PhoneGap MCQs

PhoneGap MCQs

Try to answer these 100+ PhoneGap MCQs and check your understanding of the PhoneGap subject.
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1: A "SQLError" object is:

A.   An object that indicates an error in the webpage

B.   An object that is thrown when an error occurs when manipulating a database

C.   A callback object

D.   An API library for MySQL databases

2: It is possible to host a PHP server locally in Phonegap

A.   False


3: PhoneGap is ___ solution.

A.   Framework

B.   Paid solution

C.   Open source

D.   subscription solution

4: Which of these languages ​​are used by a PhoneGap app?

A.   All of these

B.   Native languages

C.   JavaScript


5: Cordova is the opensource foundation for Phonegap


B.   True

6: The User Interface in Phonegap takes place in what kind of object

A.   InternetView

B.   NetworkView

C.   WebView

D.   PencilView

7: In order to build an app in Phonegap you will need to know

A.   Objective-C

B.   Javascript

C.   HTML and Javascript


8: True or False? The Eclipse IDE can be used to debug both Javascript code and native side PhoneGap plugins in an Android app?

A.   False

B.   True

9: It is possible to use bootstrap.js in a Phonegap App


B.   Only when deploying to tablets

C.   Only if you remove the CSS media queries

D.   True

10: In order to deploy a Phonegap project to an iOS device you must use which IDE?

A.   Xcode

B.   Eclipse

C.   Webstorm

11: By default the first user created content in a Phonegap app is found in:

A.   index.htm

B.   index.html

C.   index.css

D.   index.js

12: Which Language will you need to know in order to build a custom Phonegap plugin for Android

A.   Objective-C

B.   Java

C.   C#

D.   Ruby

13: Which of the following best describes a hybrid app?

A.   One that has features of IOS and Android native application.

B.   One that has features of IOS and Windows native application.

C.   One that has features of both a web application and a native application.

D.   One that has features of Windows and Android native application.

14: What function do you need to use to communicate between the Cordova JavaScript and native environment?

A.   cord_JS.exec

B.   javascript.exec

C.   cordova.get

D.   cordova.exec

15: It is safe to make calls to the Phonegap API after which Javascript event fires:

A.   deviceReady

B.   onLoad

C.   viewDidLoad

D.   onBodyLoad

16: Developing a Phonegap plugin for iOS requires you to interface Javascript with which language?

A.   Java

B.   Objective-C

C.   Python

D.   Cocoa Touch

17: When can PHP be used in conjunction with a Phonegap app?

A.   You can use a plugin to enable you to write an app with PHP

B.   You can write any Phonegap application using PHP

C.   Only the Android environment supports PHP

D.   Only when making network protocols via (XmlHTTPRequests, WebSockets,..) to communicate with backend services.

18: When writing a Phonegap app for iOS you would tell Phonegap which plugins you wanted to use in which file:

A.   main.m

B.   libCordova.a

C.   config.xml

D.   Localizable.strings

19: Phonegap is a

A.   IDE

B.   Javascript framework

C.   Mobile application framework

D.   Web application framework

20: When creating an iOS Phonegap project from the command line the compiler creates which files?

A.   All of the above

B.   Config.xml

C.   Default icons

D.   WWW folder

21: Which event allows us to know when the Cordova application is fully loaded?

A.   "pageinit"

B.   event.focus()

C.   There's no way to know when a PhoneGap app is fully loaded

D.   "ondeviceready"

22: Changes to the DOM in javascript need to be triggered after which Event:

A.   online

B.   deviceready

C.   phonegapstart

D.   resume

23: Phonegap is owned by:

A.   Microsoft

B.   Google

C.   Adobe

D.   Nitobi

24: Phonegap is not compatible with which Javascript framework

A.   Backbone JS

B.   Angular JS

C.   Phonegap is compatible with all HTML, CSS and Javascript including frameworks.

D.   Zepto JS

25: In order to know device reachability, we can use the following PhoneGap object:

A.   radio.connection

B.   navigator.connection.cell_3g

C.   navigator.connection


26: Phonegap does NOT support the following Platforms

A.   OS/2

B.   Windows Phone

C.   Windows 8

D.   iPad

27: Which language is the entry point for any plugin?

