Twitter-Development MCQs

Twitter-Development MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Twitter-Development MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Twitter-Development by answering these 100+ multiple-choice questions.
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1: What does API stand for?

A.   Application Programming Integer

B.   Application Product Interface

C.   Application Programming Interface

D.   Application Post Interface

2: True of False? There is a limit to how many calls and changes you can make in a day.

A.   False

B.   True

3: Twitter servers prefer to respond in JSON format.

A.   Both C and D

B.   True only when working with single user profiles.

C.   True only when using a Twitter account as login creditials for another site or app.

D.   True

4: What is the purpose of embeddable timelines?

A.   You cannot embed timelines

B.   Syndicate any public timeline to your website

C.   Reduce the overall footprint of your app

D.   Allow you to exceed the 140 character limit

5: How should you Check CRLs and the OCSP status?

A.   Sanitize your parameters before creating the statements

B.   Ensure that your application or SSL library is configured to force verification

C.   Set your application to accept the Twitter certificate first

D.   Use the OAuth 1.5 access tokens

6: What action can help avoid rate limits?

A.   Place the API result in a cache.

B.   Place all advertisements in specialized containers sharing common screen space.

C.   Allow users to "opt-in" to your application, waiving fee limits.

D.   Send users to your Twitter profile instead of using the Follow button.

7: When consuming the API using JSON, it is important to always use which field instead of "id?"

A.   id_int

B.   id_true

C.   id_par

D.   id_str

8: An entity result has the following value for the "hashtag" property: "hashtags":[{"indices":[32,36],"text":"lol"}] What does this value mean?

A.   Indices are values used as reference pointers in databases. The content of the hashtag is "lol".

B.   The user has 36 total tweets. Out of these, the user has added the #lol hashtag to user tweet 32.

C.   This result has invalid JSON and will not parse.

D.   The user commented in the lol topic stream. The parser found #lol between the 32nd and 36th characters in the user's tweet.

9: What does it mean to "tweet" a blog article?

A.   A user viewing a blog article click on the tweet button. The Twitter API connects to the application provider's Twitter account through the API key and the URL gets +1 votes or 'tweets'.

B.   The document.ready event has just been raised by a user viewing a blog article. The Twitter API connects to the application provider's Twitter account through the API key presenting the user with an interactive advertisement, or "tweet".

C.   A user viewing a blog article clicks on the tweet button. The user must sign in to their Twitter account if they are logged on. Users are then presented with options to share the URL with their follows.

D.   A user viewing a blog article reach the end of the article. The user must sign in to their Twitter account if they are logged on. Users are then presented with option to comment directly on the article, or "tweet", using their Twitter account.

10: True or False? the API only allows for one, Twitter approved, Tweet Button design.

A.   True

B.   False

11: Twitter was originally developed using what programming framework?

A.   CakePHP

B.   Java

C.   Django

D.   Ruby on Rails

12: How should connection errors be handled?

A.   Return a descriptive error message to the user

B.   Keep an encrypted log of users who continually have issues for future testing

C.   Instruct your user to set up a proxy

D.   Immediately contact Twitter about an expired certificate

13: Which API allows allows access to the nouns and verbs of Twitter such as reading timelines, tweeting, and following?

A.   The PLATform API

B.   The Streaming API


D.   The Ads API

14: What purpose does serve?

A.   Removes a tweet from the user's timeline.

B.   Allow users to post an existing tweet to their own profile.

C.   Refetch the most recently fetched tweet data. Usually for error handling

D.   Updates and repost a specific tweet instance

15: What is CURL frequently used for?

A.   Testing web applications and communication with the API

B.   Setting up secure connections, like HTTPS

C.   Preventing spam and bots, like CAPTCHA

D.   Running error code diagnostics

16: What does GET search/tweets return?

A.   Returns a single Tweet, specified by the id parameter

B.   Returns a collection of relevant Tweets matching a specified query

C.   Returns information allowing the creation of an embedded representation of a Tweet on third party sites.

D.   Returns a collection of up to 100 user IDs belonging to users who have retweeted the tweet specified by the id parameter.

17: Which of these are not APIs that Twitter offers?

A.   Search API


C.   Java API

D.   Streaming API

18: What is an Embedded Tweet?

A.   Device independant HTML with optional JavaScript and web intents

B.   A method of placing tweets inside of other tweets

C.   Saving information about a tweet to an internal database.

D.   Using the information from a tweet on the server.

19: Which parameter, when set to the string true, will cause periodic messages to be delivered if the client is in danger of being disconnected?

A.   filter_tweets

B.   stall_warning

C.   delimited

D.   replies

20: What does REST stand for?

A.   Representational State Transfer

B.   Recreational Symbol Transfer

C.   Really Simple Timeline

D.   Roaming Ethernet State Test

21: How do I walk a timeline by date or time?

A.   GET statuses/user_timeline.

B.   GET statuses/home_timeline

C.   There are no explicit methods to do so. Use since_id and max_id to consume a timeline linearly

D.   GET statuses/mentions

22: When do Twitter's OAuth 1.1A access tokens expire?

A.   After 100 requests

B.   This is set by the end-user

C.   After seven days

D.   There is no explicit expiration datetime attached to them.

23: Twitter API uses signatures for some forms of authenticated requests. Signatures must maintain compatibility with what ?

