Palm Pre Application Development MCQs

Palm Pre Application Development MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Palm Pre Application Development MCQs. We encourage you to test your Palm Pre Application Development knowledge by answering these 40 multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: When the appropriate application to handle the request is already known, which of the Application Methods is used?

A.   open

B.   launch

C.   Depends upon the application 

2: Consider the following method:
Mojo.Drag.setupDropContainer(element, dropClient)
Which of the following dropClient property methods will be called whenever the item is first dragged over this container?

A.   dragLeave(element)

B.   dragHover(element)

C.   dragEnter(element)

D.   dragDrop(element, newItem) 

3: You are using the Mojo Messaging Service. If three messages a, b, and c arrive one after another while the device is offline, what will happen?

A.   Only message a will be delivered.

B.   Only message c will be delivered.

C.   Messages a and b will be delivered.

D.   Messages b and c will be delivered.

E.   All the messages will be delivered. 

4: What will be returned if the following code is called and is executed successfully?
this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.calendar/crud", {
    method: "listCalendars",
    parameters: {
        accountId: "idstring"
    onSuccess: function(),
    onFailure: function()

A.   It will display all types of available calendars like UTC or GMT.

B.   It will display the functionality and all the parameters available for the Calendar API.

C.   It will display the list of the calendar objects associated with the account.

D.   It will display all the information about the associated account 

5: Which of the following widgets is not supported by the Mojo.Event.propertyChange event?

A.   Mojo.Widget.ListSelector

B.   Mojo.Widget.PasswordField

C.   Mojo.Widget.ProgressBar

D.   Mojo.Widget.Slider 

6: To customize the behavior of a stage, scene or application, which of the following folders stores the Javascript function files that use controllers provided by the SDK?

A.   app

B.   assistants

C.   models

D.   views

E.   Any of the above 

7: You want to create a Palm application using the Mojo SDK command-line development in /projects/Ticker having the title Good Day. Which of the following will be used?

A.   palm-generate -p "title=Good Day" ~/projects/Ticker

B.   palm-generate -t "title=Good Day" ~/projects/Ticker

C.   palm-generate -l "title=Good Day" ~/projects/Ticker

D.   palm-generate -f

8: Which of the following are the required properties for the openDatabase() method in HTML 5 database?

A.   name

B.   version

C.   displayName

D.   estimatedSize 

9: Which of the following are not Palm webOs Events?

A.   Mojo.Event.commandEnable

B.   Mojo.Event.command

C.   Mojo.Event.back

D.   Mojo.Event.commandDisable 

10: Which endocing system is used for the data that is returned by the Mojo.Model.encrypt(key, data) and Mojo.Model.decrypt(key, data) methods?

A.   base16

B.   base32

C.   base64

D.   All of the above 

11: What does the maxValue attribute property of the ProgressSlider widget signify?

A.   Maximum slider value returned at the leftmost position.

B.   Maximum slider value returned at the rightmost position.

C.   Round the value returned to the nearest integer

D.   It always returns the value as 100.

E.   It always returns the value as 0. 

12: What will be returned if the Mojo.Controller.StageController.activeScene() function is called and no scene is active?

A.   It will return the first scene of the stage.

B.   It will return the last scene of the stage.

C.   It will return undefined.

D.   It will throw an error and halt the application. 

13: What will be the output of the following command when you are using Debugger?
        list - or l -

A.   It will show the first 10 lines of the code.

B.   It will show the last 10 lines of the code.

C.   It will show the next 10 lines of the code.

D.   It will show the previous 10 lines of the code. 

14: Which of the following scrolling modes of the Scroller widget allows scrolling along the horizontal or vertical axes, but not both at once?

A.   free

B.   horizontal

C.   vertical

D.   dominant

E.   horizontal-snap

F.   vertical-snap 

15: What is the function of the View menu widgets supported by the Mojo framework?

A.   It is used to set a menu at the bottom of the screen.

B.   It is a desktop style menu that drops down from the top-left corner of the screen when the user taps in that area.

C.   It applies to the menus across the top of the screen and can be used as a display header or action button.

D.   It can be used in conjunction with the other menu types or be attached to any element in the page.

16: What is the type of the year attribute property for the DatePicker widget?

A.   DatePicker

B.   String

C.   Boolean

D.   FilterField

17: What is the type of the accuracy parameter of the getCurrentPosition method of the Location Service API?

A.   string

B.   integer

C.   boolean

D.   object

18: Does Palm webOS support file uploading?

A.   No

B.   Yes 

19: Which of the following Progress Indicators will you use for audio/video applications when you know how long the content is and want the user to know where they are in the playback process and allow them to control it?

A.   Progress Pill

B.   Progress Bar

C.   Progress Slider

D.   Inline Progress Bar  

20: State whether true or false:
Adding new contact information to a new or an existing contact can be done using the open method of the Contacts Service API.

A.   True

B.   False 

21: Dashboard applications are applications that provide services like the stock ticker, current weather etc. To enable the users to perform which of the following functions must it have an application icon and a UI manifestation?

A.   To configure the application, in order to determine what the application should display

B.   To be notified when important information arrives or events occur

C.   To quit the application

D.   All of the above 

22: What is the default value of the modelProperty attribute property of the Drawer widget?

