Google Adsense MCQs

Google Adsense MCQs

The following Google Adsense MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Google Adsense. We encourage you to answer these 100+ multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: Which of these is not a Google Adsense ad format?

A.   Open GL

B.   Text

C.   Video

D.   Image

2: Which best describes the billing process for sold ads?

A.   Only Advertiser billing is handled by Adsense

B.   Bills to Networks must be handled by the user

C.   Networks and Advertiser billing is handled by a third party

D.   Networks and Advertiser billing is handled by Adsense

3: Where are payments and pin numbers sent?

A.   Back to Google

B.   Your mailing address

C.   To your customers

D.   To the IRS

4: When a regular search is performed, how much does AdSense pay a publisher?

A.   51% of the revenue based on visits alone

B.   $18.42 per search

C.   None, AdSense only pays for advertisements that are clicked

D.   $5.67 per search

5: Which best describes the Mobile Webpage options?

A.   Connect users to the right ads when they do not want them

B.   Connect users to the wrong ads

C.   Connect users to the right ads when they want them

D.   Disconnect users from the right ads they want

6: What is interest-based advertising?

A.   Advertising focusing on user demographics, interests, and previous interactions

B.   Advertisement focusing on raising interest in a product via word of mouth

C.   Advertisements aimed at a specific geographic location

D.   Advertisements distributed with no specific strategy

7: What is an example of how a blog is used to abuse Google AdSense?

A.   A blog containing no actual content, but contains large amounts of high-paying keywords

B.   A blog with many high-paying keywords and relevant content

C.   A blog about horses which also aims to sell horse equipment

D.   A blog containing relevant news coverage for a geographic area

8: Which best describes the purpose of Adsense?

A.   Depreciate content derived sales

B.   Maximize profit of online content

C.   Monitor page views

D.   Maximize deficit of online content

9: CSE stands for?

A.   Custom sales engine

B.   Custom search engine

C.   Cost sales entry

D.   Custom spam enactor

10: The group you wish to reach out to through ads is called?

A.   Great Crowd

B.   Troll sites

C.   Target Audience

D.   Silent Audience

11: Which of these has been added for advanced control over ad format features?

A.   Favicons

B.   Similar-sized display ads

C.   Clickable arrow icon

D.   All of these

12: CMS stands for?

A.   Counting Messages and Statistics

B.   Content Management System

C.   Controller Management System

D.   Content Moving System

13: You can set up your time zone reporting preferences using which of these?

A.   Adsense Forum

B.   Adsense+page

C.   Account information section of your Account settings page

D.   Adsense Help Center

14: In order to use Google Adsense you must have a combination of which of the following?

A.   Only a postal address

B.   Only content to monetize

C.   Only a Google account

D.   A Google Account, Content to Monetize, A Postal Address

15: CTR stands for?

A.   Cost tracking routes

B.   Click then repeat

C.   Click through rate

D.   Count then repeat

16: CPC stands for?

A.   categories per click

B.   click placement cost

C.   cost per click

D.   count per click

17: What is Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK?

A.   It is a method to advertise in media content such as videos and games

B.   A method for advertising durable goods

C.   A method for advertising food items

D.   A method for advertising news content

18: Which of these is not a Google Adsense product?

A.   Computing

B.   Search

C.   Content

D.   Video

19: What is the syntax for asynchronous

A.   async

B.   asynch

C.   asynk

D.   asinc

20: Ad CTR is best described as?

A.   Clicks / Ad definitions

B.   Clicks / Ad impressions

C.   Clicks / Ad repitition

D.   Clicks / Ad constrcutions

21: What is an example of encoding that safely targets children in advertising?

A.   <CustomSearchEngine volunteers="false"

B.   &cx=00255077836266642015:u-scht7a-8i

C.   google_tag_for_child_directed_treatment = 1;

D.   repeated int32 d = 4 [packed=true];

22: Where would you place the best performing ad to increase your revenue?

A.   In the middle of the page

B.   At the bottom of the page

C.   Nowhere on the page

D.   As the first ad on the page

23: When a website has ad content being clicked by automated programs, what is the technique considered?

A.   Good business practices

B.   Influx

C.   Inflation

D.   Click fraud

24: Are ads allowed on error pages?

A.   No

B.   Yes

C.   Yes, but only 1

D.   Yes, but only a maximum of 3

25: What is the function of expandable ads?

