SharePoint MCQs

SharePoint MCQs

Try to answer these 300+ SharePoint MCQs and check your understanding of the SharePoint subject.
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1: Office SharePoint Server bases its navigation model on what structure?

A.   Hierarchical

B.   Flat

C.   Dual

D.   Tree

2: In SharePoint, IRM does what?

A.   Encrypts downloaded files and limits users and programs that are allowed to decrypt files

B.   Decrypts downloaded files and limits users and programs that are allowed to encrypt file

C.   Zip downloaded files and limits users and programs that are allowed to encrypt file

D.   Compress downloaded files and limits users and programs that are allowed to encrypt file

3: In Office SharePoint you can use what application to create Web pages for your site collection?

A.   Office Word 2007 documents

B.   PowerPoint

C.   WordPerfect

D.   Adobe Acrobat

A.   Personal Folder

B.   My Site

C.   Company Intranet page

D.   SharePoint list

5: SharePoint platform is based on this type of service-oriented architecture:

A.   n-tier

B.   And-tier

C.   Ane-tier

D.   End-tier

6: A team site is _____________

A.   used by teams for empowering end users when using document libraries

B.   is based on xml and situated below the main link on the home page.

C.   is hierarchically designed to facilitate the automation of SharePoint.

D.   should be avoided as there are other better templates such as default site and enterprise search site.

E.   one of the default SharePoint site templates that teams can use to create, organize, and share information.

7: The Limited Access permission level grants what type of right?

A.   Modify application pages

B.   Export application pages

C.   View application Pages

D.   Import application pages

8: SharePoint has the ability to store and manage a document's...?

A.   versions

B.   content

C.   All of these

D.   properties

9: You can use these two things to customize layout for Office SharePoint Server sites:

A.   Page format and double pages

B.   Page layouts and master pages

C.   Page format and mistress pages

D.   Page format and single page

10: Features that are available in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 are also available in what version of Office SharePoint Server?

A.   2005

B.   2006

C.   2007

D.   2004

11: SharePoint can be used to manage this type of website:

A.   Public

B.   Private

C.   All of these

D.   Intranet

12: Document management, records management, and Web content management are categories of what?

A.   Format management

B.   Table management

C.   Content management

D.   Text management

13: Site collections contain:

A.   SharePoint sites

B.   SharePoint Models

C.   SharePoint locations

D.   SharePoint containers

14: Which template allows you to coordinate document development with other people?

A.   Document Workspace site template

B.   Text Workspace site template

C.   Graphics Workspace site template

D.   Tables Workspace site template

15: Which page defines the common elements shared by all pages on your site?

A.   Master page

B.   Double Page

C.   The 'ghosted' page

D.   Page Template

16: Which server does social networking and web publishing use for file sharing and web databases?

A.   Microsoft Oracle Server

B.   Microsoft SharePoint Server

C.   Microsoft Access Server

D.   Microsoft SQL Server

17: Both Office SharePoint Server and Windows SharePoint Services include what type of templates?

A.   Location Templates

B.   Site Templates

C.   Windows Templates

D.   Domain Templates

18: What feed enables you to receive and view updates or feeds or news or blogs in one location?

A.   Kindle feed

B.   WAN feed

C.   News feeds

D.   RSS feed

19: The Search Centre site provides what for users?

A.   A distributed location for initiating queries and browsing

B.   A rural location for initiating queries and browsing

C.   A central location for initiating queries and browsing

D.   A urban location for initiating queries and browsing

20: SharePoint Designer is based off which application:

A.   Word

B.   Access

C.   PowerPoint

D.   FrontPage

21: Why might a button be 'greyed out' on the ribbon in SharePoint 2010?

A.   The feature is not enabled for the site. For example, workflows may not be enabled on the site.

B.   The action is not applicable or it depends on some other action, e.g. contextual

C.   All of these

D.   You do not have permission to complete the task.

22: Which application integrates directly into SharePoint's document management functionality?

A.   Microsoft Oracle Web Apps

B.   Microsoft Office Web Apps

C.   Microsoft SQL Web Apps

D.   Microsoft IIS Web Apps

23: The default Team Site template contains which two main zones of content?

A.   Left and Right Web Part Zones

B.   Right Web Part Zones

C.   Front and back Web Part Zones

D.   Left Web Part Zones

24: What is the Gantt chart view of a SharePoint list?

A.   A visual overview of project tasks plotted on an interactive timeline.

B.   A merged list of several projects arranged by priority.

C.   An interactive flowchart showing decision-making outcomes.

D.   A simple table of project tasks.

25: The Alert template is stored where?