A.   open

B.   closed

C.   none

D.   true

E.   false 

23: Is there a way to stop the rendering of the page until all the callbacks have been completed for a Palm based application lifecycle?

A.   Yes

B.   No

24: What are the dimensions of the icon.png icon image which application displays in the Launcher?

A.   32 pixels by 32 pixels.

B.   64 pixels by 64 pixels.

C.   64 pixels by 56 pixels.

D.   56 pixels by 64 pixels. 

25: Which of the following arguments are required in the function Mojo.Controller.showAlertDialog?

A.   onChoose

B.   title

C.   message

D.   preventCancel

E.   choices 

26: Consider the following Instantiation of the FilterField widget:
    this.attributes = {
        delay: 3000,
      filterFieldHeight: 100
    this.model = {
       disabled: false
What will be the wait time between the key strokes for a filter event?

A.   3000 milliseconds

B.   3000 seconds

C.   3 minutes

D.   100 seconds 

27: What is the type of the replace attribute in the class Mojo.Depot?

A.   String

B.   Number

C.   Boolean

D.   Array 

28: What is the type of the choices attribute of the ListSelector widget?

A.   DatePicker

B.   String

C.   Boolean

D.   Array

29: What will happen when the Camera Service API capture method is called once and then canceled?

A.   The application will throw an error.

B.   The control will be returned to the original application.

C.   The application will crash.

D.   There will be no change in the application's status. 

30: Which of the following is the prefered data storage object to store upto 5 MB of data?

A.   Cookie

B.   Depot

C.   HTML 5 database object

31: What is the keyboard shortcut to perform swipe back in Palm Emulator?

A.   ESC

B.   Home

C.   End

D.   None of the above 

32: What type of return value does the function Mojo.Controller.AppController.getScreenOrientation() return?

A.   'up', 'down', 'left', or 'right'

B.   '1', '2', '3', or '4'

C.   'vertical', or 'horizontal'

D.   None of the above 

33: What will the following function return if the key is the delete key?

A.   delete

B.   true

C.   false

D.   del 

34: You want to create an animation curve that is quick in the middle, and slow at both ends. Which of the following methods will be used?

A.   Mojo.Animation.easeIn

B.   Mojo.Animation.easeInOut

C.   Mojo.Animation.easeOut

D.   Mojo.Animation.Generator

E.   Mojo.Animation.Queue 

35: What will happen if the following code is executed? this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.applicationManager", { method: "open", parameters: { id: "", params: { target: "://" } } });

A.   It will open the given url in a separate card.

B.   It will open in a scene within your application.

C.   It will throw an error due to invalid syntax.

D.   It will open http urls in a scene within your application and https urls in a separate card. 

36: Which of the following is not a property of the meta tag that is located within the head tag of HTML?

A.   width

B.   maximum-scale

C.   minimum-scale

D.   height

E.   None of the above 

37: What is the type of the allDay event of the Calendar object?

A.   integer

B.   string

C.   boolean

D.   object 

38: You want to create an Application service for dialing a phone number. Which of the following will be used?

A.   this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.applicationManager', {
    parameters: {

B.   this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.applicationManager',{
    parameters: {

C.   this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.applicationManager',{
    parameters: {

D.   this.controller.serviceRequest('palm://com.palm.applicationManager', {
    parameters: {

39: State whether true or false:
If the Mojo.View.visible(element) method is set for an element, its ancestor will be visible along with the element.

A.   True

B.   False 

40: What is problem with the following declaration?

A.   The value of the x-mojo-element property is in the title case.

B.   The name of the class and the name of the button can not be the same.

C.   The syntax is incorrect.

D.   The id property is missing in the declaration.

E.   There is no problem with the code. 

41: What will the following code do while using the palm-launch tool on the emulator or device?
palm-launch -f

A.   It will close the application.

B.   It will close and relaunch the application.

C.   It will run the application with the Inspector.

D.   It will specify the devices.

42: What will happen if the Contacts API PhoneNumber property is set as follows:

A.   The phone number 4534974378 and the label home are saved.

B.   The phone number 4534974378 and the label work are saved.

C.   The phone number 4534974378 and the label mobile are saved.

D.   The phone number 4534974378 and the label main are saved.

E.   It will throw an error. 

43: Which of the following features are missing in the Palm Host Tools Graphical launcher for windows?

A.   Drag and drop

B.   Multiple pages

C.   Search

D.   Some applications are not displayed.

44: What is the maximum period of setting Monotonic alarm?

A.   12 hours

B.   24 hours

C.   1 month

D.   There is no limit. 

45: You want to play the audio or the video medium. Which of the following services will be used?

A.   Application Services

B.   System Services

C.   Cloud Services 

46: What will be the output of the following code?
Mojo.assert(books > 5, "expected books to be greater than 5, but it was 3", {count: 3, amount: books})

A.   It will write an error to the log.

B.   It will throw an exception.

C.   It will write an error to the log and also throw an exception.

D.   It will run successfully.

47: What will be the output of the following function?"I have", 5, "books.");

A.   I have books 5.

B.   I have 5 books.

C.   I have5books.

D.   I have books.