Zbrush MCQs

Zbrush MCQs

These Zbrush multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Zbrush. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 80+ Zbrush MCQs.
So scroll down and start answering.

1: The internal ZBrush browser that makes it easy to access assets like 3D brushes, tools, projects, textures and alphas is called the:

A.   Studio

B.   Lightbox

C.   BrushRoom

D.   DesignElement

2: If you have 4 subtools and a system that can handle X million polygons, your model can be composed of how many polygons?

A.   4+X

B.   4X+1

C.   4X

D.   4-X

3: Which materials use image maps to simulate the effects of lighting on different types of surface?

A.   FlatShaders

B.   QuadShaders

C.   Flat Color

D.   MatCaps

4: Zscript files are by default saved as a __________.

A.   ZTL.

B.   DWG.

C.   DWF.

D.   STL.

5: The Z in Zbrush stands for?

A.   Z axis

B.   Zero

C.   Zinc

D.   Zap

6: In order to sculpt, an imported model must be turned into which subtool?


B.   Texture

C.   Alpha

D.   Polymesh 3D

7: A model composed of polygons is a ________.

A.   UV Map

B.   Alpha

C.   Polymesh

D.   PolySkin

8: A Shadowbox can be created for ______.

A.   Some tools

B.   Some subtools

C.   All tools

D.   Cylinders

9: Detailing can be done using which of these?

A.   Alphas

B.   All of these

C.   Standard Brush

D.   Layer Brush

10: You must turn on Record mode in 3D Layers in order to record changes to:

A.   Sculpting

B.   All of these

C.   Masking

D.   Polypaint

11: True or False? You can apply a texture to a sculpting brush and use the colors of the texture to paint on your models.

A.   False

B.   True

12: Which brushes could be used to create hard surfaces and clean looks?

A.   Clip brushes

B.   Slice brushes

C.   Trim brushes

D.   All of the above

13: Which of these is Zbrush's scripting language?

A.   C++

B.   Z+

C.   Zscript

D.   Bscript

14: A pattern of polygons that constitutes a mesh is called?

A.   Skin

B.   Topology

C.   Brush

D.   Material

15: Press which key for Move mode?

A.   W

B.   Y

C.   T

D.   S

16: Which tool allows ZBrush to retopologize your mesh by pressing ctrl and dragging outside the model in the document?

A.   ActiveMesh

B.   DynaMesh

C.   EditMesh

D.   DistributeMesh

17: This function will bring two edges closer together?

A.   Smooth

B.   mPolish

C.   Pinch

D.   Move

18: Which button do you use to allow a mesh to be edited by the sculpting tools?

A.   MakePolymesh3D

B.   ImportMeshEdit

C.   AllowMeshSculpt

D.   ConstructMesh

19: Diffuse, spec, and reflection are used to modify which of these?

A.   Radial Symmetry

B.   Basic Material

C.   Normals

D.   Size

20: Grayscale images loaded into ZBrush to add effects to sculpting brushes are:

A.   Sculpt settings

B.   Brush modifiers

C.   Texture tiles

D.   Alphas

21: What mode does the mesh need to be in before you can use sculpting brushes?

A.   Sculpt

B.   Mold

C.   Shape

D.   Edit

22: BPR stands for?

A.   Bake Preview Render

B.   Box Plane Regroup

C.   Best Preview Render

D.   Brush Palette Reset

23: If you wanted to adjust the softness or falloff edge of a brush, which slider should you adjust?

A.   Draw Size

B.   Zadd

C.   Zsub

D.   Focal Shift

24: Use this feature to scale models to reference images.

A.   Shadowtube

B.   Shadowslide

C.   Shadowbox

D.   Shadowcurve

25: The process of reducing polycount is called?

