Facebook (Programming & App Development) MCQs

Facebook (Programming & App Development) MCQs

Answer these 150 Facebook (Programming & App Development) MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Facebook (Programming & App Development).
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1: A Facebook app should have:

A.   Usefulness

B.   All of these

C.   Convenience

D.   Importance in idea

2: FBML stands for:

A.   Facebook Markup Language

B.   Facebook Makeup Language

C.   Facebook Maintenance Language

D.   Facebook Markup Link

E.   Facebook Mass Locator

3: What does an access token identify?

A.   User, App or Page

B.   Only the app

C.   Only the user

D.   App or page

4: You can issue a HTTP GET request to /fql?q=query where query can be a single fql query or a JSON-encoded dictionary of queries.

A.   True


5: What does the 'Registration plugin' do?

A.   Let developers register users on to their application

B.   Let developers easily sign up for an application

C.   Let developers search for their targeted audience

D.   Let users easily sign up for your website with their Facebook account

6: A user must have a Facebook username to use DIGEST-MD5


B.   True

7: True or False? Facebook uses Etags

A.   False

B.   True

8: True or False? You can read recent page posts with the 'like box'.

A.   False

B.   True

9: How does Facebook chat differ from what you would expect from a traditional XMPP service

A.   All of these

B.   The user's own Jabber ID (JID) is different from the Jabber ID that their contacts will see because the translation is done internally.

C.   Your client cannot send or receive HTML messages

D.   Because roster items and presence subscriptions are based on the user's Facebook friends, they cannot be created or deleted using the standard XMPP mechanisms.

10: Facebook Chat supports Facebook Platform authentication using the ___________ authentication mechanism

A.   XEP-0022

B.   XEP-0085



11: True or False? Other Facebook users can translate your application into other languages.

A.   True

B.   False

12: True or False? You may publish a photo on a user's timeline with an access token.

A.   False

B.   True

13: What does en_US mean

A.   Maps = US

B.   Places = US

C.   Language will be English

D.   Events = US

14: If your application does this, you must use Facebook Platform authentication instead of Facebook Chat

A.   All of these

B.   Reports messages or any other information about user activity to a third party (including the client developer).

C.   Integrates with Facebook, or has a Facebook Application ID.

D.   Proxies the XMPP connection (the connection must be directly from the user's computer to Facebook).

15: Which one of these are publicly available when a user accesses your app?

A.   first_name

B.   last_name

C.   id

D.   All of these

16: True or False? Every application needs an application details page.

A.   True

B.   False

17: Instead of calling one of the static openActiveSession* methods, your app can achieve the same flow by:

A.   All of these

B.   Calling one of the FBSession instance init functions.

C.   Calling one of the FBSession instance open functions if the state value is FBSessionStateCreated.

D.   Checking if the state value has transitioned to FBSessionStateCreated.

18: True or False? One ad user may have multiple ad accounts.

A.   True

B.   False

19: FBJS stands for:

A.   Facebook Javascript

B.   Facebook Jquery Script

C.   Facebook Java Standard

D.   Facebook Java Server

20: Which of these generate access tokens?

A.   User ID

B.   Only App Secret

C.   Only App ID

D.   App Secret and App ID

21: In the Ads API, which targeting option is not available

A.   Demographics and events

B.   Likes and Interests

C.   Children

D.   Education and workplace

22: FQL stands for:

A.   Front Query Language

B.   Facebook Query Language

C.   FAST Query Language

D.   Facebook Query Link

23: True or False? Access tokens do not expire.

A.   False

B.   True

24: What type of requests can be sent from a Facebook App?

A.   Only user-generated requests

B.   User-generated requests and app-generated requests

C.   Group-generated requests and app-generated requests

D.   Only app-generated requests

25: Running the query "SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1=me()" will GET

A.   /fql?q=SELECT+uid2+FROM+action+WHERE+uid1=me()&access_token=...

B.   /fql?q=SELECT+uid2+FROM+actor+WHERE+uid1=me()&access_token=...

C.   /fql?q=SELECT+uid2+FROM+friend+WHERE+uid1=me()&access_token=...

D.   /fql?q=SELECT+uid2+FROM+object+WHERE+uid1=me()&access_token=...

26: What APIs does Facebook offer

A.   Graph API, Open Graph, Dialogs, Chat, Ads API

B.   Graph API, Open Graph, Dialogs, Ads API

C.   Graph API, FQL, Open Graph, Dialogs, Chat, Ads API

D.   Graph API, Facebook Authentication, Ads API

27: Object properties in Open Graph are defined as:

A.   p:

B.   o:

C.   og:

D.   op:

28: Applications on Facebook are loaded on to a:

A.   Blank page

B.   Canvas page

C.   White page

D.   Canvas board

29: Your instant messaging client connects to Facebook Chat via the ____ service.

