Lisp Programming MCQs

Lisp Programming MCQs

The following Lisp Programming MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Lisp Programming. We encourage you to answer these multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: What is the full form of LISP?

A.   Light Processing

B.   List Processing

C.   Like Processing

D.   None of the mentioned

2: Which uses symbolic expressions in lisp to work with datas?

A.   Symbol manipulation program

B.   Procedures

C.   Lists

D.   None of the mentioned

3: How many types of arguments are available in lisp?

A.   1

B.   2

C.   3

D.   4

4: Which is used to represent the prompt in lisp?

A.   #

B.   $

C.   &

D.   *

5: What is the process of reserving a place in computer's memory to store a value for a symbol?

A.   Storing

B.   Ranging

C.   Binding

D.   None of the mentioned

6: Which is used to build the lisp procedures?

A.   Data

B.   Primitives

C.   Definition

D.   None of the mentioned

7: What is a symbol thought of as a name for a place to store value?

A.   Data

B.   Variable

C.   Parameters

D.   None of the mentioned

8: How many types of variables are available in lisp?

A.   1

B.   2

C.   3

D.   4

9: Which arranges for parameters to be bound on entering a procedure?

A.   Form

B.   Let

C.   Initial

D.   Parameter

10: What will happen if a variable has not assigned a value by SETF form?

A.   Warning

B.   Nothing will happen

C.   Error message

D.   Crash

11: Which mechanism makes it easy to create and to complete template like expressions?

A.   Macro

B.   Backquote

C.   Variable

D.   None of the mentioned

12: Which isolates an entire expression from evaluation?

A.   ‘

B.   ”

C.   ()

D.   $

13: Which are perfect for making and filling using backquote mechanism?

A.   Templates

B.   Macro templates

C.   List

D.   Procedure

14: Which is used to slice the elements in the list?

A.   #

B.   %

C.   @

D.   None of the mentioned

15: Which simplifies the macro writing?

A.   Macros

B.   List

C.   Backquote mechanism

D.   None of the mentioned