Career Planning And Talent Management MCQs

Career Planning And Talent Management MCQs

These Career Planning And Talent Management multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Career Planning And Talent Management. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Career Planning And Talent Management MCQs.
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1: The best time to begin a self improvement plan is when ______.

A.   To show your understanding of what others say

B.   A range of backgrounds enriches their work

C.   Use skills and information from previous goals

D.   You think you need to improve to meet a career goal

2: The primary purpose of the rsum is to _____.

A.   Obtain interviews

B.   Practice stating your skills

C.   Get a job

D.   None of these

3: It is likely that when you seek to define the problem, you will see that ________.

A.   Sometimes your perception of the problem shifts as you seek to solve it

B.   Your perception of the problem will never shift for any reason

C.   A good definition is likely to earn you and your team a reward

D.   It is impossible to define a problem until someone else looks at it

4: Twitter allows companies to reach consumers with ________.

A.   Nation wide advertising flyers

B.   Graphically impressive images

C.   Short, personal messages

D.   In-depth reviews of upcoming products

5: In the problem solving process, the final step is to try to ______.

A.   Generate multiple solutions

B.   Review your results

C.   Decide on a solution

D.   Evaluate

6: It is important to keep the lines of communication open because it will ______.

A.   Make sure people choose your side in a conflict

B.   Prevent negative emotions from building

C.   Cause people to do what you want

D.   Lead to an increase in your salary