Testing and Experimenting New Ideas in Entrepreneurship MCQs

Testing and Experimenting New Ideas in Entrepreneurship MCQs

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1: Which method is used to prove or disprove the validity of an idea or hypothesis.

A.   Experiment

B.   Hypothesis

C.   MVP

D.   Top-Down Analysis

2: In hypothesis an assumption that is tested through research and _____

A.   Experimentation

B.   Idea’s

C.   Experience

D.   None of these

3: A version of a new product that allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort are called

A.   MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

B.   Pilot Experiment

C.   Storyboard

D.   Both a&c

4: Pilot Experiment is a

A.   Large-scale study

B.   small-scale study

C.   medium-scale study

D.   All of these

5: Storyboard easy form of prototyping that provides a

A.   Low -level view of thoughts

B.   high-level view of thoughts

C.   No giving any idea

6: _____ is a testing technique where you try to book orders for your product before it has been developed.

A.   Advertising

B.   Paper Testing

C.   Preselling

D.   Prototyping

7: A ______ prototype is a more sophisticated version of a mockup that has enough functionality to allow users to really interact with the product or service.


B.   high-fidelity

C.   mockup

D.   rapid

8: neckentrepreneurship2e_ch07_q01

A.   hypothesis

B.   pathway

C.   prototype

D.   experiment

9: Value in ______ is what the service is offered at a competitive price. Value in ______ focuses on the availability and accessibility of the product.

A.   exchange; distribution

B.   use; exchange

C.   distribution; finance

D.   finance; fitness

10: A(n) ______ is an assumption that is tested through research and experimentation.

A.   hypothesis

B.   pathway

C.   prototype

D.   pilot

11: The first of six steps in the scientific process of experimentation is ______.

A.   developing a hypothesis

B.   carrying out background research

C.   analyzing data

D.   asking lots of questions

12: Customers, partners, suppliers, distributors, and even real estate agents with whom you should interact when generating data and experimenting are called ______.

A.   subjects

B.   pilots

C.   stakeholders

D.   backers

13: During the ______ test, the customer thinks they are interfacing with the real product, but it is actually you behind the scenes manually providing the service.

A.   Wizard of Oz

B.   concierge

C.   live product

D.   prototype

14: Which tip listed in the text to help build your curiosity strengths includes asking questions and listening to responses, avoiding being judgmental, encouraging others to ask questions, and avoiding playing the expert in the room?

A.   focus on learning

B.   be a curiosity ambassador

C.   broaden your networks

D.   connect with other curious people

15: One of the most important parts of an experiment is ______.

A.   scientific rigor

B.   customer engagement in your product or service

C.   extensive prototyping of multiple products and services

D.   sticking with your hypothesis

16: What dimension of curiosity is defined by recognizing a gap in knowledge, the frustration this brings, and the determination to fill it?

A.   deprivation sensitivity

B.   joyous exploration

C.   stress intolerance

D.   network broadening

17: ______ is an important strength for many entrepreneurs because experimenting, prototyping, hypothesizing and interviewing would often never come to fruition without it.

A.   Scientific rigor

B.   Extensive finances

C.   Curiosity

D.   Value-in-use

18: A small-scale study conducted to assess the feasibility of a product or service is a ______.

A.   hypothesis

B.   pilot experiment

C.   storyboard

D.   minimum viable product

19: A(n) ______ provides you with a better understanding of your own idea and how it interacts with customers. It is a way of compiling your thoughts and ideas into one visual, easy-to-understand, logical document or set of documents.

A.   pilot experiment

B.   hypothesis

C.   experiential prototype

D.   storyboard

20: What dimension of curiosity is when one enjoys the process of learning about others by talking, listening, and observing?

A.   social sensitivity

B.   joyous exploration

C.   social stress tolerance

D.   social curiosity