A.   Reduction

B.   Replication

C.   Decimation

D.   Transferal

26: The information regarding which side of a polygon faces in and which side faces out is known as the polygon's:

A.   Alpha

B.   Normal

C.   Face

D.   Vertex

27: The technique used to smooth out the edges of shapes is called:

A.   Brush filling

B.   Anti-aliasing

C.   Rasterization

D.   De-jagging

28: What does the Z Intensity slider control?

A.   How "deep" you can position objects in the Z plane

B.   The "focus" level of objects at different positions in the Z space

C.   The depth or height of the brush stroke

D.   The level of gradient applied to a new color selection

29: Which palette separates canvases that are merged together?

A.   Picker

B.   Layer

C.   Marker

D.   Macro

30: While working with a 3D model, you activate ______ to convert the visible portion of your model into pixols on the canvas.

A.   the Gyro

B.   Posterizer

C.   Morph Targets

D.   Projection Master

31: Which of these subtools reshapes an object?

A.   Transpose move

B.   Clip Curve

C.   Trim Dynamic Brush

D.   All of the Above

32: Use this Zscript command to verify that a file is on your computer.

A.   MTransformSet

B.   RoutineCall

C.   FileExists

D.   StrMerge

33: True or false? When enabling Projection Master sculpted detail can be transformed, rotated, and scaled.

A.   False

B.   True

34: The number of points in the current subdivision level of the mesh are displayed as:

A.   ActivePoints

B.   FunctionalPoints

C.   TotalPoints

D.   WorkingPoints

35: Which tool would you use to "animate" your creation? For example, creating a video of the object's exploded view or rotating to show 360 degrees of a project.

A.   Movie > Turntable

B.   VideoPresent

C.   MovieMaker

D.   ProjectPresent

36: These basic object shapes are used to create models in Zbrush?

A.   Curves

B.   Primitives

C.   Nurbs

D.   Polys

37: Press this key to edit an object?

A.   D

B.   T

C.   s

D.   E

38: If you want to save only the currently active mesh, where would you go?

A.   Tool -> Export

B.   Tool -> Save As

C.   Document -> Export

D.   Document -> Save As

39: Two tools can be combined using this function:

A.   Flatten

B.   Merge Up

C.   Resize

D.   Merge Down

40: Which subtool will create a single model from multiple primitive objects?

A.   Transpose

B.   Transform

C.   Deformation

D.   Remesh All

41: What would happen if you held down the "Ctrl" key while hovering over buttons?

A.   You will be able to click and drag the buttons to rearrange them

B.   You will open the button's fly-out library in a new window

C.   It will open the button's companion library

D.   A box explaining the button will appear

42: If "Edit" mode is off, what mode is ZBrush in?

A.   Draw

B.   Flex

C.   Paint

D.   Sculpt

43: This function snaps rotation into orthogonal view?

A.   (all of these)

B.   LMB +Shift(hold)

C.   Click+R

D.   Click+S

44: What does matcap stand for?

A.   Material Capture

B.   Material Recap

C.   Material Capping

D.   Matte Capture

45: To store a series of values, Zscript provides a ______.

A.   list variable

B.   list summation

C.   list aggregate

D.   list differential

46: What is the resolution of your render when the Detail slider is set to 3?

A.   512x512

B.   4096x4096

C.   1024x1024

D.   2048x2048

47: Typing Unicorn* into the Lightbox search field will:

A.   Search all files in the selected folder that do NOT contain the term "Unicorn"

B.   Search for all files in the selected folder that begin with "Unicorn"

C.   Unlock an Easter egg built into the program

D.   Find all files labled "Unicorn" and arrange them by file size

48: Under what palette is the background gradient range slider found?

A.   Document

B.   Draw

C.   Render

D.   Color

E.   Alpha

49: Place a Shadowbox over an image and use this tool to give shape to selections

A.   Matte Pen

B.   Matte Shader

C.   Mask Pen

D.   Mask Shader

50: This shortcut will select a subtool?

A.   ALT-click

B.   CTRL-Click

C.   F4

D.   Shift-click