Hardware & Networking MCQs

Hardware & Networking MCQs

The following Hardware & Networking MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Hardware & Networking. We encourage you to answer these 30 multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: A Compiler is ____.

A.   A combination of computer hardware

B.   A program which translates from one high-level language to another

C.   A program which translates from one high-level to a machine level

D.   None of these

2: HTML is used to ______.

A.   Plot complicated graphs

B.   Solve equations

C.   Translate one language into another

D.   Author webpages


What is the difference between fat32,ntfs?


Fat32- It supports limited capacity of partition. 

NTFS- It supports large capacity of partition. it has security, compression, disk quota.


Fat32-Having Less Security

NTFS- It supports large capacity of partition. it has encryption,compression and security


Fat32- File Allocation Table- It supports limited capacity of partition. Having Low Security and Encryption

NTFS- New Technology File System- It supports large capacity of partition. it has security, compression, disk quota.


A & B


4: Memory is made up of

A.   Set of wires

B.   Set of circuits

C.   Large number of cells

D.   All of these

5: How do you clear CMOS password?

A.   By changing the jumper setting in the motherboard

B.   By formatting the system

C.   By removing Bios Battery

D.   BY formatting only OS

6: LPT stands for

A.   Laser Printer

B.   Link Port

C.   Line Printer

D.   Line Port

7: Full form of html

A.   Hyper text mark lan

B.   Hyper text markup language

C.   Hyper tile markup language

D.   High text markup language

8: A server that can perform no other task besides network services is called

A.   Uno server

B.   Dedicated server

C.   Committed server

D.   Service server

9: According to ISO, HDLC means

A.   High-level Data Link Control

B.   High-level Data Language Control

C.   Hardware Data link control

D.   None of the above

10: How much information can a CD (Compact Disk) usually store?

A.   10 Mb

B.   150 Mb

C.   650 Mb

D.   1.4 Mb

11: What is the full form of CD-ROM?

A.   Compact Disk Read Only Memory

B.   Compact Disk Run Only Memory

C.   Closed Disk Read Only Memory

D.   Closed Disk Run Only Memory

12: ISP stands for

A.   Internet Service Provider

B.   Internet Security Protocol

C.   Integrated Service Provider

D.   Integrated Security Provider

13: When a key is pressed on the keyboard, which standard is used for converting the keystroke into the corresponding bits




D.   ISO

14: You are troubleshooting your WinXP system. You want to invoke the Help And Support Center, and you fail. For the Help And Support Center to function, which of the following services must be running?

A.   Svrhelp.exe

B.   Helpsvc.exe

C.   Inisvc.exe

D.   None of the choices

15: How many layers are present in TCP/IP model:

A.   4

B.   5

C.   6

D.   7

16: What is the name of the software that allows us to browse through web pages called?

A.   Mail Client

B.   FTP Client

C.   Messenger

D.   Browser

17: IP Addresses has ________ bytes.

A.   2

B.   4

C.   8

D.   16

18: ISO stands for

A.   International Standard Organization

B.   International Student Organization

C.   Integrated Services Organization

D.   None

19: What is BIOS battery?

A.   This battery is used to change date/Time of system

B.   This battery is used to change BIOS Configuration

C.   A&B

D.   None of these

A.   Minicomputer

B.   Server

C.   Client

D.   Main Frame

21: NIC Stands for

A.   Network Interface Card

B.   Network Internal Card

C.   Network Internet Client

D.   Network Input Card

22: IP address means

A.   Internet Protocol

B.   Internal power

C.   Intranet protocol

D.   Internal protocol

23: Which is a volatile memory

A.   Random Access Memory (RAM)

B.   Read Only Memory (ROM)

C.   Programmeable Read Only Memory

D.   Read Only Memory Programmeable RAM

A.   123

B.   111

C.   101

D.   134

25: Spool stands for

A.   Serial Printer Object Oriented Language

B.   Simultaneous Peripheral Output On-Line

C.   System Protocol Optimization OutLiner

D.   Single Program Operating system Operation Link

26: What is the complete name of UPS?

A.   Unplugged Power Supply

B.   Uninterruptible Power Supply

C.   Unplugged Program Supply

D.   Uninterruptible Plug Supply

27: How many logical drives is it possible to fit onto a physical disk?

A.   Maximum of 4 logical drives

B.   Maximum of 8 logical drives

C.   Maximum of 16 logical drives

D.   Maximum of 24 logical drives

28: Wildcards in Windows?

A.   ^,*,<

B.   @,!,É

C.   É,¢,$

D.   *,$,?

29: Www stands for

A.   World Wide Web

B.   World Wide Wares

C.   World Wide War

D.   World Wide Wait

30: Approximately how many bytes make one Megabyte.

A.   One Million

B.   Ten Thousand

C.   One Hundred

D.   One Thousand

31: All of the following are benefits of content delivery networks, except ________.

A.   It enables users to modify a program's source code.

B.   You can get best-of-breed security/disaster preparedness.

C.   Delivery of highly dynamic, constantly changing content

D.   Little visibility into true security and disaster preparedness