Microsoft Azure MCQs

Microsoft Azure MCQs

Answer these 200+ Microsoft Azure MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Microsoft Azure.
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1: Which of the following is not a Windows Azure service?

A.   Management

B.   Sockets

C.   Compute

D.   Storage

2: Where can you read Azure Diagnostic information from?

A.   Blob and Table Storage

B.   SQL Azure

C.   It's written to standard Windows Server directories depending on the data source type

D.   The Local Windows Azure filesystem

3: What is the constraint for performing batch operations on a Table?

A.   Each row must have an identical RowKey property

B.   Each row that is being updated must have the same PartitionKey

C.   Batch updates can only be performed on Table objects that are not locked out by another process

D.   There is no constraint on batch operations they can be performed on any number of Tables with distinct properties

4: What is the maximum size for a Page Blob?

A.   1 TB

B.   100 GB

C.   50 GB

D.   200 GB

E.   100 MB

5: Which language does Windows Azure NOT support?

A.   PHP

B.   Ruby

C.   Java

D.   C#

6: Which size is not a SQL Azure Business Edition size?

A.   5 GB

B.   30 GB

C.   20 GB

D.   10 GB

E.   50 GB

7: How do you get a reference to an Azure Storage Queue called "myqueue" where the CloudQueueClient variable is named "client"?

A.   CloudQueue queue = client.GetCloudQueueReference("myqueue");

B.   CloudQueue queue = client.CreateQueueIfNotExists("myqueue");

C.   CloudQueue queue = new CloudQueue("myqueue");

D.   CloudQueue queue = CloudQueue.Create("myqueue");

8: What form of API would you use to manage Windows Azure?

A.   WMI



D.   XML


9: What is the name of the class which provides client access to a volatile, small short-lived peekable cache?

A.   TcpClient

B.   MulticastClient

C.   ServiceBusClient

D.   MessageBufferClient

10: Which additional default property does the Table object inherit and what Type is it?

A.   TimeStamp and DateTime

B.   CreateTime and long

C.   CreateTime and DateTime

D.   Date and DateTime

11: What is the main purpose of Azure Storage Queues?

A.   To allow messages to pass between an internet client and a role

B.   To store messages that can be retrieved later

C.   To underpin the transport of a WCF endpoint

D.   To allow messages to pass between web roles and worker roles

12: If you have a handle to a CloudBlob called 'myblob' and you've uploaded a photo byte array to the Blob Container how would add a description to the Blob?

A.   blob.Metadata[

B.   blob.Metadata[

C.   blob.AddDesciption(description);

D.   blob.Description = description;

13: What PowerShell CmdLet would you use to list all Azure hosted services?

A.   Web-Services

B.   ListServices

C.   List-HostedServices

D.   Get-HostedServices

14: What security level does the Service Bus need to function in a host?

A.   Full Trust Code Access Security

B.   Partial Trust Code Access Security

C.   Principal of Least Privilege

D.   Medium Trust Code Access Security

15: What is the default scheduling algorithm to load balance Windows Azure roles?

A.   First-Come-First-Served

B.   Weighted Fair Queuing

C.   Maximum Throughput

D.   Round Robin

16: How does Azure Traffic Manager differ from the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A.   Traffic manager allows more types of content to be scheduled whereas CDN will schedule them all

B.   CDN will only allow certain types of content to be scheduled whereas Traffic Manager will schedule them all

C.   CDN works on static content whereas Traffic Manager on everything else such as Role Based Load Balancing

D.   They are the same

17: How would you look at messages on a queue called "myqueue" in a Storage Account called "mystorage" without popping it using the REST API?





18: Which principal is Windows Azure NOT built on?

A.   PaaS

B.   SaaS

C.   IaaS

D.   Caas

19: Which of the following is NOT a feature of Windows Azure Storage?

A.   Queue

B.   Windows Azure Drive

C.   Table Storage

D.   Microsoft SkyDrive

E.   BLOB Storage

20: In order to secure the AppFabric cache by ACS what object Type must be passed to a DataCacheSecurity instance?

A.   char[]

B.   System.Security.SecureString

C.   char*

D.   System.String

E.   ArrayList<char>

21: What binding would you use for guaranteed delivery of messages with the Service Bus and what is the protocol that underpins it?

A.   NetPeerTcpBinding and WS-Transaction

B.   NetTcpRelayBinding and WS-Transaction

C.   NetPeerTcpBinding and WS-ReliableMesssaging

D.   NetTcpRelayBinding and WS-ReliableMessaging

22: If you have a Storage Account called "mystorageaccount" what is the full URI you would use to access a Queue?





23: Which is the following can not be done using the Service Management API?

A.   Get the status of a service deployment

B.   Delete a service deployment

C.   List all hosted services

D.   Deployment of a management certificate

24: Which two properties will form the Primary Key of the Table?

A.   Id and PartitionKey

B.   Id and RowKey

C.   RowKey and PartitionKey

D.   TableId and TableRow

25: What section is added to the web.config of a web application when the STS Wizard runs successfully?

A.   federationAuthentication

B.   microsoft.identityModel

C.   applicationService

D.   issuerNameRegistry

26: What is the name of Microsoft's identity software used to authenticate claims similar to ACS (but not rule map them)?

A.   Cardspace

B.   Windows Identity Foundation

C.   Forms Authentication

D.   Active Directory Authentication Service

27: What mechanism would you use to authenticate to a Service Management request?

