Zoho Creator MCQs

Zoho Creator MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Zoho Creator MCQs. We encourage you to test your Zoho Creator knowledge by answering these 100+ multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: Sorting allows users to do which of the following?

A.   Rearrange data by only one column

B.   Rearrange data only in descending order

C.   Rearrange data in ascending, descending, by any one or multiple columns

D.   Rearrange data only in ascending order

2: Grouping categorizes records based on which of the following?

A.   Value of any field

B.   Value of only Lookup Fields

C.   Value of the most used fields

D.   Value of the least used fields

3: Which of the following is NOT a valid built-in string function in Deluge?

A.   substring(,)

B.   toUpperCase()

C.   replaceAny()

D.   remove()

4: Which of the following script components MUST be included a "fetch records" list variable?

A.   A field value

B.   A sort column

C.   An index

D.   A range

5: Which of the following is valid syntax for a String List?

A.   [Dog, Cat, Duck]

B.   {Dog, Cat, Duck}

C.   ("Dog", "Cat", "Duck")

D.   {"Dog", "Cat", "Duck"}

6: Which of these is not an advanced field?

A.   Checkbox

B.   Subform

C.   Formula

D.   Lookup

7: The area into which users enter data is called?

A.   A List

B.   a Form

C.   A Folder

D.   A Subset

8: Zoho Creator empowers users to most effectively do which of the following?

A.   Build a team

B.   Build a work ethic

C.   Build a fan base

D.   Build applications

9: Which of these is not a feature in Data Views?

A.   Summary

B.   List

C.   Grid

D.   Paraphrase

10: Which of these is not an action on a form?

A.   Deleting

B.   Adding

C.   Editing

D.   Circling

11: What data object type is an input value for an Email Address field?

A.   Long

B.   Map

C.   String

D.   Float

12: What does the Custom Button do?

A.   Removes all actions

B.   Perform infinite actions

C.   Redefines action over time

D.   Perform any action specified

13: What is a "Stateless Form"?

A.   A form that does not automatically save information unless scripted to do so

B.   A form that creates a new Zoho Creator account

C.   The form that appears when you click 'Edit' on a record within a report

D.   A form that embeds within another form

14: Worflow is defined as which of the following?

A.   A set of rules you break

B.   A set of rules you define

C.   A set of rules you bend

D.   A set of rules you learn

15: Modifcations to applications are changed in how much time?

A.   Instantly

B.   At least 5 minutes

C.   Next day

D.   At least 1 hour

16: Apps can be shared with how may users?

A.   10 users per application

B.   5 users only

C.   1 user per application

D.   any amount of users

17: Forms can be shared with whom?

A.   Individuals and Groups

B.   Business contacts

C.   Individuals Only

D.   Groups Only

18: What role do Dynamic Picklists serve?

A.   List only categories

B.   Delete lists

C.   List only subcategories

D.   List categories and subcategories

19: Which of the following application components can NOT be embedded on a web page?

A.   Forms

B.   Script Builder

C.   Reports

D.   Pages

20: Which of these is not a Condition classification?

A.   of course

B.   else if

C.   if

D.   else

21: In Zoho CRM data will be categorized into which of these?

A.   Contacts only

B.   Vendors only

C.   Leads only

D.   Contacts, Leads, and Potentials

22: Graphical interpretation of data is best used for this?

A.   Checking information errors

B.   Ignoring trends

C.   edit reports

D.   Analyzing information

23: What is the maximum number of emails that can be sent with a single form action?

A.   10

B.   As many as desired by the user

C.   300

D.   As many as the application owner's subscription tier and scripting limit will allow

24: Which of these is not a basic field?

A.   Email

B.   Number

C.   Formula

D.   Currency

25: What is the variable type of a form object parameter when being passed to an HTML Page?

A.   String

B.   Bool

C.   Float

D.   Int

26: Only pay for the service you use with this system?

A.   Bi-Annual subscriptions

B.   Annual subscriptions

C.   1 time flat fee

D.   Pay as you Go

27: What is the maximum length of a text-type field?

A.   255

B.   155

C.   265

D.   55

28: View filters are best used for what purpose?

A.   analyze data

B.   Restrict data to a criteria

C.   list all data

D.   delete data

29: With which other Zoho office product does Creator have an available form field type to pull information from a linked Zoho account?

A.   Zoho CRM

B.   Zoho People

C.   Zoho Sheet

D.   Zoho Support

30: Conditional statements are what kind of statements?

A.   If because

B.   If so

C.   If not

D.   If else

31: Which of the following is NOT a valid argument type for a function?

A.   bool

B.   int

C.   string

D.   print

32: Which of these is not a Zoho integration program?

A.   Zoho Reports

B.   Zoho Evolve

C.   Zoho CRM

D.   Zoho Invoice

33: Which of the following is NOT a valid conditional control statement type?

A.   Then

B.   Else If

C.   If

D.   Else

34: Which of the following file types is supported for data importing?

A.   .doc

B.   .pdf

C.   .xlx

D.   .ps

35: Which of these programs must you learn to use Zoho Creator?


B.   None of these

C.   Javascript

D.   C++

36: What is the Deluge script value for a Decision Box field that has been checked?

A.   "TRUE"

B.   0

C.   1

D.   "FALSE"

37: A one-to-one Lookup field creates a relationship between how many forms?

A.   3

B.   10

C.   4

D.   2

38: A one-to-many relationship can be made using either of these two fields?

A.   currency field or decimal field

B.   url field or number field

C.   subform field or bi-directional lookup field

D.   text field or email field

39: Zoho Creator is known for being all but the following

A.   Accessible

B.   Collaborative

C.   Customizable

D.   Hard to use

40: What is the Deluge Script terminology for the data object type referred to in other computer languages as an 'array'?

A.   Schedule

B.   List

C.   Report

D.   Summary

41: Which of the following script components MUST be included a "fetch records" collection variable?

A.   Criteria to filter the records

B.   A field value

C.   A range

D.   A sort column

42: What is the default field display type when a lookup field is created?

A.   Multi-Select

B.   Drop-down

C.   Radio

D.   Checkbox

43: Which of the following is a map value?

A.   ["name":"John","age":"27"]

B.   {"name":"John","age":"27"}

C.   ("name":"John","age":"27")

D.   <%="name":"John","age":"27"%>

44: Using multi-select on two forms establishing what kind of relationship?

A.   many-to-none

B.   many-to-many

C.   many-to-one

D.   one-to-many

45: Which of the following user role types can NOT edit an application?

A.   Developer

B.   Zoho Support

C.   User

D.   Application Owner

46: How do you include deluge scripts in an HTML View (Page)?

A.   between ( and )

B.   between <% and }

C.   between <% and %>

D.   between <% and } with a ; at the end

47: What is the proper synax for concatenating several strings into one?

A.   "New " + "York " + "City"

B.   New, York, City

C.   {"New ","York ","City"}

D.   "New "&"York "&"City"

48: Which of these is not a Zoho schedule type?

A.   Group

B.   Custom

C.   Form

D.   Report

49: Collected data can be imported using all but which file type?

A.   XLS

B.   MDB

C.   Spreadsheet

D.   JPG

50: Which of the following file types is NOT supported for data exporting?

A.   .doc

B.   .xlx

C.   .pdf

D.   .csv