A.   OpenID API

B.   OpenGraph API

C.   Twitter Snowflake

D.   OAuth API

24: Which of these is NOT an example of a Twitter card?

A.   App

B.   Game

C.   Photo

D.   Summary

25: How are rate limits determined on the Streaming API?

A.   You set the rate limit when constructing the app

B.   The public streaming APIs cap the number of messages sent to your client to a small fraction of the total volume of Tweets at any given moment

C.   There is no rate cap

D.   The limit is determined by the popularity and traffic generated by your app

26: What does the field "created_at" denote, in regards to tweets?

A.   The UTC time when a tweet was created

B.   This is not a valid field

C.   The scheduled time a tweet will send

D.   The physical coordinates where a tweet was created

27: Which parameter is a comma-separated list of longitude,latitude pairs specifying a set of bounding boxes to filter Tweets by?

A.   filter_tweets

B.   locations

C.   count

D.   phrases

28: True or False? It is a best practice to always store user passwords?

A.   True

B.   False

29: True of False? Search queries need to be authenticated in version 1.1.

A.   False

B.   True

30: Rate limits are what?

A.   A limit on the amount of interactions, such as Tweet or Follow, initiated by users in an application.

B.   A limit on how much a user may be charged for applications using the Twitter API.

C.   A limit on the visibility and frequency of advertisements in the same window as the Twitter app stream.

D.   A limit on how many requests Twitter's API servers will accept in a given timeframe.

31: What are Twitter Cards

A.   They allow websites to generate copy and paste-able HTML markup to render a Tweet on any website.

B.   They provide simple interfaces for most Twitter functionality.

C.   They make it possible to display public timelines on your website with a single line of code.

D.   They make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link to your content.

32: The Twitter API is not meant for use in mobile/smart phone applications

A.   Only for serving authenticated users.

B.   Only with special permission from Twitter.


D.   False

33: True or False? The "page" parameter begins on 1, not 0.

A.   False

B.   True

A.   Embedded Tweets

B.   Twitter Cards

C.   Embedded Timelines

D.   Twitter Buttons

35: In what format does the API return error messages?

A.   JSON and XML

B.   None of these

C.   XML


36: What does Twitter use for character encoding?


B.   UTF-16


D.   UTF-8

37: What does the field "possibly_sensitive" denote, in regards to tweets?

A.   The user the tweet originated from has a potentially at risk operating system

B.   The URL contained in a tweet may contain content identified as sensitive

C.   The photo in the link will only be hosted for a short period of time

D.   The number of times a tweet has been retweeted

38: What types of character-encoding is accepted by the Twitter API?

A.   UTF-8

B.   US-ASCII (7 bit unit)


D.   UTF-16

39: What is the Search API limit?

A.   3000 queries per 30 minute window

B.   There is no limit

C.   180 queries per 15 minute window

D.   1000 queries per hour

40: After validating your network and code, what should you do before anything else if you are having connection difficulties?

A.   Immediately contact Twitter support staff. Support charges may be associated to your application's API key.

B.   Switch to using the REST API.

C.   Check Twitter's developer site for useful status information.

D.   Contact your project manager for authorization to submit a help ticket.

41: How do you count favorites?

A.   Use count_fav

B.   Favorite counts aren't available throughout the API at this time

C.   Use GET favorites/show/id

D.   Use the id_fav object

42: Non-space separated languages, such as CJK and Arabic, are supported by the Streaming API


B.   False

43: What is the Twitter supplied cipher default?

A.   Helix

B.   RC4


D.   A5/1

44: How can you prevent SQL injection attacks?

A.   Make sure you are using the latest version of the Twitter API

B.   Using parametrized input to create statements

C.   Change the rate limit parameters

D.   Having a double opt-in feature set up before using the app

45: When storing a numeric Twitter user id in an 3rd party database, what type should the value be?

A.   64 bit integer

B.   SQL enum

C.   32 bit, unsigned integer

D.   32 bit, signed integer

46: What are endpoints ?

A.   A JSON formatted string sometimes appended to the end of API return values.

B.   Structured URLs to Twitter API web services

C.   Special tweets suggesting the application cease to load new tweets from a timeline.

D.   The final step during user authentication.

A.   Links will be wrapped when Twitter receives a tweet using POST statuses/update or a direct message using POST direct_messages/new.

B.   Links will be wrapped when Twitter receives a tweet using POST url/update or a direct message using POST url/new.

C.   Links will be wrapped when Twitter receives a tweet using POST links/update or a direct message using POST links/new.

D.   Links will be wrapped when Twitter receives a tweet using POST wrap_url/update or a direct message using POST wrap_url/new.

48: What does the REST API enable?

A.   It is a suite of products that enables websites to easily integrate Twitter. Ideal for site developers looking to quickly and easily integrate very basic Twitter function.

B.   Allows a user to query for Twitter content. This may include finding a set of tweets with specific keywords, finding tweets referencing a specific user, or finding tweets from a particular user.

C.   Enables developers to access some of the core primitives of Twitter including timelines, status updates, and user information

49: True or False? Site Streams does NOT offer the ability to track real-time "searches" on public tweets, mixed in with the "me feed."

A.   False

B.   True

50: Authenticating using signatures means using what kind of encryption?

A.   OpenPGP

B.   None, the signature is not encrypted but only encoded in base64.

C.   AES