Guest Relations Executive MCQs

Guest Relations Executive MCQs

Try to answer these 30 Guest Relations Executive MCQs and check your understanding of the Guest Relations Executive subject.
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1: Which of the following would be the best thing to say to an irate customer?

A.   Please call back later

B.   I'll have to ask my manager to approve what you are asking for.

C.   I can see why you feel that way.

D.   Why didn't you buy a competitor's product.

2: You have made a telephone call to a guest to confirm his arrival. Why should you clarify the purpose of your call right at the outset?

A.   It makes the communication clear, and is polite too. One must not assume that the receiver of the call knows why the call has been made to him, and what is expected of him.

B.   It is not at all necessary to clarify the purpose of the call. The receiver of the call must make out from your introduction that it is a arrival-confirmation call from the hotel.

C.   It is not at all necessary to clarify the purpose of the call. Rather, the receiver of the call may consider it an affront to his intelligence.

D.   It puts you in command, and inisinuates to the receiver of the call that you, and not him, are the boss.

3: Choose the most grammatically correct statement.

A.   It would have been more better if you brought your family along.

B.   I am thinking to buy a new house.

C.   I have the opportunity to pursue my degree in London

D.   My five-years-old son loves to paint.

4: What is the importance of customer oriented goodwill?

A.   It allows for cheaper resolutions to customer conflict.

B.   It is a good substitute for good customer service.

C.   It allows the management to measure how well customer service is being performed.

D.   It puts the company ahead of the competitors in respect of customer service


What is the closest meaning of the following word?










6: Choose the most grammatically correct statement

A.   I was literally on the seventh moon once my application got accepted by the University.

B.   I wanted to chose the red shoes but I choose the black ones instead due to the huge discount on them.

C.   They should have bought three CD's instead of four.

D.   The company is moving its headquarters from Norway to Sweden.

7: What final step can be taken to put your firm's customer service above that of all others?

A.   Offer to refund more than the product value.

B.   Let customers know what the standard procedure for handling irate customers is up front.

C.   Give the customers time to cool off by asking them to call back later.

D.   Follow up with customers after the fact to make sure they are happy with the resolution.


Which image has been wrongly matched with the emotion it depicts?


Image 1 - Irritation


Image 2 - Happiness


Image 4 - Anger


Image 5 - Disgust  

9: What is a 'twin room' when booking at a hotel?

A.   A room with two beds for two people.

B.   Two rooms with two beds for two people.

C.   A room with one bed for one person.

D.   Two rooms with one bed for two people.

E.   A room with a double bed for two people

10: What is the difference between the US and European style of using a knife and fork?

A.   In the European or

B.   In the US style, the fork is in your right hand while cutting, then switches to your left hand to pick up and eat. In the European or

C.   In the US style, the fork is in your right hand while cutting, then switches to your left hand to pick up and eat. In the European or

D.   In the US style, the fork is in your left hand while cutting, then switches to your right hand to pick up and eat. In the European or

E.   In the US style, the fork is always in your right hand. In the European or

11: Which of the following services can be provided by the housekeeping department?

A.   Room service for the removal of trays from the room.

B.   Baby-sitting services.

C.   Booking for outboard boats.

D.   Booking banquet space.

12: Used for navigating, what does 'GPS' stand for?

A.   Gradual Position Site

B.   Group Posture Section

C.   Gradual Position Segway

D.   Global Positioning System

E.   Greater Positive Seat

13: What is the maximum number of delegates that should be present in a conference so that the Guest Relations Executive can act as registration desk for them?

A.   25

B.   50

C.   20

D.   35


Re-arrange the following to create a meaningful sentence.

1. seats for the aged couple else,

2. in bypassing

3. they may have trouble

4. other passengers.

5. Please try arranging outer corner









15: What should be the first thing to do when solving a customer's problem?

A.   Verify the information the customer has provided and any additional facts if required.

B.   Tell the customer they will get whatever they want.

C.   Tell the customer you'll see what you can do but not to expect much.

D.   Look for errors in the customer's story.


Fill in the blank.

Friends always ________ each other in difficult times.


do not talk to   


talk ill about  


remain indifferent to


stick by 

17: How important is consistency while offering customer service to different people?

A.   Not important - Customers only know what they experience and can not compare the service they get with that offered to others.

B.   Very important - Customers expect a consistent level of service when dealing with a company.

C.   Important only for large companies, not for small ones.

D.   Important only for small firms since they rely on customer referrals.

18: What does a customer with a problem expect from a customer service representative?

A.   Discounts and coupons

B.   The management's commitment to the growth of the firm

C.   An aggressive tone

D.   Understanding and empathy

19: Which of the following pairs is incorrectly matched?

