Google Web Toolkit MCQs

Google Web Toolkit MCQs

These Google Web Toolkit multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Google Web Toolkit. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 100+ Google Web Toolkit MCQs.
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1: What code is the first to run in a GWT application

A.   The class Extending EntryPoint registered in your gwt.xml file.

B.   The method public static void Main(String[] args)

2: The core GWT defined in gwt.xml should inherit which module?





3: What is a benefit of using HTML5 with GWT?

A.   Better performance and larger data storage.

B.   Data is compressed and encrypted.

C.   More secure data transfer.

D.   There is no benefit.

4: What must be inherited before using HTTP types in your application?

A.   PHP module.

B.   GHB HTTP module.

C.   GWT HTTP module.

D.   PDF module.

5: True or False? GWT can be used to develop commercial applications with free licensing?

A.   False

B.   True

6: What does the acronym GWT stand for?

A.   Google Wrapper Toolset

B.   GNU Web Toolkit

C.   Google Web ToolKit

D.   Google Webapp Tester

7: True or False? GWT 2.0 supports Java generics?

A.   True

B.   False

8: When you want to test JavaScript, what test case wrapper would you use to launch a web browser to test it?

A.   GWTTestCase

B.   GcaseTest

C.   GcaseTest

D.   Gtest

9: What two files must be edited before adding GWT logging?

A.   The pdf file and the java file.

B.   The ftp.php file and the .java file.

C.   The php file and .java file.

D.   The .gwt.xml file and the .java file.

10: What is the default locale when not specified?

A.   en.

B.   jp.

C.   esp.

D.   uk.

11: GWT's logging framework uses the same syntax and behavior on the server side. What does this allow?

A.   This allows you to write short-hand logs.

B.   This allows you to share logging code between the server-side and the client-side.

C.   This allows you to combine the logs into a single log.

D.   This allows you to write logs to any file type.

12: What do you use to integrate GWT with a third-party Javascript library?

A.   JavaScript Overlays.

B.   The JavaScript Native Interface.

C.   AJAX Command Center.

D.   The JavaScript Console.

13: What class is used to unit test GWT code?

A.   GTWtest

B.   GWTTestCase

C.   HTTPtest

D.   Gtest

14: What type of processing is taking place within the web server?

A.   Internal processing.

B.   Client-side processing.

C.   Server-side processing.

D.   External processing.

15: What language is GWT client side code written in.

A.   Ruby

B.   Python

C.   Java

D.   C++

16: The path for translatable code from Java to JS is:

A.   shared

B.   defined in gwt.xml

C.   client and shared

D.   client

17: How do you use XSRF protection when using RequestBuilder and RequestCallback classes?

A.   Set a custom value for a cookie.

B.   Change cookies to a custom cookie.

C.   Set a custom number of cookies.

D.   Set a custom header to include the value of your cookie.

18: A GWT application can be configured through a file with the extension:

A.   .gwt

B.   .html

C.   .xml

D.   .gwt.xml

19: The EntryPoint interface has which method?

A.   onModuleLoad()

B.   onStart()

C.   onLoad()

D.   onInit()

20: JSNI stands for:

A.   JavaScript Native Interface

B.   JavaScript Naming Interface

C.   JavaScript Natural Interface

D.   JavaScript National Interface

A.   Java GUI

B.   GWT Designer

C.   Java GWT


22: If a logger does not contain a dot, what does this mean?

A.   It has the Root Logger as its parent.

B.   It has flawed syntax.

C.   It means nothing.

D.   It is a child logger.

23: Which of these is NOT a method in AsyncCallback?

A.   onfailure()

B.   onerror()

C.   onsuccess()

D.   (All of these)

24: What argument would you use to run a manual test within a solo browser?

A.   -runStyle Manual:1

B.   -runSoloSingle

C.   Browser.1

D.   Single-solo.

25: Which of the following does GWT not include

A.   Compiler

B.   Browser plugin

C.   DOM Api

D.   Java applet plugin

26: Which of these is not a class for JSON manipulation:

A.   JSONArray

B.   JSONString

C.   JSONObject

D.   JSONClass

27: The server-side of a AsyncCallback is a:

A.   RemoteServiceServlet

B.   HttpServlet

C.   RemoteServlet

D.   AsyncServiceServlet

28: As of version 2.6 of GWT what is the newest version of Java syntax supported by GWT?

A.   Java 4

B.   Java 7

C.   Java 5

D.   Java 6

29: Which is NOT a Panel widget in GWT:

A.   HorizontalPanel

B.   CanvasPanel

C.   VerticalPanel

D.   DecoratorPanel

30: Which of the following is one of the three classes used when programming delayed logic?

A.   TimerCommand

B.   IncrementalTime

C.   DeferredCommand

D.   Time

A.   At compile time.

B.   At startup time.

C.   At bind time.

D.   At sandbox time.

32: The top level panel in GWT is?

A.   HTMLPanel

B.   RootPanel

C.   DOMPanel

D.   TopPanel

33: A JSNI method has to be declared as what?

A.   native

B.   js

C.   javascript

D.   jsni

34: What is the extension of a GWT bootstrap script?

A.   .js

B.   .gwt.js

C.   .cache.js

D.   .nocache.js

35: What does GWT use to stylize the visuals of their user interface?

A.   DOM

B.   CSS

C.   PHP


36: Strictly speaking, GWT is a:

A.   Compiler

B.   Interpreter

C.   Browser plug-in

D.   JVM

37: Code splitting to minimize JS downloads can be achieved with:

A.   GWT.runJS()

B.   GWT.runSync()

C.   GWT.split()

D.   GWT.runAsync()

38: Human readable strings matched with tags at compile time are considered what?

A.   Static strings.

B.   Elastic strings.

C.   Static tags.

D.   Elastic tags.

39: How are loggers organized?

A.   In a map structure.

B.   In a box and whisker plot.

C.   In a tree structure.

D.   In a chart.

40: What servlet container is used for testing during development time?

A.   Jetson.

B.   Jetty.

C.   Devlet.

D.   Jetlet.

41: An AJAX call in GWT can be implemented with:

A.   SyncCallback()

B.   AsyncCallback()

C.   XmlHttpRequest()

D.   AJAXCallback()

42: Which of the following is a correct JSNI method delaration?

A.   def helloWorld={return "Hello World";}

B.   public native String helloWorld() /*-{ return "Hello World"; }-*/;

C.   public native String helloWorld() { return "Hello World"; };

D.   function helloWorld(){return "Hello World";}

43: History events in GWT are implemented as a:

A.   Array

B.   Queue

C.   Stack

D.   List

44: A custom widget in GWT should extend which class?

A.   Widget

B.   Composite

C.   Panel

D.   Div

45: What feature is built into GWT 2.3 to prevent web attacks?

A.   XSRF protection.

B.   Web protection.

C.   Secure Node 3.0

D.   Web secure 2.0

46: How does one correctly invoke the clear() method to clear their HTML5 data?

A.   clearme()

B.   HTML5clear()

C.   myStorage.clear();

D.   clear()HTML5

47: If a single class cannot be serialized, will its object types be serialized as well?

A.   Only if its sub-class is serialized.

B.   Only if its root is serialized.

C.   Yes.

D.   No.

48: What does ActivityMapper do?

A.   It maps activities.

B.   It lists activities.

C.   It tells you what activity is taking place.

D.   It maps Places to corresponding Activities.

49: Presenters and Views should be binded by:

A.   Interface

B.   Inheritance

C.   Encapsulation

D.   Class

50: The biggest difference between MVP Part1 and Part2 is:

A.   UiViewer

B.   Presenter

C.   View

D.   UiBinder