Final Cut Pro MCQs

Final Cut Pro MCQs

These Final Cut Pro multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Final Cut Pro. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Final Cut Pro MCQs.
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1: How do you edit a clip from the Viewer to the Timeline?

A.   Use the keyboard shortcuts

B.   Press the Canvas edit buttons

C.   Drag to the Canvas Edit Overlay

D.   All of these

2: In the Preferences tab, adjusting the levels of undo slider will allow you to do which of the following?

A.   specify the number of actions that can be undone

B.   all of these

C.   access files

D.   allow files to be erased

3: How do you change the poster frame for a clip?

A.   All of these

B.   Click CTRL+P

C.   Use the Hand Scrub tool and the Control key to set the frame

D.   On the Mark menu, click Set Poster Frame

4: How do you apply the default transition to an edit point?

A.   Option-T

B.   Control-click on the edit point and select Add Transition

C.   On the Effects tab, click Video Transitions, and then click Additive Dissolve

D.   On the Effects tab, click Video Transitions, and then click Apply Default

5: What is the maximum number of clips you can show in the recent clips menu?

A.   100

B.   none of these

C.   unlimited

D.   20

6: What type of edit is an Extend edit?

A.   A slip edit

B.   A ripple edit

C.   A roll edit

D.   A split edit

7: You are rotating a still image in the Canvas using the mouse. What modifier key can you press to lock the rotation at 45 degree increments?

A.   Option

B.   Shift

C.   Command

D.   Control

8: What menu command do you choose to ingest from nontape sources?

A.   Choose Final Cut Pro>User Preference

B.   Choose Final Cut Pro>System Settings

C.   Choose File>Log and Transfer

D.   Choose File>Log and Capture

9: What is the maximum number of audio tracks a video clip can have?

A.   12

B.   8

C.   24

D.   2

10: What does MIDI stand for?

A.   musical intensity digital interface

B.   minimum intensity digital interface

C.   Musical Instrument Digital Interface

D.   musical interface digital instrument

11: How can you play through a red section of effects without rendering?

A.   All of these

B.   On the Mark menu, click Play, click Every Frame

C.   Use Option-P

D.   Use Option-\

12: How do you format your sequence to match your footage?

A.   Final Cut Pro > Easy Setup

B.   Sequence > Render

C.   File > Save Project As

D.   File > Save

13: What is the maximum number of audio tracks that can export from a sequence?

A.   4

B.   24

C.   2

D.   12

14: What RT setting should you choose when you want to preview as many effects in your sequence as possible?

A.   Safe RT and Dynamic Frame Rate

B.   Unlimited RT and Dynamic Video and Dynamic Frame Rate.

C.   none of these

D.   Safe RT and Full Frame rate

15: How do you load a clip into the Viewer from the Browser?

A.   Drag the clip into the viewer

B.   Double-click the icon OR drag the clip into the viewer

C.   Double-click the icon

D.   Press the Enter key

16: What does PAL stand for?

A.   Phase Adjusting Linear

B.   Phantom Add Lines

C.   Phase Alternate Line

D.   Perfect Audio Line

17: How many windows or pallets do you have open while editing?

A.   1

B.   4

C.   3

D.   2

18: What tab(s) are open in the Browser window?

A.   Filters and Motion

B.   Sequence

C.   Stereo

D.   Bin & Effects

19: Where do you set scratch disk preferences?

A.   Edit>Scratch disk

B.   Edit>Preference

C.   File>Log and Capture

D.   File>Open

20: What is the key command to turn your pointer in the Razor Blade?

A.   Command + B

B.   Shift + B

C.   R

D.   B

21: What is the keyboard command for Capture Now?

A.   Shift + N

B.   Shift + C

C.   Space Bar

D.   Options + Q

22: Which of the following is quick definition of cache?

A.   short term storage

B.   copy of render file

C.   audio waveform

D.   saved file

23: When you choose a capture preset, what settings do you want it to match?

A.   Timecode settings

B.   VHS Format

C.   system settings

D.   source footage settings

24: What are the two formats for exporting straight from FCP?

A.   You can only export movies using the accompanying program Compression

B.   Quicktime Movie and Quicktime conversion

C.   16:9 and 4:3

D.   Quicktime movie is the only option

25: What tool do you use to manually fade and edit music track?

