Samba MCQs

Samba MCQs

Try to answer these 60+ Samba MCQs and check your understanding of the Samba subject.
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1: What does PDC stand for?

A.   Principle Domain Catalyst

B.   Primary Disk Controller

C.   Primary Domain Controller

D.   Principle Domain Catalyst

2: Which of the following best describes the number of smbd processes that should be running at one time on a properly configured Samba server?

A.   One for each client connected to Samba

B.   At least one, and an additional one for each printer being used by Samba

C.   At least one, and an additional process for each client connected to Samba

3: Which of the following best describes the function of smbd?

A.   It provides LDAP services to clients

B.   It provides Active Directory services to clients

C.   It provides NetBIOS name resolution services to clients

D.   It provides file sharing and print services to clients

4: Which of the following is not a net groupmap command?

A.   list

B.   add

C.   Post

D.   delete

5: Which of the following is a Domain Controller Type?

A.   ADS Domain Controller

B.   All of the above

C.   Primary Domain Controller

D.   Backup Domain Controller

6: True or False? Samba provides file and print services for various Microsoft Windows clients and can integrate with a Windows Server domain.

A.   False

B.   True

7: What is the Web-based interface that can be used to facilitate the configuration of Samba?



C.   L-Soft

D.   Archy

8: To improve Samba server performance on Linux an administrator can add the following option to smb.conf

A.   syslog only = yes

B.   socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192

C.   encrypt passwords = false

D.   obey pam restrictions = no

9: Which of the following methods should be used to make changes to the smbpasswd file?

A.   /etc/passwd

B.   adduser

C.   addgrp

D.   /etc/shadow

E.   smbpasswd

10: Is smbd a Samba Daemon?


B.   True

11: Which of the following best describes the function of nmbd?

A.   It provides LDAP services to clients

B.   It provides file sharing and print services to clients

C.   It provides Active Directory services to clients

D.   It provides NetBIOS name resolution services to clients

12: What is a Samba PDC?

A.   Preliminary Dos Contributor

B.   Primary Domain Controller

C.   Post Data Controller

D.   Primary Data Class

13: A system administrator is preparing to take down the system for routine maintenance. The network is primarily used for Samba services. Before upgrading to the latest Linux kernel, the administrator wants to make sure there are no remaining connections. Which of the following programs can the administrator use to see the open connections?

A.   smbrowser

B.   smbstatus

C.   route

D.   traceroute

E.   ping

14: Which of the following does SWAT provide for administrators maintaining a Samba server?

A.   A simple command-line sharing monitor

B.   An easy-to-use, Web-based tool

C.   A powerful security system

D.   An alternative to Samba

15: True or False? In share-level security, the client authenticates itself separately for each share.

A.   True

B.   False

16: Parameter values in smb.conf file fall into which of these categories?

A.   Integer

B.   Boolean

C.   Character String or List

D.   All of the above

17: Which of the following is a function of a WINS server?

A.   Map IP addresses to domain names

B.   Map IP addresses to logical addresses

C.   Map IP addresses to IPX names

D.   Map IP addresses to NetBIOS names

E.   Map IP addresses to subnet addresses

18: In the context of shared libraries (PAM) stands for?

A.   Pluggable Authentication Mode

B.   Plug And Mend

C.   Pluggable Administrative Mode

D.   Pluggable Authentication Modules

19: Two daemons, smbd and nmbd, provide communication between Windows and Linux machines. Each daemon controls a portion of the work. Which of the following statements correctly match these daemons with the jobs they perform?

A.   smbd performs NetBIOS lookups. & nmbd performs file and print sharing.

B.   smbd performs file and print sharing. & nmbd performs NetBIOS lookups.

20: Pauline is the system administrator of a Local Area Network (LAN) that contains Linux and Windows clients. The LAN uses a file server that runs on a Windows NT server. In order to have fewer servers on the network, Pauline wants to place all Linux users' home directories on the Windows server. Can the Linux machines be configured so that this is possible Why or why not?

A.   Yes, an entry can be placed in /etc/fstab to mount smb file systems

B.   Yes, by mounting the remote file system using NTFS instead ofsmb

C.   No,smb file systems cannot be mounted on Linux systems

D.   No, only localsmb file systems may be mounted on Linux systems

21: Diego, an administrator, has set up a Samba server to provide Windows users access to their Linux home directories. In the [homes] share, which of the following should he use to define the path of the home directories as "/home/samba/<user name>"?

A.   path = /home/samba/%n

B.   path = /home/samba/%h

C.   path = /home/samba/%q

D.   path = /home/samba/%s

E.   path = /home/samba/%u

22: Which of the following Samba programs will listen for NetBIOS over IP name service requests?

A.   named

B.   nmbd

C.   smbd

D.   swat

23: In order for encrypted passwords to be available to Samba, which of the following lines should appear in smb.conf?

