ooVoo Web API MCQs

ooVoo Web API MCQs

These ooVoo Web API multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of ooVoo Web API. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these ooVoo Web API MCQs.
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1: How do you get the details of new participant?

A.   use property participantJoined of room object

B.   use property participantHistory of room object

C.   use event onParticipantJoined 

2: How do you get name of a participant who has left web room?

A.   use event onParticipantLeft(string id)

B.   use property participantLeft of room object

C.   use property participantHistory of room object

3: Which attributes can be set for participants in the videoCalls web service?

A.   age

B.   displayName

C.   gender

D.   id

E.   name

F.   status

G.   type

4: Which value format is used to set color properties?

A.   rgb(255,180,0)

B.   #ff6600

C.   orange 

5: Which method is used to enable speaker volume bar?

A.   enableSpeakersBar()

B.   enableSpeakers()

C.   enableSpeakersVolume() 

6: Which languages are supported for the text that are included in the room?

A.   English="en"

B.   Arabic="ar"

C.   Italian="it"

D.   Chinese=

7: How do you force the web browser to load the Java Applet instead of the ActiveX control?

A.   set property useActiveXorApplet= "applet"

B.   Java Applet is used by default

C.   set property useApplet=

8: Which method is used to end a call?

A.   finishCall()

B.   endCall()

C.   stop() 

9: Which method raises an event after execution?

A.   minimizeVideoWindow()

B.   enableSpeakers()

C.   endCall()

10: Which properties are required for room creation?

A.   roomID

B.   instanceKey

C.   displayName

D.   useActiveXorApplet

11: How do you increase the volume of a call to max value?

A.   use method setSpeakersVolume(100)

B.   use method setMicVolume(100)

C.   it is impossible to increase the volume using Web API methods

12: What is the maximum number of participants that can be managed by videoCalls web service?

A.   3

B.   5

C.   6

D.   10 

13: Which methods can be executed to change settings for a specific participant?

A.   enableCamera

B.   muteMic

C.   setMicVolume

D.   minimizeVideoWindow

E.   restoreVideoWindow 

14: Which Url is used to get videoCalls web service?

A.   https://api.oovoo.com/rooms/<roomID>/videoCalls

B.   https://api.oovoo.com/rooms/<roomID>/?webservice=videoCalls


15: Which web service is used to get the call participants list?

A.   participantsArray

B.   participantList

C.   videoCalls 

16: What is "gender" property used for?

A.   to manage access for participants by gender

B.   to get higher revenues from advertisements

C.   for statistics

17: How often is the information about active video calls is updated?

A.   1 minute

B.   30 seconds

C.   30 minutes

D.   information is updated in real time

18: How do you catch an event?

A.   set callback function as property for creation object (rcp.onCallEnded="OnCallEndedFunc")

B.   set event listener based on <script> tag (<script type="text/javascript" for="ooVooWebApi" event=" onCallEnded(duration)">)

C.   use property onCallEnded of room object

19: Which method is used to return the room name?

A.   getProperty('displayName')

B.   getDisplayName()

C.   getRoomName()