Real Time Operating System MCQs

Real Time Operating System MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Real Time Operating System MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Real Time Operating System by answering these 20 multiple-choice questions.
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1: What is the Real-time systems?

A.   Used for program development

B.   Used for real-time interactive users

C.   Primarily used on mainframe computers

D.   Used for monitoring events as they occur

2: Which of the following is correct in real time?

A.   Preemptive kernels

B.   Non-preemptive kernels

C.   Neither preemptive nor non-preemptive kernels

D.   Preemptive kernels or non preemptive kernels

3: Designing of system take into considerations of_______

A.   Hardware

B.   Operating system

C.   Communication system

D.   All of above

4: The interrupt latency should be _______

A.   Maximum

B.   Minimal

C.   Zero

D.   None of the above

5: Memory management units

A.   Increase the time required to complete an operation

B.   Increase the power consumption of the system

C.   Increase the cost of the system

D.   All of above

6: What type of fault remains in the system for some period and then disappears?

A.   Transient

B.   Permanent

C.   Intermittent

D.   All of above

7: Hard real time operating system has ________ jitter than a soft real time operating system.

A.   Less

B.   More

C.   Equal

D.   All of above

8: It is guaranteed that critical real time tasks will be completed within their deadlines.

A.   Soft

B.   Hard

C.   Critical

D.   All of above

9: What is the priority of a real time task?

A.   May degrade over time

B.   Must degrade over time

C.   Must not degrade over time

D.   None of the above

10: The amount of memory in a real time system is generally

A.   Less compared to PCs

B.   High compared to PCs

C.   Same as in PCs

D.   They do not have any memory

11: In ______ OS, the response time is very critical

A.   Batch

B.   Online

C.   Real-time

D.   Multitasking

12: VxWorks is centered around _______

A.   Unix kernel

B.   Linux kernel

C.   Wind microkernel

D.   None of the above

13: In rate monotonic scheduling _______

A.   Shorter duration job has higher priority

B.   Longer duration job has higher priority

C.   Priority does not depend, duration of the job

D.   None of them

14: Priority inversion is solved by use of _________

A.   Time protocol

B.   Two phase lock protocol

C.   Priority inheritance protocol

D.   All of above

15: Fast response of real time processing is considered as its

A.   Network

B.   Advantage

C.   Disadvantage

D.   Characteristic

16: System which processes data instructions without any delay is classified as

A.   Online system

B.   Offline system

C.   Instruction system

D.   Real time system

17: Which of these devices can have an REAL TIME operating system?

A.   ATM

B.   Server

C.   Tesla car

D.   Gaming console

18: What type of number

A.   Integer number

B.   Rational number

C.   Whole number

D.   All of above

19: Antilock brake systems, flight management systems, pacemakers are examples of

A.   Hard real time system

B.   Safety critical system

C.   Soft real time system

D.   Both A & B

20: Real time systems need to interrupt latency are

A.   Minimize

B.   Minimize

C.   Both A & B

D.   None of them