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Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of (Cloud Content Management) MCQs. We encourage you to test your (Cloud Content Management) knowledge by answering these 40 multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: Which of the following security measures are provided to the for Business and Enterprise customers?

A.   Reporting tools that give visibility into all user activity on all files over time.

B.   Administrative auditing using an admin console to create and manage users and their permissions.

C.   256-bit SSL encryption that encrypts data on transfer and on the server.

D.   All of the above

2: Which of the following are mandatory input parameters when calling the Authentication API register_new_user method?

A.   api_key

B.   login

C.   auth_token

D.   password

3: Which of the following output parameters will you get if you call Authentication API get_ticket method?

A.   status

B.   ticket

C.   api_key

4: Which of the following are mandatory input parameters when calling the File & Folder Operations API create_folder method?

A.   auth_token

B.   parent_id

C.   api_key

D.   name

E.   share

F.   All of the above

5: Which of the following is not a valid access level when you share content with your Collaborated user?

A.   Preview Only

B.   Upload Only

C.   Download Only

D.   Upload and Download

E.   All of the above are valid access levels.

6: Suppose a Pop-up action is executed by the user and makes a callback request to your initial callback URL with the callback parameters you had specified when creating the OpenBox Action. If your callback parameters are in XML or SOAP format, your client callback URL will get a request that resembles:

A.   URL:
POST data:

B.   URL:
POST data:

C.   URL:
GET data:

D.   URL:
GET data:

7: Which of the following additional input parameters must be supplied for the public_share method but not for the public_unshare method of the Sharing API?

A.   emails

B.   password

C.   message

D.   target

E.   auth_token

8: What kind of permissions can you set for Collaborators if you want to grant an individual access to a Collaboration Folder in your Workspace?

A.   Share

B.   Viewer

C.   Ed

9: When you send a request to the Authentication API get_auth_token method, you get the "user" parameter as a return value along with other output parameters. What are the data types for the "user" parameter?

A.   SOAPUser

B.   string

C.   XML

D.   long

10: What will be the output parameters when you send a REST request (using the URL shown below) using valid auth_token and api_key values?

A.   status

B.   info

C.   tree

D.   All of the above

11: What will the REST response be when you send a REST request (using the URL shown below) to the Authentication API get_auth_token method?

A.   <response>

B.   <response>

C.   <response>

D.   <response>

12: Suppose you call the Authentication API get_ticket method without supplying the api_key, what will be the return value for the "status" output parameter?

A.   get_ticket_ok

B.   wrong_input

C.   application_restricted

D.   not_logged_in

13: Which of the following actions can be taken by a Box user on files and folders under the All File page in the Workspace?

A.   Box user can add a comment to the file.

B.   Box user can add a tag to the file.

C.   Box user can edit, share, delete or change the properties on the file.

D.   Box user can move the file to another folder.

14: Which of the following documents can be edited with Zoho when you add this service to your Workspace?

A.   .doc

B.   .docx

C.   .sxw

D.   .html

15: Which of the following will be your Soap Body request that will be packaged in the Soap Envelop when calling the Authentication API logout method?

A.   <SOAP-ENV:Body>
          <api_key xsi:type=&qu

B.   <SOAP-ENV:Body>
          <sid xsi:type="x

C.   <SOAP-ENV:Body>
          <api_key xsi:type=&qu

D.   <SOAP-ENV:Body>
          <api_key xsi:type=&qu

16: Which of the following is not displayed under the "Users" section of the Business Admin Console home page?

A.   The users who log in most frequently.

B.   How recently your users have logged in.

C.   Your own login information.

D.   The number of user logins over time.

17: Which of the following values can you set for the "params" input parameter while sending a request to the search method?

A.   show_path

B.   show_description

C.   nofiles

D.   onelevel

18: Which of the following is an invalid value for the "Action status" attribute when you configure an OpenBox action?

A.   Development

B.   Maintenance

C.   Offline

D.   Online

19: OpenBox Actions give your OpenBox service the ability to manipulate files stored on Which of the following attributes do you need to specify when you configure an action?

A.   Category

B.   Name

C.   Action status

D.   Description

E.   All of the above

20: What will be the value of the "status" output parameter when you successfully move a file or folder into another folder using the File & Folder Operations API move method?

A.   e_move_node

B.   s_move_node

C.   not_logged_in

D.   application_restricted

21: Which of the following REST requests will be used to call the Authentication API logout method?