A.   Roll tool

B.   Slip tool

C.   Scroll tool

D.   Pen tool

26: How do you change the Browser view to Large Icons?

A.   All of these

B.   Shift+H

C.   Control-click in the Browser and select View as Large Icon

D.   On the View menu, click Browser Items, and then click Large Icons

27: How do you export only a section of a sequence?

A.   You cannot without copying the section into a new sequence

B.   Mark In and Out points in the sequence

C.   Use the range selection to select the section of the sequence to export

D.   Drag select the section you want, pull it into the Viewer, and export from there

28: What are the key commands for marking in and out points?

A.   Command + I and Command + O

B.   Insert > In and Out points

C.   I and O

D.   Sequence > In and Out Points

29: How do you lock a video or audio track on the timeline?

A.   File > Lock

B.   The tracks can not be locked

C.   Click the small lock icon to the left of the audio or video track

D.   Command + L

30: What type of distortions does the cylinder distort create?

A.   whirlpool pattern

B.   none of these

C.   zigzag pattern

D.   appears as if wrapped around a cylinder

31: Where can you scale, rotate, crop or distort footage or images?

A.   Command + S

B.   You can not scale, rotate, crop or distort in FCP

C.   In the Viewer window under the Filter tab

D.   In the Viewer window under the Motion tab

32: What is the keyboard shortcut for paste?

A.   none of these

B.   Cmd +P

C.   Option +P

D.   Cmd +V

33: What does a green line in the playhead represent?

A.   end of timeline

B.   render

C.   analog

D.   saved file

34: What does DVMC stand for ?

A.   digitized video media converter

B.   digital video media converter

C.   digital video machine computer

D.   decibel varied media converter

35: What kind of footage is Gang Sync most useful for?

A.   Scenes in which you cut back and forth between multiple angles.

B.   any footage

C.   news footage

D.   none of these

36: What does the pen tool do?

A.   adds a keyframe

B.   distorts an image

C.   used to write text

D.   used to leave editing notes

37: What is the standard rate for audio?

A.   29.97 fps

B.   66.0 khz

C.   48.0 khz

D.   48.0 Hz

38: What type of distrortion does a fisheye distortion create?

A.   whirlpool pattern

B.   bulging outward

C.   wavy lines

D.   bulging inward

39: Final Cut Pro is what type of editing?

A.   linear

B.   analog

C.   digital

D.   non linear

40: What indicates an offline clip that is stored in the Browser?

A.   a green dot

B.   an underline

C.   a red slash

D.   a blinking yellow light

41: What effect plugin is used to best remove a green screen from a film clip?

A.   Chroma Keyer

B.   Magic Matte

C.   Luma Key

D.   Color Key

42: If your media is offline when you launch the application, what happens?

A.   You get the opportunity to use the Reconnect Media dialog box

B.   You have to re-ingest the media

C.   You have to re-import your media

D.   You have to trash your preferences and reboot after connecting the media

43: What is the Keyboard command for the crop tool?

A.   C

B.   T

C.   S

D.   CR

44: When in the process of rendering, what happens if you press the caps lock key?

A.   a video sequence will loop

B.   rendering will no longer function

C.   all saved files will be lost

D.   rendering will temporarily be disabled

45: Where are the render files stored?

A.   Jump Drive

B.   Hard Drive

C.   Firewire Drive

D.   "Render Files" Folder

46: What does the slip tool do?

A.   rejects a clip

B.   crops a selection

C.   slips a clip's in or out point

D.   cuts a clip into two pieces

47: How does turning on snapping affect your editing?

A.   Snapping doesnÍt affect editing

B.   You hear a snapping noise whenever a frame is dropped

C.   The clips snap to one another with no dropped frames in between when placed in the timeline

D.   The windows within the program snap to place and can not be rearranged

48: How do you log and capture footage?

A.   You donÍt log and capture footage using FCP

B.   Make sure your camera is connected to your computer, in FCP click Insert > Footage

C.   Make sure your camera is connected to your computer, in FCP click File > Log and Capture

D.   Make sure your camera is connected to your computer, in FCP click Insert > Capture

49: What is the fps rate for NTSC drop frames?

A.   12.97

B.   30.02

C.   29.97

D.   23.57

50: One of the most important things to do before starting a new project is...

A.   to render your sequence

B.   to add a title screen

C.   to set a scratch disk location

D.   to import your footage