Going Global strategy MCQs

Going Global strategy MCQs

Answer these Going Global strategy MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Going Global strategy.
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1: ____ can be thought of as integration in virtually every sphere, achieved principally through international diversification of goods, services and processes across borders.

A.   Generalization

B.   Globalization

C.   Geographical integration

D.   Americanization

2: The International Monetary Fund, in defining globalization, does NOT pay particular attention to which factor:

A.   Trade and financial flows

B.   Movement of people

C.   Technologies across international borders

D.   Domestic growth

3: Globalization involves increasing relations among:

A.   People

B.   Objects

C.   Places

D.   All of the above

4: It is generally agreed that globalization:

A.   Intensifies social relations over ever-greater distances

B.   Links different and previously separated peoples and locales

C.   Transforms the spatial and temporal organization of social relations and transactions

D.   All of the above

5: Which of the following erects obstacles and barriers to globalization?

A.   States and governments

B.   Industrial players

C.   Trade unions

D.   All of the above

6: Globalization is often associated with:

A.   Westernization

B.   Americanization

C.   Homogenization

D.   All of the above

7: Americanization refers to:

A.   The rise in popularity of American brands

B.   The influence of American culture on the culture of other countries

C.   The increase in American corporations entering into cross-border mergers and acquisitions

D.   All of the above

8: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) involves __________________.

A.   Buying shares in foreign companies listed on a stock exchange

B.   Investment by a company based in one country in a company based in another country

C.   Cross-border trade relations through exports and/or licensing agreements

D.   The exploitation of less developed countries by Western firms

9: What does glocalization mean?

A.   Homogenization of the local into the global

B.   Harmonization of the local and the global

C.   Assimilation of the local by the global

D.   Hybridization of globalization and localization

10: What is the name given to firms that defy the conventional wisdom that it is necessary to have evolved into a large firm to internationalize?

A.   Early internationalizers

B.   Born global

C.   Rapid expanders

D.   Small globalizers