A.   Expand beyond the original size of an ad unit

B.   Animation

C.   Enhance text ads

D.   Automize units

26: How are ad spaces made available?

A.   pasting ad code on your site

B.   encrypting all ad code on your site

C.   deleting all ad code from your site

D.   renaming all ad code on your site

27: What type of targeting do content-based advertisements focus on?

A.   Subjective targeting

B.   Strategic targeting

C.   Context or interest based

D.   Comprehensive targeting

28: Which of these is NOT an ad status?

A.   Active

B.   Hidden

C.   Idle

D.   Ghosting

29: If you wish to manually add the encoding for Google Adsense, where should it be pasted for it to operate correctly?

A.   Within the <CSS></CSS> tag

B.   Within the <DEV></DEV> tag

C.   Within the <JAVA></JAVA> tag

D.   Within the <BODY></BODY> tag

30: A/B testing is best described as?

A.   Testing situation A versus situation B

B.   None of these

C.   Double blind testing

D.   Survey testing

31: What is wide skyscraper format?

A.   Horizontal ads, usually 160x12 in dimension

B.   Diagonal ads

C.   Ads formatted to fit on the side of buildings

D.   Vertical ads, usually 160x600 in dimension

32: How many AdSense for content units are allowed per page?

A.   Ten

B.   Three

C.   Five

D.   Four

33: What is contextual targeting?

A.   The use of page content to influence the flow of its web traffic

B.   The use of page content to draw a targeted audience

C.   The use of page content to influence a specific audience

D.   The use of page content to match appropriate ads to each web page

34: Adsense allows users to do all but the following?

A.   earn money from your mobile sites

B.   earn money from your site search results

C.   earn money from your websites

D.   Spam other websites

35: What type of feeds will AdSense run on?

A.   Wordpress and Atom

B.   RSS and Atom

C.   Wordpress and RSS

D.   Wordpress and RDF

36: Attend this online training program to learn about Adsense:

A.   Adsense University

B.   Adsense Academy

C.   Adsense Collective

D.   Adsense College

A.   They are adaptive links that change according to the interests of your readers

B.   They are used to measure optimization strategies

C.   They are links to object items on your website

D.   They are dynamic links that don't change

38: What is a payment threshold?

A.   The total you can lose before shutting down

B.   The maximum, amount that you can earn before being paid

C.   The minimum amount that you can earn before being paid

D.   The array of payment forms

A.   a list of topics relevant to your page content.

B.   a list of suggested topics for your page content

C.   a list of irrelevant topics

D.   a list of suggested submenus

40: When a company competing with another company clicks their competitor's ads to drive up their competitor's costs, what is happening?

A.   Illegal competition

B.   Embargo

C.   Invalid clicks

D.   Antitrust

41: Above the fold refers to what?

A.   Highest bidding advertisers

B.   Profit margin

C.   The webpage header

D.   Part of the page seen withouth scrolling down

42: Which title describes those who can see a list of users having access to an account?

A.   Standard Users but not Administrators

B.   Standard Users and Administrators

C.   Standard Users for 30 days

D.   Administrators

43: What controversial tracking method does AdSense use to be more effective?

A.   Cookies

B.   Advertisements

C.   Media files

D.   Surveys

44: If you are changing the destination URL, what are you changing?

A.   The address of the company using it

B.   The address of the companies advertising server

C.   The address of the web page itself

D.   The address of the landing page

45: Earnings thresholds depend on which of the following?

A.   Time of Sign Out

B.   Reporting Currency

C.   Time of Sign in

D.   Account Renewal

46: Custom channels are best described as?

A.   Ad unit Performance blockers

B.   Ad unit performance trackers

C.   Ad unit performance backers

D.   Ad unit Performance enhancers

47: Which of these is not a provided Ad style?

A.   High contrast Black

B.   High contrast White

C.   High contrast Sienna

D.   Google Default

48: What is the standard size for a banner ad used in AdSense?

A.   400x690

B.   800x600

C.   132x764

D.   468x60

49: Which of these is the most useful means of anaylizing Adsense data?

A.   Displaying relevant ads

B.   Creating ads

C.   Blocking users

D.   Graphical Reporting

50: What is a linear video ad?

A.   Ads that are played for the entire duration of the media clip

B.   Ads that run like a stock ticker along the bottom of a video clip

C.   Ads that are run in the background, but never seen during a media clip

D.   Ads that appear between, before, and after video content is played