A.   encryptpasswd = yes & encrypt = /etc/shadow

B.   smb passwd file = /usr/local/etc/smbpasswd & encrypt passwords = yes

C.   encryptpass = /usr/local/etc/smbpasswd

24: Hans wants to change his SMB password on the local system. Which of the following should he type to do this?

A.   smbpasswd -f /etc/passwd <username>

B.   smbpasswd <username>

C.   smbpasswd -U -F <username>

D.   smbpasswd -U <username>

25: Liz wants to grant administrative access to three users. How should she edit the smb.conf file?

A.   root users =sam, bob, erica

B.   admin users =sam, bob, erica

C.   users =sam, bob, erica

D.   superusers = sam, bob, erica

26: Ron, a Windows user on his local network, asked his co-worker Ned to save a fle on the file server (a Linux machine). Ned saves the file in the specified directory and sends Ron a message to tell him it is there. Ron looks in the file server share, but he cannot find the file until he checks it 20 minutes later. Why is Ron having this problem?

A.   The "change notify timeout" parameter of the smb.conf file is set to 1200

B.   The "browse list" parameter of thesmb.conf file is set to 1200

C.   The "browseable" parameter of the smb.conf file is set to 1200

D.   The "deadtime" parameter of the smb.conf file is set to 1200

27: Phillipe, an administrator, would like to configure Samba as a domain client and has added the following lines to smb.conf. The domain client is not functioning properly. What is wrong with this section of his smb.conf file? security = domain netbios name = bigsamba domain name = mydomain machine password timeout = 100

A.   Line 3 should be "workgroup =mydomain"

B.   Line 2 should be "netbios name = true"

C.   Line 1 should be "domain = security"

D.   Line 4 should be "machine password timeout = true"

28: When MS Windows machines interact with each other, with other servers, and with domain controllers as standalone systems, they are more commonly called:

A.   Workgroup members

B.   Controller participants

C.   Full participants

D.   Domain members

29: An administrator has recently discovered many malicious attacks on a Samba server. The attacks originate from two rogue hosts (badhost1 and badhost2) in the NIS netgroup called "nisnet". Which of the following smb.conf entries will allow any host from nisnet to access the Samba server except badhost1 and badhost2?

A.   hosts allow =nisnet EXCEPT badhost1, badhost2 hosts deny = ALL

B.   hosts allow = @nisnet hosts deny = ALL EXCEPT badhost1, badhost2

C.   hosts allow = @nisnet hosts deny = badhost1, badhost2

D.   hosts allow = *.nisnet hosts deny = !badhost1, !badhost2

30: A system administrator has Samba running on a machine that has direct access to the Internet, as well as access to the local area network through two different network interfaces. As part of the configuration, the administrator adds the lines below to smb.conf. Which of the following describes the function of these two lines? interfaces = bind interfaces only = yes

A.   Samba will use the IP address when making DNS requests.

B.   Samba will only serve requests to the IP address

C.   Hosts outside the local area network will not be allowed to connect to the Samba shares.

D.   Samba will not accept connection requests from the 192.168.1 subnet.

31: What command would be used to prevent a user named 'smitty' from logging in?

A.   root# smbpasswd -d smitty

B.   root# smbpasswd -e smitty

C.   root# smbpasswd -E smitty

D.   root# smbpasswd -d smitty!

32: Annie is using Windows 95. In order for her to connect to the Samba server, she needs to run the regedit program and add an entry to the Windows registry. What type of registry entry should Annie add, and what should its value be?

A.   Enter a new DWORD Value named "EnablePlainTextPassword" with a value of one.

B.   Enter a new Binary Value named "EnablePlainTextPassword" with a value of one.

C.   Enter a new String Value named "EnablePlainTextPassword" with a value of zero.

D.   Enter a new Host Value named "EnablePlainTextPassword" with a value of zero.

33: Instead of linking all Samba commands to paths already defined in his environment, Fred wants to include /usr/local/samba/bin in his path. Which of the following will allow Fred to do this?

A.   Edit thesmb.conf file to include the parameter "include=/usr/local/samba/bin"

B.   Edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file to change Fred's environment to look in /usr/local/samba/bin for commands

C.   Edit the /etc/profile file to change Fred's environment to look in /usr/local/samba/bin for commands

D.   Add Fred's paths to the /path directory

34: A username map is?

A.   a comprised list of all usernames available on your server

B.   a mechanism for translating a login name sent by a client in the session setup request to a local Unix username.

C.   a program to adjust user permission levels eg make admins, superusers etc

D.   a mechanism used to "blacklist" all users that cannot access, or edit any disk shares

35: which is equivalent to: comment = this is not a comment

A.   comment = this is not / a comment

B.   comment = this is not \ a comment

C.   comment = this is not & a comment

D.   comment = this is not /n a comment

36: When setting up a new print share what piece of information is not needed?

