Social Responsibility and Community Relations MCQs

Social Responsibility and Community Relations MCQs

Looking for a reliable source of Social Responsibility and Community Relations MCQs? We provide diverse selection of multiple choice questions on Social Responsibility and Community Relations subjects to enhance your knowledge acquisition.

1: B Corporation is ___________ certification

A.   Legal

B.   Not a legal

C.   Illegal

D.   None of these

A.   No

B.   Negative

C.   Positive

D.   No negative

3: Cause Promotion is supporting or increasing awareness and concern for a cause or charity.

A.   True

B.   False

4: Contributions to a cause or charity based on percentage of sales revenues is known as

A.   Cause Promotion

B.   Cause-Related Marketing

C.   Corporate social marketing

D.   Community volunteering

5: In community volunteering employees get involved in a cause via time off or sabbaticals.

A.   True

B.   False

6: Corporate Social Marketing support for a _________ campaign to improve safety, health, or the environment.

A.   Survey

B.   Behavior-changing

C.   Research

D.   Flaws-learning

7: Greenwashing are ________ messaging that a product or a practice is environmentally friendly.

A.   Informative

B.   Social

C.   Deceptive

D.   None of the above

8: In social Entrepreneurship organization’s mission is

A.   Social benefit

B.   Profit

C.   Promoting Philanthropy

D.   Surveillance

9: Socially Responsible Business Practices are discretionary business practices to support

A.   Causes

B.   Surveys

C.   Research

D.   A & B

A.   Natural resources

B.   Natural environment

C.   Artificial intelligence

D.   All of the above

11: Triple Bottom line are performance areas a company should serve and measure:

A.   People

B.   Planet

C.   Profit

D.   All of the above

12: A campaign or product not linked to specific companies is known as

A.   Branded

B.   Unbranded

C.   Any of the above

D.   None