A.   Table D Hote - a restaurant meal offered at a fixed price with few choices

B.   A La Carte - a menu listed with dishes having common price for each of them

C.   Buffet - a meal consisting of various dishes and served by the guests themselves

D.   Entremet - a dish that is served to the guests during the main course

E.   Amuse Bouche - an appetizer that is served before a meal

20: Indicate the wrongly spelt word from the following.

A.   Austere

B.   Cautious

C.   Destinned

D.   Deliberate

21: Which of the following represents a typical American breakfast as served in a hotel?

A.   Fried bread, eggs, black pudding, bacon; also hamburgers.

B.   Donuts and coffee.

C.   Choice of donuts, bagels, fruit, coffee and orange juice; also a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon, 'link' sausages, pancakes and French toast.

D.   German potato salad, scones, rolls, tea with milk.

E.   Blini with sour cream or milk.


Fill in the blanks using the options given below.

_______ numbers fascinate her, she ______ to become a mathematician when she grows up.









23: What should be done with an irate customer after they have vented out and explained their situation?

A.   Ask them to call back later when they have calmed down.

B.   Express empathy.

C.   Put them on hold and pass them onto a manager.

D.   Issue them a refund regardless of the problem.

24: In case of a complaint by a hostile guest, what least a Guest Relations Executive can do to reduce his/her aggression?

A.   Listen to the guest calmly.

B.   Inform the maintenance department immediately.

C.   Change his/her room.

D.   Apologize to him/her


What is the antonym of the following word?











State whether the statement is true or false:

A Guest Relations Executive, irrespective of the weather conditions in different countries, offers only non-alcoholic welcome drinks to guests.





27: Pick the odd one out.

A.   Tedious

B.   Boring

C.   Monotonous

D.   Bleak

28: Which of the following is considered poor table manners?

A.   Slurping soup.

B.   Starting to eat before others at the same table.

C.   Using a toothpick or blowing nose at the table.

D.   Chewing with your mouth open.

E.   All of the above.

29: Which of the following pronunciations is incorrect?

A.   Aesthetic: ace-tetic

B.   A la Carte: a-la-kart

C.   Buffet: ba-fei

D.   Banquet: ban-kwit

E.   Chauffeur: sho-fur

F.   Cognac: kon-yak

30: Which of the following would a customer NOT expect from a customer service agent?

A.   Discretion

B.   Rudeness

C.   Effectiveness

D.   Authenticity

31: Why is it necessary to make arrangements for a group's pre-registration?

A.   To avoid congestion at the reception counter.

B.   To make the group members comfortable.

C.   To save the time of the group members.

D.   To provide a warm welcome to the group members.


Re-arrange the following to create a meaningful sentence.

1. has requested

2. The young female passenger

3. for her baby.

4. and a small blanket

5. in the first row with the infant

6. for warm milk


2, 5, 1, 6, 4, 3


5, 4, 2, 3, 1, 6  


2, 1, 3, 6, 4, 5


2, 5, 3, 6, 1, 4


It is not possible to create a meaningful sentence with these options. 

33: You are required to call a guest to confirm his arrival. Which of the following should you keep handy while making the call?

A.   A call recorder

B.   A pen and notepad

C.   Your hotel's instructions manual

D.   All of the above

34: Which of the following words is not correctly pronounced?

A.   Concierge: kon-sai-urge

B.   Rendezvous: ron-di-vou

C.   Franchisee: fran-chai-zee

D.   Suite: sweet

E.   Acoustics: a-ku-stiks

F.   Ambiance: am-bee-ens


What does the following idiom mean?

Bend over backwards


Try very hard to do something 


Do whatever it takes to help 


Do an impossible task


Try to rectify an error

36: What is a very useful last thing to do before sending out any e-mail?

A.   Read the e-mail through for spelling and grammatical errors, to simplify the message if possible, and to check the recipient's e-mail address.

B.   Nothing, the quicker you send it, the quicker they will receive it.

C.   Copy the e-mail at least twice into a word document, as a double precaution.

D.   Check the time, so you can remember when you sent it, in case they call.

E.   All of the above

37: With which of the following departments a Guest Relations Executive should coordinate for providing baggage movements and external services to guests?

A.   Concierge

B.   Business Centre

C.   Housekeeping Desk

D.   Front Office

38: What is the first step in mollifying a customer who has received bad service?

A.   Ask the customer what the problem is.

B.   Try to offer him/her something for free to pacify him/her.

C.   Ask him/her to submit a complaint first.

D.   Express regrets and promise to provide better service in future.

39: You unintentionally hurt the sentiments of a co-worker belonging to another country. What is the best way to make up?

A.   Do nothing and let time pass. Time, after all, is the biggest healer.

B.   Do nothing because there was no intention to hurt.

C.   Walk up to the person and say you are sorry. There was no intention to hurt.

D.   Ask another co-worker, who you are friends with, to pass on your apologies to the hurt person.