Jamie

40: At the conference, attendees will share _____ knowledge during the meetings _____.

A.   there, they're

B.   there, their

C.   their, there

D.   they're, there

E.   they're, their

41: She now has a more positive ______ toward her work and should do well.

A.   behavior

B.   manner

C.   style

D.   attitude

42: Which sentence best communicates a question about the project’s deadline?

A.   When is the deadline for this project?

B.   When date is the deadline for this project?

C.   Is the deadline for this project have a date?

D.   Where is the deadline for a project?

43: Which is correct?

A.   resieve

B.   receive

C.   recieve

D.   reseive

44: What does AKA / A.K.A / a.k.a / aka most commonly stand for?

A.   As Knowledgeable As

B.   As Kinetic As

C.   As Keen As

D.   Also Known As

E.   As Kindly As

45: How do you correctly spell the following word?

A.   belive

B.   believe

C.   beleive

D.   belieeve

46: "______ will attend the meeting."

A.   I and John

B.   John and I

C.   Me and John

D.   John and me

47: Fill in the blanks: Matt is the man with ____ I went golfing last week. He is usually better than me, but I am the man ____ won.

A.   whom, whom

B.   who, who

C.   who, whom

D.   whom, who

48: What does the “ooo” abbreviation mean in business e-mail conversation?

A.   I’m only available in my office

B.   Out of office

C.   Out, On a trip, Online available

49: The immigrant was busy _____ English so she ____ communicate better with the locals.

A.   studying, could

B.   study, could

C.   studing, should

D.   study, should

50: "Look over ______, it's Jim from consulting."

A.   there

B.   their

C.   they're