Quality Control Checking MCQs

Quality Control Checking MCQs

Welcome to MCQss.com's page on Quality Control Checking MCQs. Here, you will find a collection of multiple-choice questions designed to enhance your understanding of quality control checking and its principles. Each question provides options for you to select and evaluate your answers.

Quality control checking is an essential aspect of ensuring product or service quality. It involves the inspection, analysis, and evaluation of various components and processes to identify and rectify defects or deviations from quality standards. Quality control professionals use a range of techniques and methodologies to perform thorough checks and ensure that products or services meet customer expectations.

To excel in quality control checking, it is important to have knowledge of various inspection techniques, quality standards, statistical analysis methods, defect identification and analysis, process improvement methodologies, and quality assurance principles. Quality control professionals need to possess strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of quality management practices.

MCQss.com's free Quality Control Checking MCQs provide an opportunity to enhance your skills and assess your knowledge in this field. By practicing these MCQs, you can improve your understanding of quality control checking principles, techniques, and best practices. It allows you to reinforce your knowledge, identify areas for improvement, and gain confidence in your quality control checking abilities.

The benefits of utilizing Quality Control Checking MCQs include sharpening your skills, preparing for job interviews or assessments related to quality control, and expanding your expertise in the field of quality management and process improvement.

1: Run according to the order in the execution Flow is_____________?

A.   Automation runner

B.   None

C.   Manual runner

D.   Manual runner And Automation runner

2: Which shortcut is used to access the first step in Design Step Editor?

A.   Alt + Up

B.   Alt + Right

C.   Alt + Left

D.   Alt + Home

A.   List test sets that appear in the Test set list

B.   All

C.   List the test set hierarchically

D.   List set from al test set with FAILED test run status

4: Which is odd one out?

A.   Functional

B.   Business

C.   Purge

D.   Folder

5: In filter which logical operator is not accepted?

A.   { }

B.   =

C.   ( )

D.   >=, =<

6: Which odd one out?

A.   Purge run


C.   WR automated

D.   LR Scenario

7: This set includes fundamental test that contains positive checks, validating the application.

A.   Advanced test case

B.   Function test case

C.   Sanity test case

D.   Regression test case

A.   Requirement>>Run Step>>Run>>Test Instance>>Test

B.   RunStep>>Run>>Test>>Test Instance>>Requirement

C.   Run Step>>Run>>Test Instance>>Test>>Requirement

D.   Requirement>>Run>>Run step>>Test>>Test Instance

9: ________ indicates that the alert has already been read.

A.   Grey flag

B.   Black flag

C.   Red flag

D.   Green flag

10: ___________ is used to restrict and dynamically change the fields and values in the Defects Grid.

A.   All

B.   Script Editor

C.   QC Editor

D.   VB Editor

11: _____ is used to delete old test run?

A.   Delete test

B.   Del Run

C.   Purge run

D.   Free run

12: _________ is enable us to analyze the breakdown of child requirement according to test coverage status.

A.   Requirement Tree

B.   Coverage Analysis

C.   Requirement Grid

D.   Requirement view

13: Which of the following is used to see the requirement status?

A.   Coverage Breakdown

B.   Coverage Status

C.   Requirements Status

D.   Coverage Analysis

14: Which is not true in case of Filter Selection?

A.   Do not use filter

B.   Update filter

C.   Use current filter

D.   Ilter

15: In requirement module, which filed is not stored in the Version Control?

A.   RBQM field

B.   All

C.   Direct Cover Status

D.   Reviewed

16: Which is not true in case of Creating Releases and Cycle?

A.   Date range for a release must be contained within the date range for the cycle to which it belongs

B.   Both have start and end date

C.   We start a release tree by adding a folder under the release root folder

D.   Release and Cycle have ID and are not editable

17: Run according to the order in the execution Grid is _________?

A.   Automation runner And Manual runner

B.   Manual runner

C.   None

D.   Automation runner

18: Which is not true in case of Root Folder?

A.   You cannot add a test set directly to the unattached folder

B.   Unattached folder contains test set no longer associated with a folder

C.   You can add a test set directly to root folder

D.   Under root folder unattached folder is present

19: ___________ shows the accumulation of defects in QC project.

A.   Defect Summary Graph

B.   Defect Age Graph

C.   Defect Trend Graph

D.   Defect Progress Graph

20: Solid Blue line indicated that:

A.   Test to be executed after the previous test, with no condition

B.   Test to be executed only if the previous test has status passed

C.   All

D.   Test to be executed only if the previous test has finished