B. rrc1d3ntb53tt6b2vhail6rdtrsxov3v



22: What will the response be when you send an XML request (as shown in the image) to the Authentication API verify_registration_email method?

A.   <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>

B.   <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>

C.   <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>

D.   <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>

23: What is the data type for the "params" input parameter of the File & Folder Operations API get_account_tree method?

A.   string

B.   ArrayOfString

C.   long

D.   Base64Binary

24: Which of the following is not a valid Commenting API method?

A.   move_comments

B.   get_comments

C.   add_comment

D.   delete_comment

25: Which of the following pieces of information will be entered by the user while creating a New Task under the Workspace?

A.   The file name for which the task has been created.

B.   The email addresses of the user to whom you want to assign the task.

C.   Your task instructi

26: Which of the following can you track from the Business Admin Console reports page?

A.   You can track the activities of any user and generate reports on demand.

B.   You can keep track of shared links.

C.   You can track the total amount of storage each user is using.

27: Which of the following applications are not examples of Pop-up Actions when you add services to your account?

A.   Zoho

B.   Textflow

C.   Picnik

D.   Twitter

28: Which of the following is not a valid property of the "friends" object that is returned by the get_friends method?

A.   email

B.   name

C.   avatar_url

D.   message

E.   accepted

29: Which of the following is not a valid input parameter of the move method of the File & Folder Operations API?

A.   ticket

B.   auth_token

C.   target

D.   target_id

E.   destination_id

F.   api_key

30: Using which of the following ways will you send your REST request if you want to add the tag or tags to a designated file or folder using the Tagging API add_to_tag method?




31: Which of the given options is an incorrect value for e "params" parameter in the request shown below?¶ms[]= ?

A.   nofiles

B.   nozip

C.   simple

D.   onelevel

E.   no_email

32: Which of the following are mandatory input parameters when calling the delete method of the File & Folder Operations API for the purpose of deleting any files or folders from the users account?

A.   target

B.   target_id

C.   api_key

D.   auth_token

E.   description

33: In which of the following way a Box user can view his/her files under All File page in the Workspace?

A.   Thumbnails View

B.   Icons View

C.   List View

D.   Details View

34: Which of the following access permissions are available when you create a guest account under the Collaborators page in your Workspace?

A.   Read Only

B.   Write Only

C.   Read/Write

D.   Full Access

35: What is the function of the add_to_mybox method?

A.   This method un-shares a shared file or folder.

B.   This method privately shares a file or folder with another user.

C.   This method copies a file that is publicly shared by another individual into a user's designated folder in the user's Box.

D.   This method makes a file or folder shareable and may initiate sharing through email notifications. 

36: Suppose a user decides to perform an action like, "Send to Twitter", on a file. A Server-side action is then displayed (as shown in the image). What will happen when the Ok button is clicked?

A.   It will open a new window for the user to complete the action.

B.   It will make a direct request to the initial callback URL and then it will show the result of the request.

C.   The user has to login to the third party account, such as

37: How can posting on other message boards help drive traffic to a company site?

A.   You can steal away clients from other companies directly

B.   You can tell lies about competitors

C.   You can trump up claims of what your company does

D.   By becoming an expert on a subject and giving people information which demonstrates your company's knowledge and expertise

38: How are keywords utilized by search engines?

A.   They are all that the search engine uses to rank pages

B.   The keywords are a brief description of what topics your site relates to

C.   They help the search engine decide how good your sites content is

D.   The keywords guarantee positioning

39: What is "bounce rate" in terms of email marketing?

A.   The percentage of emails sent to a list which are returned as undeliverable

B.   The percentage of repeat clients

C.   The percentage of people who receive an email and buy the product

D.   The percentage of people who click the links in an email 

40: What is meant by "viral marketing"?

A.   Creating ads that users pay to watch

B.   Creating ad campaigns which are expensive and well produced

C.   Creating ad campaigns with a very narrow focus

D.   Creating ad campaigns which are inexpensive, gain massive popularity and become widely distributed 

41: Why has web marketing become the primary method of marketing for some companies?

A.   It is more effective than anything else for all companies

B.   It is inexpensive compared to other methods

C.   It reaches a broad based audience

D.   It guarantees increased sales 

42: What is meant by "niche marketing"?

A.   Targeting a broad based group of people

B.   Targeting a very specific demographic

C.   Advertising on the television

D.   Advertising only online