A.   SMS

B.   Jabber/XMPP



30: How is the registered return URL used in OpenID Connect?

A.   The developer should pass the exact return URL during the authorize call.

B.   The developer should pass the exact reverse URL during the authorize call.

C.   The developer should pass the exact IPN during the authorize call.

D.   The developer should pass the exact notify URL during the authorize call.

31: When is an access token only valid for 2 hours?

A.   Android

B.   iOS

C.   Server-side login flow

D.   Client-side auth flow

32: What should you NOT do when customizing user experiences

A.   Requiring all user's to log in immediately when using your app

B.   Customize the experience according to their user profile

C.   Show content right away

D.   Send users where they want to go in the app

33: Where is the App ID located?

A.   App Dashboard - top of the basic settings page

B.   App Dashboard - bottom of the basic settings page

C.   App Dashboard - top of the advanced settings page

D.   App Dashboard - bottom of the advanced settings page

34: When you run your ad or sponsored story you will be only charged for the number of:

A.   Active days

B.   Clicks

C.   Impressions

D.   Views

35: Facebook provides SDKs for ____

A.   iOS, Android, Blackberry, SMS, and the web

B.   iOS, Android, and the web

C.   iOS and the web

D.   iOS, Android, Blackberry, SMS, Leaf Socket, and the web

36: Which fields are used to create an account in the Ad Account API?

A.   name, IPAddressmasked, user_agent, country

B.   bodylink, creativehash, imageURL, name

C.   access_token, currency_id, name, timezone_id

D.   requestID, usermatchID, userContext, pageContext

37: What authentication does Facebook use?

A.   OAuth1.0

B.   OAuth2.0

C.   OAuth4.1

D.   OAuth3.2

38: What is an 'access token' ?

A.   String that provides temporary, unsecure access to Facebook APIs

B.   String that provides temporary, secure access to Facebook

C.   String that provides temporary, secure access to Facebook APIs

D.   String that provides permanent, secure access to Facebook APIs

39: In Graph API 2.0, what is the current way to get tag friends in stories (e.g. status update or actions)?

A.   Getting friends' ID from /me/invitable_friends, and posting the ID using "tags" parameter

B.   Getting friends' ID from /me/taggable_friends, and posting the ID using "tags" parameter

C.   Including {@[USERID]} in the message or caption when posting the story

D.   Getting friends' ID from /me/friends, and posting the ID using "tags" parameter

E.   Including [@[USERID]] in the message or caption when posting the story

40: How can you get current sessions user's profile via the Graph API in PHP?

A.   $facebook->api('/profile');

B.   $facebook->api('/user');

C.   $facebook->api('/getProfile');

D.   $facebook->api('/me');

41: What is the correct API endpoint to retrieve Facebook Posts for the logged in user

A.   /user/posts

B.   /me/feed

C.   /me/stream

D.   /user/feed

E.   /4/feed

42: What query language do Facebook applications use?


B.   SQL


D.   FQL

43: Common Dialog Parameters are:

A.   e_id, app_id, redirect_url

B.   display_id, redirect_uri, error_message

C.   app_id, redirect_uri, display

D.   fb_id, display, redirect_url

44: What is the current way to retrieve posts from an open Facebook Group?

A.   GET /{group_id}/feed

B.   GET /groups/{group_id}/feed

C.   GET /groups/{group_id}/stream

D.   It's not possible to retrieve posts from a group

E.   GET /{group_id}/stream

45: What is the data format to refund a completed payment?

A.   FQL



D.   XML

46: The primary way to get data in and out of Facebook is by using a:

A.   Social API

B.   FQL

C.   Graph API

D.   Developer's API

47: How do you get a User id in PHP API?

A.   $user_id = $facebook->getUser();

B.   $user_id = $facebook->getUserID();

C.   $user_id = $facebook->getUser_ID();

D.   $user_id = $facebook->getUser_Profile_ID();

E.   $user_id = $facebook->getProfile();

48: How can you get user_id of current session user using graph api in PHP (consider $facebook as the Facebook object)?

A.   $facebook->getMe();

B.   $facebook->getuser();

C.   $facebook->getCurrentUser();

D.   $facebook->getUser();

49: Which of these is not an option for targeting ads?

A.   Interests

B.   Workplace

C.   Photos

D.   Relationship status

50: adaccount, adaccountgroup, adcampaign, adcreative, adgroup, adimage, and aduser are examples of what?

A.   Ad Statistics Query Results

B.   Graph API Queries

C.   Graph API Objects

D.   Ad Account Query Results