A.   Windows Live username and password

B.   Azure Storage Primary or Secondary Key

C.   X509 Certificate

D.   Windows Cardspace Credential

28: By default which trust level does Azure run in?

A.   Partial trust

B.   Managed trust

C.   Unsafe trust

D.   Full trust

29: What provider would you use to connect to a Sql Azure database?

A.   Microsoft.WindowsAzure.SqlClient

B.   System.Data.SqlClient

C.   System.Data.Service.Client

D.   System.Data.OleDb.Client

30: What is the maximum number of blocks you can have in Block Blob?

A.   5,000

B.   1,000

C.   10,000

D.   500

E.   50,000

31: Geo Redundancy in Azure storage keeps a copy of your data in all Azure datacenters in the world.

A.   False

B.   True

32: Which Azure compute option can be used to host a website

A.   Azure Virtual Machine Roles

B.   Azure Worker Role

C.   All of the above

D.   Azure Web Role

E.   Azure Website

33: What do you need to add to each SQL Azure table?

A.   Non clustered index

B.   Trigger

C.   Primary Key

D.   Clustered Index

E.   Foreign Key

34: What is the name of the binding used to build a layer that the Service Bus can use to "tunnel" through a firewall?

A.   WsHttpBinding

B.   NetTcpBinding

C.   NetPeerTcpBinding

D.   NetTcpRelayBinding

35: What HTTP header should you add to a service management request?

A.   x-ms-range

B.   no-transform

C.   Etag

D.   x-ms-version

E.   Cache-Control

36: In a SQL Azure sharded application what is Horizontal Scaling?

A.   the segregation of rows across physical databases

B.   The mirroring of tables across active databases

C.   The mirroring of rows across active databases

D.   The segregation of tables across physical databases

37: What operating system does Windows Azure run on?

A.   Windows 7

B.   Windows Server 2008 R2

C.   Windows Vista

38: What three attributes do you need to access an Azure Storage Queue?

A.   URI Address, Username, Password

B.   URI Address, AccountName, AccountKey

C.   URI Address, Primary Access Key, Secondary Access Key

D.   URI Address, Subscription ID, Access Key

39: What are the names of the two configuration that need to be deployed to the Windws Azure environment?

A.   ServiceDefinition.csdef, ServiceConfiguration.cscfg

B.   ServiceDefinition.cscfg, ServiceConfiguration.cscfg

C.   ServiceDefinition.csdef, ServiceConf.cscfg

D.   ServiceDefinition.cscfg, ServiceConfiguration.csdef

E.   ServiceDefinition.def, ServiceConfiguration.cfg

40: Which of the following activities does SQL Azure support?

A.   Create a temporary table

B.   Create a synonym

C.   Open an XML document

D.   Create a linked server

41: In order to use the STS Wizard in VS.NET 2010 what protocol should be referenced containing the bindings for the Relying Party?

A.   WS-Federation Metadata

B.   OAuth WRAP

C.   OAuth2

D.   WS-Metadata Exchange

42: If you create a management certificate for a Visual Studio-based role using makecert -r -pe -a sha1 -n CN=Manager -ss My "Manager.cer" what does the -pe flag mean and which local store is the certificate deployed to?

A.   Private key exportable and My store

B.   Private key exportable and Public store

C.   Public key encryption and personal store

D.   Private key exportable and personal store

43: If you configure a Web Role to use a LocalStorage with a name of StorageDisk, how do you access this storage in code?

A.   LocalStorage storage = RoleEnvironment["StorageDisk"]

B.   LocalResource storage = RoleEnvironment["StorageDisk"]

C.   LocalStorage storage = RoleEnvironment.GetLocalStorage("StorageDisk")

D.   LocalResource storage = RoleEnvironment.GetLocalResource("StorageDisk")

44: Which of the following Identity Providers does ACS NOT support?

A.   Facebook

B.   Live

C.   Twitter

D.   Yahoo!

E.   Google

45: Which of the following is not a function of a Blob Snapshot?

A.   To take a backup of a Blob

B.   To take a read only copy of a Blob for a moment in time

C.   To take a checkpoint of a Blob

D.   To update a Blob as the original is updated

46: If you were to write a LINQ query to get all of the rows in particular table with the "KeyHolder" property beginning with "J" what would be the correct approach?

A.   where row.KeyHolder > =

B.   where row.KeyHolder.IndexOf(0) ==

C.   where row.KeyHolder.CompareTo(

D.   where row.KeyHolder.StartsWith(

47: In a service definition file A Windows Azure Diagnostics Connection string is set using which class?

A.   Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics.ConnectionString

B.   Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Plugins.Diagnostics.ConnectionString

C.   System.WindowsAzure.Plugins.Diagnostics.ConnectionString

D.   System.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics.ConnectionString

48: How long are the Windows Azure Event Logs retained for by default?

A.   3 months

B.   1 week

C.   6 months

D.   1 month

E.   1 day

49: Which type of class is used to create a Service Bus host using which type of Microsoft technology?

A.   ServiceBus and WCF

B.   ServiceBusHost and WCF

C.   CommunicationHost and WWF

D.   ServiceHost and WCF

50: How can you migrate SQL from a SQL Server CREATE DATABASE script to be compliant for SQL Azure?

A.   You have to make the changes by hand currently using the SQL Azure guidelines

B.   Use the SQL Azure Migration Wizard

C.   Use the SQL Azure Migration Assistant

D.   Write code using the Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Data.dll assembly