Try to answer these SAP HANA XSJS MCQs and check your understanding of the SAP HANA XSJS subject.
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1: Which type of access does the Project Explorer view provide to repository content in SAP HANA studio?

A.   Write access to all packages

B.   Read/write access to authorized packages in the repository

C.   Read-only access to all packages

D.   Read/write access to local content only

2: Network authentication protocol is required for HANA server access?

A.   True

B.   False

3: Which tool contains dedicated monitoring functionality for SAP HANA?


B.   SAP solution manager

C.   HDBSQL command line

D.   All of the above

4: What is the mandatory setting for configuring the import server in the SAP HANA studio?

A.   Type of objects Source connection

B.   Server address Repository name

C.   Type of objects SAP HANA target object

D.   Repository name Logon credentials

5: SAP HANA contains OLAP data (only) in the memory.

A.   True

B.   False

6: What source databases does HANA support for batch loads ?

A.   SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0

B.   SAP BusinessObjects Data Sources 4.0

C.   SAP BusinessObjects Delta Services 4.0

D.   SAP BusinessObjects DNS Sources 4.0

7: What is an example of a selective data load using SAP Landscape Transformation?

A.   Selected data field values are randomized and loaded into SAP HANA.

B.   Selected units or currencies are converted into recalculated amounts or values and loaded into SAP HANA.

C.   Selected data for transformation is split into portions.

D.   Selected data for a range of years is loaded into SAP HANA.

8: What is the connection type for communication between the SAP LT Replication Server and the non-SAP source system?


B.   Web service


D.   Database

9: Which of the following must be running to view SAP HANA Diagnosis Files if the SAP HANA database is offline?

A.   Sapstartsrv

B.   SMD Agent

C.   R3trans

D.   Disp+work

10: By selecting Data Preview tab you can view

A.   Physical tables

B.   Informational Models

C.   Landscapes

D.   Analytic Privileges

11: SAP HANA modeler is a graphical data modeling tool which allows you to design analytical models and later analytical privileges, that governs the access to those models. Which of the following represents a logic flow of activities?

A.   Import source system metadata -> Create Information Models -> Provision Data -> Deploy -> Consume

B.   Import source system metadata -> Provision Data ->Create Information Models -> Deploy -> Consume

C.   Import source system metadata -> Provision Data -> Deploy -> Create Information Models -> Consume

D.   Import source system metadata -> Deploy ->Create Information Models -> Provision Data -> Consume

12: How can you evaluate the speed of a calculation within the database?

A.   Use the Data Preview function in the SAP HANA studio.

B.   Write and execute an appropriate SQL statement.

C.   Both of the above

D.   None of the above

13: Which new connection type is available as of SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0?

A.   Operational Data Provider

B.   BAPI function calls

C.   IDOCs

D.   Read table via ABAP data flows

14: What method is used to extract tables from ECC server in real time?

A.   SLT based table data provisioning

B.   Information Design Tool (IDT)

C.   BI R3 extraction services

D.   None of the above

15: Ultimately, SAP HANA database will replace all databases used in BI/BW, ECC and all other SAP Systems.

A.   True

B.   False