A.   The IP address associated with each machine

B.   The name of the print share

C.   The name of the printer

D.   The type of printing supported by the OS for this queue

37: All MS Windows networking uses ______ messaging.

A.   WINS-based

B.   zero-based

C.   SMB-based

D.   One off

38: Which of these are NOT advantages to non-encrypted passwords?

A.   Someone using a network sniffer cannot just record passwords going to the SMB server.

B.   Use of other services (such as Telnet and FTP) that send plaintext passwords over the network makes sending them for SMB easy.

C.   Plaintext passwords are not kept on disk and are not cached in memory.

D.   Plaintext passwords use the same password file as other UNIX services, such as Login and FTP.

39: Which of the following best describes the function of the global max xmit parameter in smb.conf?

A.   It defines the maximum number of TCP ACKs the server can transmit to the clients

B.   It defines the maximum NetBIOS queries a server can accept

C.   It defines the maximum number of packets that are stored in RAM before they are written to disk

D.   It defines the maximum packet size that Samba exchanges with a client

40: What is the function of the smbclient command?

A.   It provides access to a Samba-enabled computer from a Windows machine

B.   It allows a Windows share to be mounted from a computer running Linux

C.   It provides access to shared resources on a Windows computer

D.   It provides access to Linux shares from a Windows computer

41: Parameter names are case sensitive


B.   False

42: The system administrator is trying to set up a smbpasswd file from the /etc/passwd file. The system is not using NIS. Which of the following is the proper command line to produce the smbpasswd file in the "/usr/local/samba/private/" directory?

A. /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd

B.   cat /etc/passwd | > /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd

C. | /etc/passwd > /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd

D.   cat /etc/passwd > /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd

43: Isabella has recently enabled SSL support on a large Samba server and has issued the command below. What did Isabella accomplish with this command? ssleay ca -days 100 -infiles client1-csr > client1.pem

A.   She has "signed" the client (client1) certificate and authorized it to use the server

B.   She has removed the client (client1) certificate from the system

C.   She has created a temporary file (client1.pem) that generates a public certificate for the client (client1)

44: After upgrading Samba to a newer version, older Windows 95, 98 or ME clients fail to access shares on Samba server. To fix this issue an administrator should add the following lines to the [global] section of smb.conf, then restart Samba and re-create user passwords.

A.   wins support = yes obey pam restrictions = no encrypt passwords = false

B.   security = share encrypt passwords = false

C.   wins support = yes dns proxy = yes name resolve order = wins lmhosts host bcast

D.   lanman auth = yes client lanman auth = yes client plaintext auth = yes

E.   winbind enum users = no usershare allow guests = yes

45: Maynard is optimizing his Samba services to provide ease of use as well as security. He has added the line below to /etc/auto.misc. Which of the following best describes the purpose of this addition? docs -fstype=smb, username=bob, password=2ghtex9s ://servermain/docs

A.   This prevents users other than "bob" from accessing the "docs" share

B.   This allows the "docs" share to beautomounted by "bob" on login

C.   This prevents users listed ("bob") from accessing the "docs" share

D.   This line is required for Samba to export the "docs" share

E.   This allows automatic logins and logouts to the "docs" share

46: Which of the following authentication methods are valid options in smb.conf?

A.   user, isam, winbind, ads, domain

B.   user, sam, ad, domain, localdomain

C.   guest, sam, winbind, ntdomain, trustdomain

D.   user, guest, winbind, ads, domain

E.   guest, isam, ad, ntdomain, trustdomain

47: When dealing with client variables, which variable indicates the IP address of the interface on the server to which the client connected

A.   %p

B.   %I

C.   $p

D.   %i

48: Which of the following does the "create mask" parameter allow Samba to do?

A.   It allows Samba to mapUnix permissions to MS-DOS modes.

B.   It allows Samba to map MS-DOS modes toUnix permissions.

C.   It allows authentication forUnix with MS-DOS.

D.   It allows Samba to overrideUnix and MS-DOS permissions.

E.   It allows authentication for MS-DOS withUnix.

49: An administrator has modified his smb.conf file with regards to the server's behavior during elections for preferred master browser. The two modified lines listed below cause which of the following to take place? preferred master = true domain master = yes

A.   smbd will hold elections for preferred master but not for domain master.

B.   nmbd will hold elections with a guarantee of winning.

C.   smbd will bypass the election process and become preferred master.

D.   nmbd will not hold elections for domain master.

50: Palmer, an administrator working on a Linux/Windows NT network, has issued the command below. What is he doing? rpcclient -S '\\NTmachine' -U administrator -W NTDOM

A.   He is connecting to a Windows NT machine called "NTmachine" as administrator.

B.   He is adding a Windows NT machine called "NTmachine" to Samba's list of secure systems.

C.   He is defining the method by which RPCs connect to and communicate with the Samba server; in this case using a login and password combination.

D.   He is resetting the password and login on "NTmachine" to "NTDOM" and "administrator," respectively.