A.   The Alerttemplates.doc file

B.   The Alerttemplates.html file

C.   The Alerttemplates.exe file

D.   The Alerttemplates.xml file

26: SharePoint can be used as this platform:

A.   Web application design

B.   Internet application development

C.   Web application coding

D.   Web application development

27: Microsoft Project Server is an extension to SharePoint Server providing integration with which application?

A.   Microsoft Word

B.   Microsoft Office

C.   Microsoft Project

D.   Microsoft Visio

28: How can you switch a SharePoint list to Datasheet View?

A.   On the List Tools tab on the ribbon, click the List tab, and then click Modify View.

B.   On the List Tools tab on the ribbon, click the List tab, and then click Export to Excel.

C.   Drag from the upper-left corner down to the lower-right corner. Right-click your selection, and then click Datasheet View.

D.   On List Tools tab on the ribbon, click the List tab, and then click the Datasheet View button.

29: SharePoint is capable of supporting multiple organizations on a single server what?

A.   Barn

B.   Farm

C.   Platform

D.   Domain

30: With SharePoint you can use this to view portals, team sites, and lists what is it?

A.   Portable drive

B.   Mobile device

C.   Memory Stick

D.   Flash drive

31: The User Profile Sync service, and the Search Indexing service are included in which service?

A.   Applications

B.   Charts

C.   Databases

D.   Tables

32: Where is a web application defined in SharePoint?

A.   Temporary administration console

B.   Application management console

C.   Central administration console

D.   Main management console

33: Which template is used to implement records management and retention?

A.   Hardware centre site template

B.   Data centre site template

C.   Application centre site template

D.   Records Center site template

34: Which site template lets organizations create large-scale document management sites?

A.   Warehouse Centre

B.   Data Centre

C.   Application Centre

D.   Document Centre

35: In SharePoint, PowerPoint creates a what that can be shared?

A.   Storage

B.   Repository

C.   Cluster

D.   Library

36: In SharePoint what does IRM stands for?

A.   Infrastructure Rights Management

B.   Information Rights Management

C.   Information Rule Management

D.   Information Rule Manager

37: Web applications are used as HTTP entry points to:

A.   Site collections

B.   Site storage

C.   Site locations

D.   Site entry

A.   Permission

B.   Rights

C.   Go ahead

D.   Authorization

39: What library helps organizations create, store, and manage translated documents?

A.   Translation Management Library

B.   Transcription Management Library

C.   Transparent Management Library

D.   Translucent Management

40: What are three reasons and advantages of using Site collections?

A.   Design, planning and security

B.   Administrative, planning and security

C.   Documentation, planning and security

D.   Administrative, management, and security

41: Inside SharePoint 2010 Products, a list is:

A.   An Excel Spreadsheet stored in a SharePoint Document Library.

B.   A shareable, yet unchangeable collection of rows and columns; a snapshot of data at a particular time.

C.   A collection of data that is automatically generated by the SharePoint site.

D.   A place where you can privately post information but others cannot.

E.   A collection of data that you can share with team members.

42: This feature is useful in designing, deploying, and managing enterprise intranet portals which is it?

A.   Web Content Management

B.   Application Content Management

C.   Storage Content Management

D.   Database Content Management

43: What type of repository is suggested for storing, managing, and accessing documents in SharePoint?

A.   Private repository

B.   Departmentalized repository

C.   Public repository

D.   Centralized repositories

44: Which one is not the user authentication methods that SharePoint 2013 supports?

A.   SAML based claims

B.   Windows claims

C.   Pop-up based claims

D.   Forms-based authentication claims

45: What's the default threshold for the number of items in a view?

A.   500

B.   5500

C.   500000

D.   50

E.   5000

A.   _site

B.   _catalogs

C.   _root

D.   _www

E.   _catogs

47: In SharePoint this is required before editing, major and minor versions what is it?

A.   Check-in

B.   Sign-out

C.   Check-out

D.   Sign-in

48: Can any SharePoint list be viewed as a Calendar?

A.   No, Announcement & Task lists are not compatible

B.   No, only lists based on the 'Event' Content Type

C.   Yes, as long as it has at least one column using the 'Date & Time' type

49: What is the difference between a document library and a form library?

A.   Document libraries store core documents and Form libraries consist of HTML forms

B.   Document libraries store core documents and Form libraries consist of XLS forms

C.   Document libraries store core documents and Form libraries consist of SQL forms

D.   Document libraries store core documents and Form libraries consist of XML forms

50: Which editor can be used to access and edit underlying SharePoint code?

A.   Notepad

B.   All of these

C.   Visual Studio

D.   SharePoint Designer