A.   JavaScript

B.   XML

C.   cURL

D.   CSS3

28: In order to deploy a Phonegap app to an Android device you will need a

A.   A Phonegap Certificate

B.   A Google Certificate

C.   None of these

D.   An Android Provisioning Profile

29: Regarding the Notification plugin, the "confirmCallback" is called when the user:

A.   Presses one of the buttons on the AppBrowser

B.   Presses one of the buttons on the confirmation dialog box

C.   Answers an incoming phone call

D.   Swipes to unlock their phone

30: What is required to run the Phonegap Command Line Interface

A.   Node.js


C.   BSD

D.   Java

31: The Adobe PhoneGap Build service allows compiling a project for multiple platforms in the cloud, by uploading:

A.   Web and native compiled sources

B.   Configuration files and Javascript logic

C.   HTML, PHP and Sencha assets

D.   HTML, CSS and Javascript assets

32: What sytax would you use to execute custom code when a certain event fires:

A.   document.exectueCode(

B.   window.startEvent(

C.   window.executeCode

D.   document.addEventListener(

33: The syntax to call a native Phongap feature from within its Javascript file begins with

A.   cordova.exec(

B.   feature.start(

C.   phonegap.start(

D.   plugin.start(

34: Phonegap requires jquery


B.   Only the minimized version

C.   False

D.   TRUE; jquery version 1.3 and above

35: When writing a Phonegap app for android you would tell Phonegap which plugins you wanted to use in which file:

A.   permissions.xml

B.   AndroidManifest.xml

C.   platform.xml

D.   config.xml

36: In order to deploy a Phonegap app to an iPhone or iPad you will need a:

A.   A Provisioning Profile from Apple

B.   A Phonegap Certificate

C.   Provisioning Profile and Certificate from Apple (both C and D)

D.   A Certificate from Apple

37: Phonegap uses native UI instead of CSS to position HTML elements

A.   False


38: jquery is a required library in a Phonegap project


B.   False

39: The "onprogress" property is most closely associated with which PhoneGap object?

A.   FileTransfer

B.   notification.confirm

C.   notification.alert

D.   InAppBrowser

40: What does function "camera.getPicture" do?

A.   Open the device's gallery of images

B.   Open the device's default camera application

C.   Upgrade the user's camera to the latest software version

D.   Select a photo for sharing through email, text or social media

41: Which of the following best describes PhoneGap's architecture?

A.   PhoneGap has a two tier architecture.

B.   PhoneGap has a template based architecture.

C.   PhoneGap has a plugin-based architecture.

D.   PhoneGap has a MVC architecture.

42: Phonegap requires you to use XHTML

A.   TRUE after Phonegap version 2.3

B.   False


43: To which directory/directories do you copy your splash screen image for Android development?

A.   File/popout directories

B.   Splash/draw directory

C.   Res/drawable directories

D.   Resources/splash directory

44: Which callback function do we need to implement in order to get info from the Compass using the CompassHeading object?

A.   "compassGo"

B.   "compassSuccess"

C.   "degreesCompass"

D.   "headingSuccess"

45: When developing iOS PhoneGap plugins, you execute the plugin by using a call from:

A.   All of these are valid

B.   JavaScript using cordova.exec function

C.   JavaScript using function

D.   a custom HTML5 tag

46: Which of the following objects can be graphically customized?

A.   None of these

B.   notification.beep

C.   notification.alert

D.   notification.confirm

47: Which class should be extended by Android plugins?

A.   Activity

B.   PhoneGapPlugin

C.   PluginIntent

D.   CordovaPlugin

48: Which of the following events is fired when a PhoneGap application is sent to the background?

A.   "pagebeforeshow"

B.   "ondeviceready"

C.   "pause"

D.   "resume"

49: In order to access device-level features (i.e. access to camera) in version 3.0, you must implement it as a plugin. The plugin is added (or removed) to your project by:

A.   Downloading from the Phonegap website

B.   Manually adding to your project

C.   Using the CLI’s plugin command

D.   Downloading directly from Github

50: Anonymous Javascript functions are prohibited in Phonegap

A.   only if they rely on variables in native code

B.   Only if they are not contained within a Javascript closure

C.   YES

D.   NO