Religion Books MCQs

Religion Books MCQs

The following Religion Books MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Religion Books. We encourage you to answer these multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: For mormons, the book of mormon discusses________.

A.   The key tenants and claims of Mormonism

B.   Previously unknown history

C.   Jesus's visiting North America

D.   All of the above

2: From jacobs son ______________ would come the messianic line of christ.

A.   Levi

B.   Simeon

C.   Joseph

D.   Judah

E.   Benjamin

3: Tariqa is a religious order of _____.

A.   Sufism

B.   Shi'ite

C.   Songhai

D.   Saint George

4: A dotaku would have been found in the ________ .

A.   Confucianism

B.   Lady Murasaki

C.   Yayoi period

D.   Phoenix Hall

5: All of the books except for ________ appear among the copies of the dead sea scrolls.

A.   Bible

B.   Esther

C.   Little Women

D.   Gone with the Wind

6: According to dr. peterson's lecture, theodicy is a ____ and ____ dilemma.

A.   Purim; Passover

B.   Commission; Omniscient

C.   Moral; Intellectual

D.   Benevolent; Omnipotent

7: Sufis believe _____.

A.   Meditation can lead to a direct encounter with God

B.   God is responsible for everything they do

C.   Tengerri is the god of the sky

D.   People should model their lives after Jesus Christ