Windows 7 MCQs

Windows 7 MCQs

The following Windows 7 MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Windows 7. We encourage you to answer these 100+multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: Which of the following displays the IP configuration of a computer's Interfaces ?

A.   Netstat

B.   Tracert

C.   Ipconfig

D.   NetUse

E.   Ping

2: You can open the "Uninstall or change a program" window using which Run command?

A.   ncpa.cpl

B.   main.cpl

C.   inetcpl.cpl

D.   hdwwiz.cpl

E.   appwiz.cpl

3: Which Control Panel option will show you the graphics component rating of your computer?

A.   System and Maintenance > Performance Information and Tools

B.   System and Maintenance > Problem Reports and Solutions

C.   Appearance and Personalization > Ease of Access Center

D.   Programs > Programs and Features

4: How do you change the desktop background?

A.   Right click on the desktop > Personalize > Desktop Background > choose an image and click Save Changes.

B.   Control Panel > Display > Change Display Settings > choose an image and click Save Changes.

C.   Control Panel > Personalize > Window Color icon > choose an image and click Save Changes.

D.   Right click on the desktop > View > Desktop Background > choose an image and click Save Changes.

5: Is it possible to create and attach VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) disks in Windows 7 Disk Management?

A.   No

B.   Yes

6: How can you check for malware on your computer?

A.   View the System Stability Chart on the Reliability Monitor taskpad

B.   Run a Windows Defender scan

C.   Run chkdsk on each drive

D.   View the Microsoft Windows Experience Index of the system

7: Pressing the windows key + L will do which of the following?

A.   Open a search window

B.   Restart the computer

C.   Load the most recently closed program

D.   Lock the computer

E.   Lengthen the current window to fill the screen horizontally

8: To view hidden files using Windows Explorer you should:

A.   Update Windows to the Enterprise Edition

B.   Run Windows Explorer with the /showall switch

C.   Open the Command Prompt and type in "showhidden"

D.   Select "Show Hidden Files" in Control Panel/Folder Options/View

9: How to set a computer's date and time?

A.   In the Window that appears click Change date and time settings.

B.   By using command prompt command > Time:/ (Time)

10: By default, can you search for programs and files from the start menu?

A.   No, there is not a search box.

B.   Yes, there is a search box.

11: Where can you change the settings and customize the functionality of your computer?

A.   The Control Panel

B.   My Computer Tab

C.   Documents Tab

12: What Does the Key Combination "Win+R" do?

A.   Runs a diagnostic scan

B.   Opens the MMC

C.   Opens the Run Program

13: What are Windows 7 system requirements?

A.   1GHz processor or 64bit

B.   1GHz processor or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) 1GB of RAM for 32-bit or 2GB of RAM for 64-bit 16GB of hard drive space for 32-bit or 20GB for 64-bit DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher.

14: Which command could you use to get the IP address and MAC address of your PC's network adapter, assuming don't already know either address?

A.   ipconfig

B.   route

C.   netstat

D.   net

E.   arp

15: ____________ allows you to set up a home network in Windows 7 for sharing files and printers.

A.   Homenet

B.   Homegroup

C.   Libraries

D.   Windows Live

16: What happens when you click on the Windows icon from the task bar or press the Windows button on the keyboard?

A.   You can access the Start Menu.

B.   It will take you to the Internet.

C.   Accesses the Control Panel.

D.   There is no Windows button available.

17: At default settings, can you access the control panel when you click on the windows start menu?

A.   Maybe

B.   Yes

C.   No

18: What command do you run to find your IP address from the command line?

A.   ipaddr

B.   ipconfig

C.   ifconfig

D.   netconfig

E.   ip address

19: What program do you use to connect to a pre-configured VPN?

A.   Use the Mobile PC program

B.   Use the Network and Sharing Center program

C.   Use the Ease of Access program

D.   Use the System and Maintenance program

20: How do you view hidden files in Explorer?

A.   Go to Control Panel and select Folder Security

B.   Right click on folder and hide it.

C.   Hold down Alt key and click on "tools" and select "Show Hidden Files and Folders" in explorer

21: Which Run Command will open the System Configuration Utility?

A.   msinfo32

B.   msconfig

C.   sysedit

D.   regedit

E.   syskey

22: Windows 7 supports multiple firewall profiles.

A.   False

B.   True

23: How do you ensure users only use the accounts they've been given?

A.   Use password protection for all user accounts

B.   Disable the default administrator account

C.   Enable Microsoft Windows Firewall

D.   Configure Web sites you approve of in the list of Trusted Sites of Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer

24: We can hide all icons from our Windows 7 default desktop view?

A.   True

B.   False

25: Windows 7 uses the ____ kernel.

A.   NT

B.   XNU

C.   Inferno

D.   ReactOS

26: Which of the following is NOT a default library in Windows 7?

A.   Documents

B.   Programs

C.   Videos

D.   Pictures

27: What does GUI mean?

A.   Graphics User Internet

B.   Graphical User Interface

C.   General Unit Intranet

D.   Graphical Unit Interface

E.   General User Interface

28: Which of the following "cannot" help identify and fix problems with wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi) network connections in Windows ?

A.   All answers are correct.

B.   A wireless network adapter switch that's not enabled.

C.   WEP, WPA, or WPA2 security key or passphrase issues.

D.   Cables that aren't connected properly.

E.   Corrupted or incompatible drivers.

29: Which keyboard shortcut allows you to switch between open application windows?


