Languages MCQs

Languages MCQs

Answer these 20+ Languages MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Languages. Scroll below and get started!

1: The asian american segment of the population ________.

A.   Is the largest ethnic market segment

B.   Does not yet receive significant attention from marketers

C.   Has declined in the last 10 years

D.   Is the fastest growing minority group in the United States

2: B. f. skinner emphasized the importance of ________ in language acquisition.

A.   Heuristics

B.   Algorithms

C.   Reinforcement

D.   Universal grammar

3: Cuban immigration increased tremendously ________.

A.   After the 1959 Cuban Revolution

B.   With the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

C.   After Che Batista's assumption of power

D.   After the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962

4: An action common to the latissimus dorsi, teres major, and lower pectoralis major is _____.

A.   Extension

B.   Internal rotation

C.   Pronation

D.   Adduction

5: The structure of ballad of birmingham by dudley randall is described best as __________.

A.   A sonnet

B.   An elegiac broadside

C.   A broadside ballad

D.   Free verse

6: A(n) _________ activity has more than one dependency arrow flowing from it.

A.   Parallel activity

B.   Critical path

C.   Burst activity

D.   Merge activity

E.   Independent activity

7: The colors opposite each other on the color wheel are ____.

A.   Red, blue, yellow

B.   Analogous colors

C.   Complementary

D.   Orange, green, violet

8: A(n) ____ ratio measures the proportion of an activity consumed by a product.

A.   Usage

B.   Consumption

C.   Quality

D.   Efficiency

E.   Production

9: A network diagramming technique in which boxes represent activities is known as a(n) _____.

A.   PDM

B.   CPM

C.   ADM


10: Alexandre cabanels birth of venus is an example of a(n) ________ painting.

A.   Impressionist

B.   Academic

C.   Renaissance

D.   Cubist

E.   None of the other answers.

11: The medical term myoptic (adj.) literally means_____ and actually means____:

A.   Nearsightedness or shortsighted

B.   Cross eyed

C.   Wall eyed

D.   Far eye or farsightedness

12: Pierre-auguste renoirs moulin de la galette is set ________.

A.   At an outdoor café

B.   In a local swimming pool

C.   At a train station

D.   In a dress shop

13: A trephine would be used to remove ___

A.   Bone

B.   Supine

C.   Sole of the foot

D.   Abduction

14: The language you use in discussing a serious topic is called _____.

A.   Formal usage

B.   Informal usage

C.   Slang usage

D.   None of these

15: Former washington post reporter jose vargas is controversial for ______.

A.   Not disclosing who his sources were for an investigative story

B.   Fabricating a story about a young heroin addict in the Washington,DC,area

C.   Hiding the fact that he was an undocumented immigrant

D.   Fooling fact-checkers editing his stories for Rolling Stone and Harper's magazine

16: An adult trade book is ______.

A.   A novel of a pornographic nature

B.   Any hardbound or paperback book, fiction or nonfiction, aimed at the general adult reader

C.   A type of book that targets various occupational groups and is not intended for the general consumer market

D.   A type of book typically used in the classroom setting as students learn about a specific topic

E.   In the category of books that includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, and almanacs

17: Target stores identify pregnant women who might want baby product coupons by ______.

A.   Tracking their medical records

B.   Having them register at the Target website

C.   Having friends recommend them through Facebook

D.   Tracking the products they buy at the store

18: There are _____ morphemes in the word chimps.

A.   2

B.   4

C.   3

D.   5

19: Sources should be relevant, credible, timely, representative, and ____________________

A.   Motivated by pursuit

B.   Truth and bias-free

C.   Both A and B

D.   None of these

20: With the overflow property, ____ is the default value.

A.   Visible

B.   Auto

C.   Radial

D.   Hidden

21: Richard wagner's last opera was ______.

A.   Die Götterdämmerung

B.   Tannhäuser

C.   Rienzi

D.   Parsifal

22: Margarita ____ ______ el pelo con el champ. (lavarse)

A.   Hair dryer

B.   Bed

C.   Peace

D.   To wash

23: Metonymy is best defined as a figure of speech in which __________.

A.   Human characteristics are attributed to objects or animals

B.   One noun is substituted for another with which it is closely associated

C.   Exaggeration is used for emphasis

D.   A part of something stands for the whole

24: Formal language is found in __________.

A.   Cartoons

B.   Newspapers

C.   Emails

D.   All of the above

25: The text suggests that immunization rate is _____ correlated with infant mortality rate.

A.   Negatively

B.   Perfectly

C.   Not-negativelypositively

D.   Posative

26: Paul czanne used ________ in his work mont sainte-victoire.

A.   He used photography to study anatomy and proportion

B.   Atmospheric perspective

C.   Depicts a new, urban, middle class enjoying their leisure time

D.   Édouard Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe (Luncheon on the Grass)