FoxPro MCQs

FoxPro MCQs

Our experts have gathered these FoxPro MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of FoxPro by answering these multiple-choice questions.
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1: Which File is used to write the different types of Foxpro program ?

A.   Report File

B.   Lable File

C.   Program File

D.   Index File

2: If the Customers table is open, what does this command do: ? [company]

A.   Displays the value of the company field

B.   Displays the characters 'company'

C.   Displays the value of the variable whose name is stored in the variable named 'company'

3: What happens if you hold the Shift key down then click on File in the main menu?

A.   The Close option becomes Close All

B.   The current window closes

C.   The menu undocks and can be moved

4: What date is given by Gomonth({^2000-01-31}, 1)?

A.   February 28th 2000

B.   February 29th 2000

C.   March 2nd 2000

5: What does the command 3+8 do if you are on the first record of the Customer table?

A.   Stores 11 in the primary key of the current record

B.   Moves to record 11

C.   Displays the numeric value 11.

6: If x is 'X ' and y is 'Y ' then what is the result of x - y ? A type-mismatch error

A.   -1

B.   'XY '

7: What happens if you redefine a field type from Numeric to Float?

A.   All values in the field are truncated to 4 decimal places

B.   All values in the field are lost

C.   Nothing changes

8: Can you enter duplicate values in a field with a Unique index?

A.   Yes

B.   Yes, but you get a warning message

C.   No, any duplicate value is rejected

9: What does ?_screen->backcolor do?

A.   Displays the value of the screen's background colour.

B.   Sets the background colour of the current control to the screen's background.

C.   Displays the colour-picker dialog

10: Can you use a #DEFINE on a Foxpro keyword?

A.   Yes.

B.   Yes but the redefinition is ignored.

C.   No.

11: What is the result of Proper('MCKAY')?

A.   'McKay'

B.   'MCKAY'

C.   'Mckay'