B.   Win Key+R



30: What happens when you click on the documents tab?

A.   You can see everything that you have downloaded to your computer from the internet.

B.   There is no access to a documents tab.

C.   You get access to letters, reports, notes, and other kinds of documents that are saved to the computer.

31: How do you ensure a standard user can only run applications that you allow?

A.   Configure Parental Controls to allow only specific applications

B.   Disable AutoPlay for software and games

C.   In Windows Defender, configure Allowed items

D.   Configure Parental Controls to block games without ratings

32: How does one access the Registry?

A.   Start> Run>

B.   Start> Run> regedit.exe

C.   Control Panel> Management> Advanced>Registry

D.   My Computer> Regsitry

E.   Start> Registry

33: When you click on the Start (Windows) button and then the arrow button next to the Shut Down button, a list of options appears. Which one of these is not an option on that list?

A.   Switch User

B.   Log off

C.   Lock

D.   Restart

E.   Run

34: A(n) is a computer that controls access to the hardware and software on a network and provides a centralized storage area for programs, data, and information.

A.   network

B.   PC

C.   client

D.   tablet

E.   server

35: You can view system boot time by:

A.   Hover your mouse over the clock and a tool-tip will display the boot time

B.   From a command prompt type "systeminfo"

C.   Hover your mouse over the Start Menu Orb and a tool-tip will display the boot time

D.   In a Google search type "When did I boot"

E.   In the start menu search type: "Boot Time"

36: When multiple accounts are used, which of the following is true?

A.   Time limits are automatically placed on each account

B.   Each user can customize certain account settings

C.   Each user is given an Administrator password

37: What should you do to ensure that your computer does not enter sleep mode when it is sharing media files?

A.   From the Screen Saver Settings, disable screen saver

B.   From the Advanced System Settings, modify the Startup and Recovery settings

C.   From the Power options, modify the power plan

D.   From the Windows Mobility Center, modify Presentation Settings

38: What is the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 installations?

A.   64-bit operating systems can use more RAM - 1 GB and up- -than the 32-bit operating systems.

B.   64-bit operating systems can use more RAM - 4 GB and up- -than the 32-bit operating systems.

C.   32-bit operating systems can use more RAM - 1 GB and up- -than the 64-bit operating systems.

D.   32-bit operating systems can use more RAM - 4 GB and up- -than the 64-bit operating systems.

39: How do you make sure the display of your laptop turns off when it is inactive and running on battery power, without affecting the power settings of your hardrive?

A.   Restore the Battery settings to their default positions

B.   Configure the portable computer to use the High performance power plan

C.   You must turn of the screen manually with brightness settings

D.   Change the advanced power settings in the Battery menu on the taskbar

40: Which of these applications is not available out of the box after installing Windows 7?

A.   A PDF viewer

B.   A tool to create Sticky Notes

C.   A Registry Editor

D.   A Disk Defragmenter

E.   A Document Editor

41: What is the shortcut combo for showing your desktop?

A.   Windows + Alt + Tab

B.   WIndows + K

C.   Windows + D

D.   Windows + Esc

42: What is the keyboard shortcut to lock the computer?

A.   Windows Key + L

B.   Ctrl + Alt + C

C.   Ctrl + Shift + L

D.   There is no shortcut. You have to click Ctrl + Alt + Delete and then select "Lock this computer."

E.   Windows Key + Alt + C

43: What is the appropriate command to repair errors and bad sectors on the system drive

A.   chkdsk c: /f /r

B.   scandsk c: /f /r

C.   dskchk c: /f /r

44: How do you add a gadget to your Windows Sidebar if the gadget is not on the list of available gadgets?

A.   Find the gadget file on the internet then drag and drop the file to the Windows Sidebar feature

B.   Download the gadget file and copy the file to C:\Windows\System32

C.   Download and install the gadget file

D.   Request the gadget file from Microsoft and copy the file to C:\Program Files

45: What is the shortcut key for showing the display on a projector?

A.   Windows Key + S

B.   Ctrl + Shift + P

C.   Windows Key + P

D.   Ctrl + Alt + P

E.   Alt + Shift + S

46: How can you view all the programs installed on your PC?

A.   Navigate to the Control Panel and click Programs & Features

B.   Click on the Start menu and go to Documents and it will give you a list.

C.   Click on the Start menu and go to all programs.

D.   You do not have access to a list of all programs.

47: What is the best option for saving time when you are going away from your PC for a short break and want to come back without much delay?

A.   Shut down

B.   Sleep

C.   Hibernate

48: How do you ensure that the temporary Internet files are deleted when you close Internet Explorer?

A.   From the Internet Options, modify the advanced settings

B.   Modify the permissions of the %systemroot%\temp\history folder

C.   Modify the properties of the Recycle Bin

D.   From the Internet Options, modify the security level for the Internet zone

49: How would you go about clearing the DNS Cache in Windows 7?

A.   At Command Prompt, type: ipconfig /flushdns

B.   At Command Prompt, type: flushdns

C.   Right click your network connection, and hit Troubleshoot

D.   In the Network and Sharing Center, adjust the properties of your network adapter

50: Does Windows 7 support Windows XP mode?

A.   No

B.   Only Windows 7 SP1

C.   Yes